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I was surprised to see your band logo when I saw it the first time. Because I think the dragon is more Chinese symbol than Mongolian symbol. The Dalan Khar mountain archaeological discovery of a golden belt with a dragon symbol which belong to the Shanyu of the Hunnu (aka Hun) empire suggests that the Hunnus might have used dragon symbols. That’s why did you choose it as your band logo? Well, It’s not actually a dragon It is a snow leopard. When we draw the snow leopard, we tried to describe its movement patterns. In the mountains the snow leopards don’t go straight lines but always making zigzag like movements They are always cautious and sneaking around So the shape might look like a dragon but its a snow leopard. Our friend Khishgee come up with this idea and explained to us. “Irves” which means snow leopard in Mongolian language revered by the Hunnic people and their ancestors for thousands of years. Snow leopard was a sacred to their culture throughout the land And it has very deep symbolic meanings to it. A massive burial site of a Hunnu Royal found in Uvurkhangai aimag Undur Ulaan sum Gol Mod 2, Mongolia in 2011 revealed that snow leopard might be their sacred symbol. This is why we chose it to be the band logo. So we made the snow leopard our logo because of the symbolic meaning of our ancestors. After researching a lot of historical books, the works of the scholars, and archaeological discoveries, we concluded this is the true sacred symbol of the ancient Mongolian tribes. We decided The HU Band, who plays the Hunnu Rock should have this symbol as their band logo. This is how this logo was created.

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100 thoughts on “The HU- Band Logo Explained

  1. I didn't get an English translation with this so I have no idea what has been said. It's very easy to listen to tho', the voices and language are very soothing and it sounds good. Whatever was said in this clip.

  2. I should point out that dragons do appear in ancient mongolian art. Actually the oldest depictions of dragons that i can find come from northern china and inner mongolia

  3. While I'm sad the album has been postponed, I'm glad because it means you have more time to refine and perfect it further than it could have been in December. I really look forward to buying it! Beautiful stuff! Keep it up!

  4. As global politics plays out before us I wonder some days how Temugin juggled all that and kept his cool as the battle with his blood brother continues in this life.
    Looking where flowers still grow for Borte.

  5. Snow leopard is really important symbol for Hun, Mongol and Turkic cultures like wolf. But most ethnic rock groups are already using the wolf so.

  6. I love the fact that these guys use a completely modern sound, yet honor and have such reverence for their ancestors.

  7. I'm so psyched for their music, specifically how it is grounded in their culture and heritage. I can't wait to hear more!!

  8. You´re doing a fantastic job for preserving history and your band is awesome, too! Hello from South Germany.

  9. Ta бүхэнд амжилт хүсье. Уран бүтээлүүд нь маш их таалагдаж байна.

  10. Big fan from the U.S. here, hope to hear more from yall, love how more traditional music is making it's way back into the world

  11. Энэ манайхан би монгол гээд ороод ирдэг больчихсон байна шүү овоо хаха

  12. And how woud you explain the logo on the neck of the morin khuur as seen in on 3:09 minute?

  13. The font shape on the logo is distinctly similar (but not the same) to one I designed in 2005 for a mod for the game Unreal Tournament 2004 that was never finished. Said font is visible on my pages header. I was going for a aggressive blade look that was mildly inspired by the unreal tournament font. Would be curious to know what the graphics designer you employed was thinking.

  14. 1:34 залруулга хэлмээр байна аа. Өвөрхангай аймаг биш шүү. Архангай аймгийн Өндөрулаан сумын гол мод 1; 2 гээд байгаа шүү. Жич: Бичсэн шалтгаан гэвэл жуулчид үзэх гээд хайлт хийсэн чинь Архангай гэж гарч ирээд байхаар гайхна биздээ. 😊

  15. Не очень понимаю о чем они говорят, но я прошу продолжать свою творческую деятельность!

  16. Мундаг менежментээр дэлхийд танигдлаа баяр хүргэе. Хэдий рок гээд ХАС тэмдэг ямар нэг байдлаар битий ашиглаж хэрэглээрэй гадаад зах зээлд гарч байгаа болхоор. Нацисмаас болж хас тэмдэгийг үздэггүй юм бнлээ шүү барууныхан.

