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64 thoughts on “the new logo

  1. They should at least make it more Google-y instead of being THIS basic. I can make something better in paint in 5 minutes

  2. I like how all these people that put in the effort to make a good looking square profile pic now have to go back to the drawing board and make a new circular one. Its one thing if this was still like an upcoming website but come on. People use this shit professionally. Not me of course but a lot of people.

  3. Employee 1: "So, how can we improve youtube?"
    Employee 2: "Well we can start by tweaking the recommended-"
    Employee 3: "New logo"
    Employee 1: "That's fucking genius"
    Employee 2: "But what about the-"
    Employee 3: "Fidget spinner loading screen"
    Employee 1: "You're getting a raise"

  4. What is this shit ass new look youtube has, I can't even tell what's going on anymore. It was good before, we don't need another 500 changes every 2 weeks.

    Edit: Oh sorry for overreacting youtube, you can change the style back under your profile image.

  5. Download an extension called "Stylish" on your browser and then choose Darktube (or anything else). It will make everything pretty again.

  6. Everyone's mentioning how bad the Play icon is now and I can't notice anything different with it. What's wrong with it? :c

  7. You can go back to old Youtube by clicking your channel icon on the top right, and hit settings. Unfortunately if you open a new link or tab then it goes back to the shitty new Youtube layout

  8. Kml please pin this for people's convenience
    You can click your profile in the top right, there's an option in the drop-down menu to go back to the old youtube. You can even tell them why it's so shit

  9. i could give less of a rat's ass at the appearance as I expect things to modernize over time. what I'm more interested in is how they handle their creators, because from what I've seen this is far from the "broadcast yourself" era.

  10. My fuck, they went full obsessive minimalism and shit still loads slowly. Also holy shit the amount of white space everywhere.

    Honestly youtube died for me when they made it so playlists load infinitely instead of having pages WHICH IS SO MUCH FUCKING BETTER

  11. Maybe they can fix the replies, so instead of showing the guy has 20 replies then showing 2 it actually shows the correct number.

  12. creators: youtube we're having problems and it's becoming harder to afford to make content on your website

    YouTube: ok here's a UI that looks slightly different

    creators: youtube we're still dealing with increasingly restrictive demonetisation and we can't keep doing this, can you at least tell us what we have to do so we don't lose our revenue?

    YouTube: check it out we've changed the logo

  13. I've been using the new look for a while now since it was available maybe a month ago at

    I can't vouch for the normal one, but the built in dark theme is simply amazing, which you can enable in the top right Under the triple dot if not signed in I believe. profile picture if signed in).

  14. I like the new logo better, especcialy the bright red and I do like the format, there are still problems like the lag, the numbers aren't in full and you can't hover over an acount but I still like the format and logo better

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