The New World Order – with Russel Brand & Bill de Berg (RAP NEWS 30)

– This evening on Juice Media, we’re diving deeper than ever previously leaving aside greetings and pleasantries and leaping in. It’s time to seek the true root cause of the world’s miseries. As we’ve seen we can’t believe in the mainstream frequencies therefore, in order to more fully understand we’re forced to turn to alternative sources on other bands. Such as the news feed of a tranquil and humble man who has inflamed the airwaves with passion and rage: Russell Brand – This is Rap Trews, the news if the news was true and rhymed I’m Russell Brand, on youtube, shedding light on our life and times… – Hi Russell, can you please analyse some of today’s headlines? – Awwight! let’s ‘ave a butcher’s at the world tonight: What’s this: Little old man arrested for feeding the poor. Showing Christian values and helping those in need? awful! But spend 1 trillion bailing out Wall Street or give 4 billion to political parties for their campaigns?
That’s perfectly lawful. Page 5: iniquity is on a sharp rise with rampant unregulated capitalism swamping our rights corporations won’t raise minimum wage but raise rent on estates forcing many into a homeless state, sleeping in public spaces, in a… [“Parklife!”] And hark at these shady trade deals all being signed – T-tip… TPP, sound boring, right? don’t ignore what’s behind: malevolent Machiavellian machinating forces combined not acting for yours or mine. It’s all for the corporate whores in disguise – What can we do to stop it?
– Don’t believe the hype the Fox news lies, or the Daily Mail, the Times, Be spiritually aligned. buy my booky-wook online, Revolution is nigh: that was some Trews. Subscribe to Rap Trews!
Subscribe here! Subscribe! Subscribe! – The state of society is indeed a major anxiety But what’s causing all of this flagrant impropriety? Is it the case that we’ve simply lost our way on the high seas Or is there in fact some mysterious plan at play behind the scenes? To probe even deeper we call on another truth seeker’s opinion Are you online Terrence Moonseed?
– Is Obama Kenyan? Listen! Russell Brand’s a minion, only giving you half the picture; he won’t mention the secret force that keeps the poor poor and the rich richer – What is it?
– I’ll show you, slaves! Prepare to have your minds blown but first I need you all to focus, get your third eyes open turn off your TVs, your NSA devices disguised as iPhones this is the most critical message you’ll ever hear in your lives… yo: It’s a massive conspiracy, we are shackled up under its weight but I’m here to brush away the dust and expose its structure, you have to listen in This is the symbol of tyranny; Since ancient Egypt they haven’t hidden it: witness its fearful symmetry in the ubiquitous shape of the pyramid who stands above the military, royalty, and above celebrities?
They Do who directs the press, the Fed, and the Universities?
They do Who operates above the Law and Courts, causes wars for sport and forcefully contorts the results of all elections before the voting call? They do!! – Hang on Terrence: who are they?
– It’s blatant! Prep your brains as I unveil this; the architects and Agents of the Matrix: The New World Order! They rule straight from the apex while WE, the victims, are kept restrained at the base in cages – So what can we do?
– We galley slaves have to mutiny We have to expose the truth of this huge pyramid scheme of oppression and usury! Those at the top are cowards, they fear public scrutiny: Yeah! You heard me! Show yourselves, Illuminati! End this lunacy! – Checkit I represent the New World Order. The banks, the Government, Monsanto,
Katy Perry music videos, Superbowl Half-time shows… all of these things implausibly tied together into one theory… I’m a bilder-berg This world is like a video game I maintain when I lead the herd New world order control your life you’re in the dark.