  17. Chinese Han Dynasty's state symbol is 豹 leopard. Chinese Qin dynasty's national symbol is a bird called 玄鸟 Swallow, and Khunnu's national symbol is Dragon 龙, and Khunnu's capital city is "Luut hot" which means city of dragon , locates in Kharkhorin, Mongolia. So actually, leopard is Chinese symbol. and dragon is ancient Mongolian symbol.

  18. I am astonished, amazed and truly impressed by the fact that a band chose to scientifically research their logo by studying archaeological papers and scholastic works.

    I couldn't tell you the level of their research, or how they'd compare with someone like Dr Brian May or the madcap genius of Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson.

    I can tell you that I just don't expect to hear the words "archaeology" or "scholar", let alone the conducting of research, from your average pop star.

    I can also tell you that I don't expect deep cultural understanding or a thorough grasp of belief systems from rock or metal stars, either.

    It happens, but it's rare.

  19. I love the Hu. Such powerful music. He talks about Mongolians, Hun(garians) and Tartars too. It was one undivided people. Great respect to you sir.

  20. Really frustrating, it feels exactly like a Turkic language but you can't understand a word from it, its like a Turkic language but every fucking word is different lol

  21. Girl asked why the dragon as a symbol and older guy explained that the huns(thousands of years ago) made the symbol after snow leopard, which when climbing up mountain sides, walk like slithering and fluid. Thus he chose it, since mongols were the descendants of huns. The younger guy said back in 2011? In part of mongolia they discovered hunnic nobility burial chamber with the two gold pieces with the snow leapord figurines. So they modeled it after that.

  22. Very interesting stuff. I always like to knowthe thought processes bands go through for their art and logos.

  23. The Hu маш их таалагдлаа. Утга төгөлдөр, мөн чанар Агуу юм.

  24. came across this band on spotify.
    I instantly knew it's mongolish and gave me the "Marco Polo Chills" I had watching the Netflix series. sadly they dropped it 🙁 🙁

  25. Not sure how your music was recommended to me. I want more. It is raw and wonderful. Truly an experience. I've subscribed. Thank you

  26. Тэсрэлт аль хэдийнээ хийчихсэн илүү олон уран бүтээл цаашдаа хүлээж байгаа шүү !

  27. Hu is oen of the name of Almighty Creator Allah, Mongolians & Asian Turkic people did believe in God & Allah & why Asian Mongolians & Turks had strong believe because when humans we all breath, the exhale, the sound comes out Hu, I am not making this up people, search the religions & ancient history. When Arabs became Muslims, they thought Turks, Asian Turkic races & Mongolians were Atheist, we we were not, ancient people strongly did believe in there is one Almighty God. Also Latin America, I mean South America, Mayans & Aztec they also carved the letter H, inside H letter shows U. Back then they knew Almighty Creator name is HU, this sound senseless today, especially to the western Christians because Western Christians does not know about the ancient people's believe in in Almighty Creator. Like in Holy Qura'n of Islam, the word Elif, Lam Mim, what these words mean, meaning are the name of Universe & God, because Universe belongs to one Almighty God, the Almighty Creator. I bet it is also in Bible meanings & words of Almighty Gods names, but believers of Christ, cannot see the meaning & words in Bible, they just judge the scripture & all religions. Our ancient people of all races they were not Atheist nor disbelievers, they all had many prophets form God, that is how their logo has name of God. In English the word who, is also means Hu, Owls also say Hu, because animals are say mane of the Almighty creators, we humans don't understand what the animals say. Animals also worship & believe in God, we think they just chirp & roar but when they woke up they pray to God & they all say Gods name, we human beings we just don't understand why animals talk to each other & what they are saying & how the are saying. I don't like it, when Muslims try to explain about religion & God, believers of Christ & other religions automatically attack Muslims, because non-Muslims you do not understand anything about ancient people & how did they believe & why they believe in the Almighty Creator. When I hear & read about ancient believes, I understand right away because I read Holy Qur'an of Islam & I understand exactly what ancient people of races believe din, & why their symbols are so important. Those who does not understand true Islam, they will never understand ancient believes & ancient logos of humanity, because all are connected to each other..

