The Real Reason We Don’t Hear Much About Russell Brand Anymore

Russell Brand hasn’t exactly disappeared,
but it’s been awhile since the lanky, whip-smart British comedian has been given the movie
star treatment. His hilarious turn in Forgetting Sarah Marshall
made him seem well-positioned to own the silver screen. Starring roles in more movies, a shot at headlining
the Arthur franchise reboot, and his own late-night talk show followed, making it seem like Brand’s
big personality and great comic talents were in high demand — and would stay that way. But lately, he seems to have disappeared from
the multiplex altogether. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons we
don’t hear from Russell Brand so much anymore. Get him to the theaters Brand earned raves as the breakout star of
Forgetting Sarah Marshall, a movie already notable for launching Jason Segel’s big-screen
writing and acting career. In the movie, Brand played the ostensible
villain, a pretentious British rock star named Aldous Snow. But despite the character’s many flaws, Brand
made Aldous entirely likable. He was such an audience favorite in the film
that the producers put together Get Him to the Greek, a spin-off movie centered on the
character. Co-starring Jonah Hill as a record label employee
who has to get Snow to an important concert at the historic Greek Theater in Los Angeles. The movie didn’t quite click as well with
audiences as Sarah Marshall did. That may have been a hint that moviegoers
might prefer Russell Brand in small doses rather than a starring role. That certainly seemed to be the case for his
next big chance at the marquee. In 2011, Brand filmed a remake of the Oscar-nominated
1981 comedy Arthur, and in it Brand, who has a history of addiction, played a believable
sad drunk. But remakes have an uphill climb, and audiences
failed to turn out, slowing his film career momentum. Hosting debacle Among his first high-profile gigs in America
was his turn hosting the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards. The show had a long history of using comedians
as hosts, but unfortunately, it didn’t go so well for Brand. While he was expected to make fun of sacred
cows, Brand went too far for a lot of people, mocking the Jonas Brothers’ public pledges
to abstain from sex until marriage and the purity rings they wore to signify it. Later in the show, fellow purity ring wearer
Jordin Sparks lashed out at him on-stage, and this prompted Brand to awkwardly return
to the subject on-stage and declare, “I’d like to take this opportunity to say, no one
ever have sex again. It’s a mad idea. What a way to spend an evening!” Voiceover wins Maybe instead of watching him look and act
like a rock star, audiences would rather have Brand disappear into a role — literally
— to the point where they can’t even see him. As proof, he’s put together a pretty impressive
track record for voicing animated characters. He provided the voice of the Easter Bunny,
in the 2011 hit Hop, and the ancient, bumbling Dr. Nefario in two Despicable Me movies. “I miss bein’ evil.” And more recently, he was part of the cast
of the hit animated musical Trolls. Talk show takedown The FX network got into the hot Russell Brand
game in the summer of 2012 by signing the comedian on for a weekly late-night talk show
called Brand X. However, the series struggled to find a niche
in the crowded late-night comedy arena, and Brand and producers changed formats a few
times. When the show debuted, it was little more
than a sounding board for Brand to speak, joke, and riff about a political or social
issue. “As you already know it’s my propensity for
verbosity.” Later on, he experimented with the format,
introducing celebrity interviews, an audience advice segment, and even on-stage debates
with hate groups. But after roughly two dozen episodes over
the course of a year, Brand X was branded a failure — and canceled. Sitcom sadness FX got rid of Brand being himself on Brand
X so they could make a show where he pretended to be himself. In the same press release announcing Brand
X’s cancellation, the network revealed it had another project for the actor in store:
a single-camera documentary-style sitcom in which he’d play a version of himself. The concept was likened to HBO’s Curb Your
Enthusiasm. Ironically, the network ultimately curbed
its own enthusiasm by declining to order the show to series. “I slunk out.” “You slunk out?” “Slunk. I slunk out.” “So you didn’t do s—? And you punked out. That’s what the f— happened, right?” “Yeah, I punked out. I punked out.” Romantic rows Brand reached peak fame in October 2010 when
he married Katy Perry, one of the biggest pop stars of the day. It seemed like a bit of a mismatch: she was
a squeaky clean all-American pop star, while he was a former heroin addict and a stand-up
comedian. They were both, at the very least, cheeky
and good-looking, which was one of the things that kept the marriage afloat for two years…until
Brand broke up with her via text message. Perry has spoken about the pain and sadness
of the divorce, and initially pinned the split on their busy schedules. Brand later blamed his exit from the marriage
on Perry’s commitment to what he called a “vapid, vacuous” celebrity lifestyle, but
he still came out of the whole ordeal looking pretty bad, hurting his public image. The scrivener In addition to all his other projects, Brand
has somehow found the time to write and publish a whopping six books and kick off a career
making documentaries. Always a political comedian and a curious
guy, Brand’s interest in politics have kind of become his — well, Brand. He now spends most of his professional life
making documentary films about political causes. In 2015 he made The Emperor’s New Clothes,
a film about the disappearing middle class, economic disparity, and the recent recession,
and before that he was hired by BBC3 to make a documentary about the war on drugs, and
whether it had failed. This project had Brand going to other countries
to research their progressive drug policies, which was a subject close to Brand’s heart. A recovering addict, he also made the 2012
BBC doc From Addiction to Recovery. Hitting the web In between making full-length, in-depth documentary
films primarily about individual issues facing the poor and those living on the fringes of
society, Brand also has a YouTube series called The Trews: True News with Russell Brand. He’s already made more than 380 episodes of
the series in which he delivers the news while analyzing and making fun of it, then invites
on experts and pundits for further discussion. “Do you think I’m trivial?” “Yes!” “A minute ago you’re having a go at me because
I wanted a revolution, now I’m trivial?” “No, I’m asking….” Brand was never a monster movie star to begin
with, despite having some key memorable roles, but he’s proven himself to be more of an ensemble
funnyman for films while approaching other subjects that are more personally interesting
for him. So while his days as a leading man in the
film industry seem to have ended as quickly as they began, he’s still got our ticket money
if and when he does sign up for that next comedy sidekick flick. In the end, you can still get a full dose
of Russell Brand these days — you just need to know where to look. Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
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100 thoughts on “The Real Reason We Don’t Hear Much About Russell Brand Anymore