– No, bilder-berg! No fuckin around I’m cutting down Anyone in my path Trynna fuck up my game with razor sharp
derivative gold bars Killin’ my foes I’m Rolling with the IMF, high equity, I grab my pen and sign them checks Uh, then I sidestep, with Hi-def …flex you were optimistic Now you’re fucking depressed you’re just like the rest I’m the N W O… Totally unknown You can’t fuck with my huge bank roll I’m hard to glimpse “You can’t do this, you can’t do that” Yo, fuckin’ who said so? I do what I like Too big to fail, too much gold to hold You can’t fuck with the chosen one
I-I-I own ya life I’m Bill de Berg – William de Berg!
– That’s right, kids! or Bill, if you prefer I heard someone call for me… so I’m here to converse – I was right! I told you all! They exist! I can finally tell the world…
– Uh… So… New World Order; can you confirm or deny it?
– Both. – Both?
– Ja, see things in life are seldom black or white, left or right. If I might be direct and forthright…
– please, that’s what we like. – Trust me, you’re not gonna like it. I’m about to reveal a conspiracy so vast and silent that those within it can barely recognise it the plain truth is, deep in the latter part of last century, as you finally emerged from your ignorance you gradually began to realise your legacy, your true role in history But couldn’t deal with the reality… So to retain a sense of self and innocence, your inner psyche conceived an alter-ego of pure evilness which you could blame and ascribe with the most heinous crimes that gave rise to your current way of life. – So the New World Order does not actually exist? – Oh it exists – and how! Ask the slaves whose labour built the White House; Ask the slaves of today tied down to sweatshops and brothels to escape hunger, Ask most women, second class citizens, in a pervasive Rape Culture Ask the non-human creatures who inhabit the planet: whales, bears, frogs, tuna, bees, slaughtered farm animals. Ask the natives of the Americas and Australia on whose land you live today, on whose graves your factories, farms and neighbourhoods stand Ask any of them this, ask them if the New World Order is true. They’ll tell you plainly: the New World Order… is you! – What can we do?
– It’s simple! Topple the tyrannous by bringing bring down the elite dwelling at the very top of the pyramid! – You can attempt it, but this structure is your own edifice; far greater in scale and stature than you care to know or admit it is: it extends down, as you can see in this picture I’ve corrected, to include all those beneath you on which your privilege has depended – Impossible! We are victims! I’m a VICTIM of the frickin’ SYSTEM! – And that, kiddies, is how the pyramid ensures its existence through our failure to envision our position within it. Welcome to the New World Order, bitches, I hope I’ve been of assistance. – I, I, I, I need an alibi I need a projection sanitise my life Eye, eye, eye You are my alibi I Need a projection Need a projection Well truth-seekers, it’s time to close this episode. Over the course of our lives as we seek to explain the state of the world we pass through states of enlightenment that expose the unknown But the deeper we go, the more our quest seems to lead closer to home. Yes, injustice is real and undeniably abundant: conspiracies, false flags, oppression, bribery, corruption, but can we fight injustice with any depth of purpose, if we ignore our own roles in causing it in the first place? For, the target of our struggle is never merely the tyrant on high, but also that piece of the oppressor planted deep inside, inside every one of us. And that’s where the Revolution first must arise. ‘Til next time. Robert Foster, The Internet. Good night. English captions by .koolfy

