The hilarious art of book design | Chip Kidd

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22 thoughts on “The hilarious art of book design | Chip Kidd

  1. I would love him to talk about really bad book covers. Like all those teen novels with the same looking girls on the cover.

  2. My father always said "Never judge a book by its cover" – which is why he lost his job as Chair of The National Book Cover Awards. (joke copyright Stewart Lee, not me)

  3. The part about the Dry cover is really a good example of knowing enough about the rules and why they are there to break the rules in a way that works.

  4. wow, such a great speech. I have never thought about people behind book cover. He made very simple and clear appreciation for book cover designers. thank you very much TED inviting mr Chip Kidd

  5. What an excellent speaker with such peculiar humour! And the theme of the talk is very appealing to me, book design in a funny mode speaker mood, yey! 📘💖🤣👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  6. So many questions:
    Why are people laughing?
    What's up with his glasses?
    Why are people laughing?
    Why is a headset skanky?

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