  28. People search lost ancient civilization videos, you will in South America I believe they had huge stones carved H, in those rocks H, U is inside, those mega H carved rocks are not made by Aliens, they were made by our Mongolian & Asian Turkic races, because when Mu Dynasty went under ocean, they spread to upper continents & some went North & South American Continent & some went to Asian Continent, we believe those people that survived the big flood of Prophet Noah, it was them that carried the names of Almighty God to the world. Like in Holy Qur'an of Islam, Allah, does tell which civilizations has been cursed & destroyed, because Holy Qur'an tells the humanity, what happened in the past & what will happen in the future. Old testament & Bible & Holy Qur'an three divine religions tells the past human history, other religions also tells past history but theirs were told verbally & theirs lost ancient time, that is why God sent many prophets to humanity, so we all know who created humanity, animals & all life & living. To understand ancient logos & symbols we have to look ancient history & religions, it is coll to know & understand about everyone's ancient people because they all respected each others symbols & religions, that is why their ancient symbols were protected, none of the destroyed each other faith & their ancient symbols until, Christians, Jews & Muslims & these three believers of religions they have destroyed ancient faiths, Symbols & their ancient carvings, it is in hsitory, who did what. Ancient humanity were not bigots, but believers of Christianity, Judaism & Islam they have destroyed many ancient truth & they called ancient faith & symbols (devil-worshipers). Almighty God never said destroy ancient believes & their symbols but when Jews became Jews & Christians became Christians & Muslims became Muslims, most of them became bigots about ancient believes & ancient history. When Americans & westerners invaded Iraq & Syria, what did the soldiers do, break & destroy ancient history & artifacts & they gave hammer to those bigot-ignorant Muslim terrorists to break down & destroy ancient artifacts but western thieves they stole Middle east most important ancient artifacts & allow bigot-radical jihadist to destroy rest of the temple & Idols of history. Christians did same thing, when they became Christians they destroyed Roman history & their temples. Jews same way, that is why these three divine religions of people were hated by other ancient believe. Muslims never touched ancient sites until now because Americans & European invaders created bigot-Jihadist to destroy history & ancient temples. When European & western white men invade another countries, their history & ancient artifacts always has been destroyed. Read the history people, you will know who brought bigotry in humanity, it was white men!!!

  29. Is this „Shanyu“ another name for the Xiongnu? (As if we hadn't enough of those already ;-))

  30. We call it барс. The name Борис stems from it (our rulers used to wear it)

  31. Cool. I loved hearing about the snow leopard being the logo for your band. That's quite spiritual. I have a guardian protector black panther who is always with me. Be Blessed my Mongolian Brothers.

  32. Snow leopards are gorgeous animals!
    Hate that cowardly hunters are trapping them and killing them.
    I hate all trophy hunters… Maybe you awesome and beautiful Mongol warriors could help spread the message that our animal brothers are sacred.
    Killing them for sport or ego is just cowardly and sick.
    Here in America, we are actually FIGHTING our own government to save our endangered animals.
    We have been protesting and sending letters for the past two years.
    We managed to save the grizzly bear from being taken off the ESL but the fat fuck in chief is going after our wolves now.
    Again, no scientific reason for it just to please the sick and twisted trigger happy inbreds and their cowardly gun-love.
    We have stalled him.
    Thanks to a total of 5 million petitions, 1.8 million letters, 2,010 protests and the support of actors such as DiCaprio, Johnny Depp and Jason Momoa, we have grounded congress and stalled the assault on our wolves.

    We do have a voice.
    We must use it to speak for those who can't!

    Thank you for your amazing music and sharing your lovely culture!
    You guys give us the strength to continue to fight against the injustices!

    We American Indians LOVE The HU!

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