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100 thoughts on “The New World Order – with Russel Brand & Bill de Berg (RAP NEWS 30)

  1. i just love how some people just flip their fucking shit as soon as "rape culture" and fly of thr handle without even seeming to understand what the word means. priceless.

  2. I think it's a massive over-simplification, and lends some credit to some things that just aren't true (note the 'corrected' pyramid maintains that there is still a rigid formal structure at the top), but overall it's a good piece. And hey, being catchy doesn't hurt either.

  3. And the message is, "Be the change you'd like to see." And subscribe, subscribe, subscribe!!! To the juicemedia, you idiots! How else do you expect us to make our way up the top of bloody pyramid?

  4. It's ironic that by blaming the victim, you're making a self fulfilling observation. You helped empower the NWO by shifting the blame. That's on you.

  5. You guys have no idea about the seeds you have planted in my mind, and what they have grown into years later with your messages and music! Thank you!

  6. The Quran talked about this group of organisation/people who will cause damage to the world unless we follow their footsteps and also Prophet Muhammad specifically talked about the one-eyed man coming in the future as the leader of NWO.

    Isn't the one-eyed symbol on the 1 dollar bill is not clear enough?

  7. This is just the same liberal brats barfing up everything they were taught in school and by liberal media, rape culture? Black slavery? Woman's rights being unequal to men's rights?!! All of that is what liberal medias teach you. And there is no rape culture, slavery, or unequal rights in first world countries. In an Arab country maybe but not in America or Briton. If anything I think the liberal media might have there hand in the NWO.

  8. 1. There are tiers:
    The higher up the pyramid, the greater your affect on the issues in the world.
    2. Punch up, reach down:
    Don't punch the people below you to secure/advance your position in the pyramid, unite with them to fight the corruption above you.
    3. Self-awareness:
    Acknowledge we are all part of the problem, but don't feel fear, guilt, or shame – just become aware of it and do your best to shift to fixing the corrupt system (see 2.).

  9. I always seem to keep coming back to this video even after all these years… I have to say, leaving out the brilliant content, excellent production values and genuine research, from a purely musical perspective this is possibly the most brilliant piece on all of Youtube and maybe ever since the kind of complexity of the Baroque era. The mixing of rhymes and tempo, the flawless beat and timing changes and even the use of accent to rhyme non-rhyming words in English is all absolutely stunning; truly a master class in composition that stands in a league of it's very own not only in rab/hip-hop but in all modern music. Listening to this is like being born again musically every single time and I, like a few hundred thousand others I'm sure, think it is a real crime that: 1. These guys never got the kind of recognition on YT that they absolutely deserve and 2. that there is no more rap news for me to wait for on the edge of my computer chair.

    As it is, thank you JuiceMedia for putting these out there even for the paltry rewards you ultimately got from them at the time. At least a few of us have had their days or political philosophies or musical appreciation or yes, even our very lives brightened by your works and that is a rare, beautiful thing in an increasingly dark world. Thank you.

  10. A good video and maybe can be looked at that way, almost explains leftist think(socialism)) but do you really think that in coming months. It's good but too simplistic in ways

  11. pretty sure this video made russel brand change his wholel ife watch his podcast when this airs he never did the finger thing again n wore a shirt from then on

  12. This remains my favourite Raps News video of all time. So nuanced, so beautifully executed, so on point. So much love & respect for you guys.

  13. Once upon a time this would have been on tv…..but the media barons no longer have a sense of humour and can’t stand the truth.

  14. After rewatching this I've decided to stop making excuses for myself an go vegan again. It's the least I can do in my position to try and minimize injustice to at least one group below me on the pyramid.

  15. As the Pope says, "ignorance is bliss", but once you acknowledge the truth, you realize it wasn't bliss. Thanks.

  16. This is bollocks .… it suggests the 'Debt Slave' layer is as much at fault as the cap stone ….. this is completely untrue …… The down on his luck Englishman transported to Australia for stealing a loaf of bread was a pawn in the cap stone's game ……. make convicts by manipulating society … put a load of them over there ….. human nature will destroy the indigenous population and make the place more profitable for our banking system …… the root cause is the capstone and their counterfeit banking system …… the further you go down the less aware they are ….. the 'Debt Slave' layer is only just becoming aware …… was this funded by the capstone?

  17. this will remain the best video of your channel. and you cannot change this fact. no matter how good are other videos that you make

  18. Bravo you washed your hands
    Zbigniew Brzezinsky would have been proud of you

  19. This was the most educated video of NWO i have ever heard. Today it's not NWO, it's Globalism. Anyways: anyone who is interested about future of mankind, you should be careful about Globalism. If you want to know more about Globalism and it's end goals, you should read "1984" written by George Orwell.

  20. Yeah you said USURY!!! Thank you

    Magna Carta has death penalty for USURY
    Our favorite form of slavery

  21. Wow. I've been binging on Juice Media, and this is absolutely one of your finest Rap News episodes (though I haven't yet watched them all). Damn. I'll have to watch this again and maybe again and again. So much truth here.

  22. Check this band pushing this message in the start of their concert…welcome to a new world order Bring me the Horizon

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