The Logo Maker App by Laughingbird Software

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13 thoughts on “The Logo Maker App by Laughingbird Software

  1. Hi my age is 14 and i want this app i have no visa or credit and this app is not in apkmania blackmarket piratebay pls the maker send me its apk pls

  2. I upload my image and it's he quality but when I upload it on the app it turns to low quality and looks bad was wondering on how to fix it?

  3. Get a free trial of this software with this link and Create your own Youtube custom graphics

  4. Logo creator keeps crashing on my Mac with the latest IOS. The helpdesk does not help they are only giving me advice that doesnt help.

  5. The mobile app is great to use when I'm on the go and worth $3. the desktop app is awesome though and use it all the time for blog and website graphics, as well as the other apps Laughingbird has

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