The Haven on the brand-new Norwegian Bliss

Within the Norwegian Bliss,
behind locked doors,
is a whole other world known as The Haven. Think of The Haven as a V.I.P. area of the ship
where only a small exclusive group of passengers
enjoy a quiet uncrowded experience. This is The Haven Sun Deck…
a place for Haven passengers to lounge around outside
without ever feeling crowded like you normally do
on a cruise ship Sun Deck. There are over 3,800 passengers on the ship this week
but within the Haven there’s no sense of that. The Haven is located at the front end of the ship
on the highest decks, and with this location
you get some spectacular views! Especially from these bar stools! Wow!
What a great place to watch the ship
go in or out of port. Now I don’t want to paint a false picture here.
I shot this while the ship was docked in Mazatlan
and most of the passengers were ashore. So, it’s usually not completely empty like you see here
in the Haven, but it’s never crowded. Haven guests have more than enough loungers
and Jacuzzis and daybeds
to never worry about finding one available. This is actually the centerpiece of The Haven.
It’s called The Haven Courtyard… And it features a big Jacuzzi,
a swimming pool, lots of comfortable chairs
and loungers and day beds. And on a sunny day,
the glass dome overhead can be opened
to let the weather in… But if it’s rainy, or cloudy,
or even too hot outside… The dome will be slid closed to keep things comfortable
within the Haven courtyard at all times. Up above the courtyard, under the dome,
are more chairs and loungers. It’s a very comfortable place to relax. Now we head down the hallway,
away from the courtyard,
to look at another little gem within the Haven… It’s The Horizon Lounge…
a place where all The Haven guests
can mingle and socialize. You’ll find all sorts of comfortable
seating options here in the lounge. And every guest has a full beverage package
so all the drinks are on the house. The Horizon Lounge is located
at the very front of the ship
so the views out those big picture windows
are spectacular! Imagine yourself sitting here…
enjoying the views of Alaska or the Caribbean. There’s a second level up above
with even more seating. That’s the concierge on the right there
and The Haven bar. And there’s even a private restaurant
exclusively for guests of The Haven. In addition to the services of a concierge,
every Haven guest has a butler
who takes very good care of them during the cruise. I never thought of myself
as a kind of guy that needs a butler, but… Now that I’ve done several cruises
in The Haven on various NCL ships,
I’ve definitely changed my thinking about Butlers. Think of it as having a single point of contact
for just about anything you might need
during your cruise. Obviously, to stay within the Haven costs a lot more than
cruising in a regular cabin on the ship, but… To people who have worked hard and
become successful and financially comfortable… It’s worth it to get a pampered, uncrowded experience… But still having all the benefits of the many
food and entertainment options
on one of the largest cruise ships in the world. I’m Jim Zim.
It’s been a great cruise on the Norwegian Bliss! I’ll be putting together a full video review. Subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss it. Right now, I’m going to put up on the screen
links to some other videos I’ve done about cruises where I’ve stayed in The Haven on Norwegian Cruise Line. Click on one to start it playing…
and thanks for watching!

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38 thoughts on “The Haven on the brand-new Norwegian Bliss

  1. As always Jim, great work on this video. I would love to invite you to join me live on my daily show, my followers always ask about your channel. Enjoy your trip in the meantime… Bruce

  2. Jim, how would you compare this to MSC Yacht Club? We just came off the Seaside Yacht Club and was looking for a similar experience? Also, it seems odd that the Haven Pool seems like it is in a basement.

  3. Omg
    So cool!
    That Haven Observation Lounge is insane!
    I can picture myself there with my cabin friends chatting and napping and having drinks and great moments. I can’t wait to
    experience it next year in March. We booked the Haven Aft Penthouse with large balcony in the back below the Spa. The front of the ship Haven is so expensive! Ours is expensive too, about $6,000 per person but what the heck!
    You work hard and it’s time to
    Splurge and treat urself nice.
    It’s gonna be awesome!


  4. Bucket list … sailing on The Bliss and having a room someday in The Haven! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to reading your write-up/review on your website too.

  5. The horizon lounge is where all the rich people go to mingle about how the plebs are taking up the boat and how they are way better

  6. Jim, have you sailed with Celebrity? The entire ship is like the Haven without the Haven prices! Give it a try.

  7. I still don’t quite understand those chairs in the Haven pool? Are you just supposed to soak your feet?? Won’t matter to me – I’ll be with the low life in steerage!! Since I truly love “people watching” – it’s ok by me! I did get to use the concierge lounge on a HAL ship to Alaska!! I did like the lounge and ability for the concierge staff to book stuff for me (and the specialty coffees & teas – and the nice appetizers & pastries all day)! Had the butler service once – it was nice – but I still like to do my own unpacking so I know where my things are!! Don’t think I’ll ever be cruising in the Haven – unless I win the lottery (and then I’d just live on a cruise ship for the rest of my life)!

  8. Great video Jim, We were fortunate to be in the Haven on this particular cruise and loved it. You have described it perfectly. Thank you.

  9. Jim, I heard you mention that there were 3800 passengers on board for your cruise. How do you obtain the total passenger information? I'm curios because I will be taking the Bliss in late September in the Haven and I wondered how many passengers would be both on my cruise and also how many would be in the Haven. I understand that the final numbers would not be available until cruise time.

  10. Can't wait for our Alaskan Cruise in September '18. We are staying in a haven courtyard penthouse. Thanks for your video.

  11. Jim, have you cruised on Norwegian's Epic? We're scheduled for early 2020 in one of the Haven Deluxe Owner's Suites and I was wondering if you had any info. Thanks!

  12. One tiny error Jim. NCL does not give Haven guests free drinks. During bookings you can purchase the Ultimate Beverage Package or get it with a booking but pay 20% Service Charges and gratuities. Its my belief with the price of the Haven soft drinks and alcohol should be included but that is not that case unfortunately.

  13. the haven sun deck was closed half the time due to fog and wind when we went on the cruise to alaska. yes we were in the haven

  14. All things considered it is a great value. I know when people see 10k 0r 12k for a cruise they think wow. But compared to buying a yacht, it is very reasonable. Rent your fun.

  15. Good afternoon Jim: Booked a Haven room on the Bliss yesterday largely due to your reviews. I am in a neighboring town near you, about an hour drive to the north. Would like to speak to you in person, perhaps we could meet for lunch one day?

    Darran Heinsen

  16. Looks great and I can't wait to try it one day. It looks bigger and better than on the previous ships is that correct. Also it seems like something that is better for hot climate like Carib than in Alaska.

  17. JIm, I was wondering something. I assume that each Haven is different in some ways, so which one is your favorite, and why?

  18. Jim, would you say The Haven is really, really worth the money? The reason I ask is I looked into Viking cruises because of your recent video but that's out of my price range but The Haven on NCL is right on my range. Is comparable or not at all? Thanks.

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