The Pentagram – Occult Symbols and their Magical Meaning

What is the mysterious symbol of the pentagram
really all about? What meaning is hidden within it? How is it used? This we will explain in
a moment. Brotherhood of the Eternal Light
Teaching the Western Mysteries Pentagram derives from Greek and can be translated
as “five lines”. It is a compound made up of the parts pente, which means five, and gramma, which means line. Other terms for the five-pointed star are
pentalpha, pentacle and Pythagorean sign. The term pentacle is used when the pentagram
is enclosed within a circle, for example as a symbol for amulets or as a magical tool of the earth element. In ancient Greece, the pentagram was called
pentalpha, since the symbol can be divided into five alphas. The pentagram is one of the oldest symbols of humanity. There is evidence for an early
usage in Mesopotamia as far back as 3000 b.c.e. The pentagram was encoded by the cuneiform
character “UB”. It probably symbolized the four cardinal directions and the “above”.
Also, Jewish coins and clay jugs from the 5th century b.c.e. have been decorated with
pentagrams. In antiquity, this symbol has been used by
Pythagoras, since its line geometry corresponds to the golden ratio, harmony, and perfection. According to Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa von
Nettesheim’s book “De occulta philosophia”, the pentragram is a symbol of the microcosm,
which is the human being. In the occult worldview, man is an image of the macrocosm, which is the universe and he was created as an image of god, which is expressed in the bible passage
Genesis 1;26-27: Man was created in the image of god. In the mysteries, the pentagram symbolises
the reign of spirit over matter, which is why it is a symbol of the magician and magic. When a human form is placed onto the pentagram, the head on top symbolizes the spirit that rules over the elements and that strives to establish harmony. The pentagram, which is often used as a symbol
of protection, is assigned to Gevurah. Gevurah, the fifth Sefirah on the Tree of Life, signifies
power, strength or might, and it is an active, limiting principle. Its functions are, amongst others, protection and justice and it symbolizes magical power. The image of the pentagram is also used in
connection with the Qabbalistic name יהשוה (Yeheshuah). This is also called the pentagrammaton.
It derives from the old Hebrew name of God יהוה (YHVH) the so-called tetragrammaton,
expanded by the letter ש (Shin). Each letter is assigned to one of the five points of the
pentagram. Thus, the shin represents the symbol of the spirit element. The inverted pentagram is generally seen as
a symbol of evil and is often linked to satanism. It is a symbol of dominion of the senses over
the spirit, the dominion of the material world over spirituality, the evil over the good,
the unbalanced and lower forces over the spirit. We strongly advise against its usage, since
it is used to call upon lower forces. With this symbol, the magician submits to the lower
compulsive side of himself, and he may increasingly become a weak-willed tool of dark and negative forces. The inverted pentagram is sometimes called Drudenfuß or Alfenfuß. In medieval folk belief, its form was thought to represent the footprint of evil spirits, which were called Druden or Alfen. The pentagram is also used in the practical
and ritual work of the magician, to call upon and control the elements, and also to open
and close the cardinal directions. Here is an example of the opening pentagram
of the earth and the closing pentagram ofthe earth. In ritual work, the pentagram is being drawn and visualized in the four cardinal directions in this manner. Thereby, the corresponding
forces are being called upon or released. One version of the lesser closing ritual of
the pentagram and descriptions of further rituals can be found on our website. A link
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23 thoughts on “The Pentagram – Occult Symbols and their Magical Meaning

  1. Interesting video on the history and usage of the pentagram. I have learnt a few new things about this symbol that I didn't know before.

  2. It's not a pentagram, it's called a pentacle. Pentagram is the star. Pentacle is the star inside the circle. Geez I don't practice this shit but even know the difference.

  3. I love your videos, your candor is unmatched. I enjoy learning. These things had been severely forbidden to me My whole life, I personally find them enlightening and wonder why so many church friends are abhorred by this stuff. I might not get a tattoo of it personally but, I value this knowledge that is not based in stigma perpetuated by so many. Magic is either light or dark depending on am the intent of the one using it. In reality everything is magic of some kind, so even if people aren't using these symbols, they still commit dark magic with their negative side whether they know it or not. I hope to understand how to feel more at peace, I certainly haven't found any from my church friends for the most part in these matters. I am open minded and I do believe in and worship the Holy Creator, any way I can feel closer to Him, I will do it no matter how many friends or family I lose in the process. JHVH is my true love and i will always seek Him.

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