The Oak Ridge Boys – A Brand New Star (Live)

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13 thoughts on “The Oak Ridge Boys – A Brand New Star (Live)

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  2. I have never been an Oak Ridge Boys fan because of two factors (1) they don't sign that good (2) they "sold out" to the "dark side of the" music industry decades ago; There is not reason to praise them now that they are in the waning years of their career. Now they sign a semi-gospel song after all the filthy lyrics they've put out over the decades. (Don't bother retaliating if you are a die-hard Oaks fan. This is my opinion, an Oaks "hater"; I know old Oaks fans aren't going to like my comments. But you'd be wasting your time trying to "vent your spleen" here. The Oak Ridge Boys sold out to money a long time ago; and they were very lucky, considering their talent level. Very fortunate.)

  3. The Oaks really seem to be really be enjoying themselves in their "old age". I know they've got to be in the 70's. Two of them I think are pushing 80 at least. . . WOW. But, they certainly are very youthful! I remember hearing the great John Hartford say that when he was a kid he told his mother, "Momma, I want to be a musician when I grow up." His mom responded, "But son, you know you can't do both!"

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