  1. What's with Russell Brand? Did ex-wife Katy Perry inspire his use of Illuminati symbology on Trews "33" graphic (German Shepherds's collar)? Those who play with demonic fire will get BURNED 🔥

  2. lol I was just watching the latest episode of the Trews when I saw this on the right side of the screen 😀

  3. Russell Brand has a higher calling and I think that his small decline in celebrity status is a very positive thing for his journey. The message that he wishes to convey to all of us, the people, is one of love, acceptance, inclusion and happiness.

    I have read and heard a lot of people speak about the human race being trapped in the 5 senses or the little me (our bodies) but they believe we are much more beyond this (5 senses), which I too believe. After spending the better part of approx 36 years striving for materialistic gain and attempting to satisfy my own personal ego, I went through some massive changes and realised that I pretty much had it all wrong. I had been medicated since 2000 for depression and anxiety and began learning of the reasons for the feelings and have improved drastically in recent times. Some would call it an awakening but I think it is the beginning of learning what life is really all about and it isn't the shoes you wear, the car you drive, the house you live in or that swanky job in the big tower. I have had all those things and that is the big con. They do not satisfy you deep inside, the heart, soul or whatever. May do for a small amount of time but that is more the drug of consumerism. Then you want the bigger house, car, job whatever and it leads to never being satisfied. You trade your labour, spirit, fight for money for trinkets and crappy things that become obsolete in seconds.

    There are certain facets of the human condition that are not being addressed in our time and this goes some way to explaining that crappy dissatisfied feeling we have with our lives. We are currently disconnected, competitive, exclusive, hierarchical, inconsiderate and lacking in empathy on the whole. We are not here to be this way and it seems that we may be held in this state artificially by those with the means to do so for whatever their reasons are.

    Russell Brand is one of those individuals that should be applauded for what he is trying to achieve because it is selfless and for the greater earth not just humanity. If what he and many others are talking about is achieved, we won't be making just America great again but everything great again. But ultimately, it is up to all of us to make the change and decide the gig is up. I hope it is sooner rather than later.

  4. Russel Brand is a leftist wanker and if he departed from the planet tomorrow I would shout for joy What a worthless piece

  5. Below Russell is labeled libertarian, socialist etc. The whole point of Brand is that he believes in NO party and hates party politics.

  6. Fuck off. He has no time for you dumb idiot Americans.
    People adore him the UK.
    He does TV shows and stand up comedy and is quite successful at it also his youtube channel is great.

  7. He should just try to find himself a REAL job,a job in wich he could sweat because he really has niether the talent,nor the charisma or the knowledge that explanes his outrageous fame or gives him the right to talk like an expert of anything!Who wants to belong to a world where parasites like Russel Brand get what they want!It's so unfair!I couldn't stand him before,but now i really really hate him as he made his video about Chester Bennington's suicide!Who gave him the right to do it?He's an expert now?Now,he's on YouTube!
    Go and do something really useful for humanity!

  8. He's a demon hosting MK ultra handler & part of the Rothchild ruling elite, soon he will be judged, like all mankind. I'm glad I'm not him, is all I can say.
    God bless

  9. Don't ask…just be happy we don't.
    …Stupid little brats shouldn't be handed microphones.
    …even in England…the land that adores one stupid little brat after another.

  10. This guy is going to get more and more desperately ugly as he ages! His "big face" syndrome alone will become more and more grotesque as time goes by.

  11. He looks like a cross between a magician from the 1800's and a British rock superstar from the mid 1980's and a pirate..I like his humor and energy.He's also a smart bloke…

  12. Actually the real reason is because he is busy learning kick boxing and other martial arts along with yoga he's basically focusing on what he wants from recent interviews and shit he's done I think he has made his money and wants to just focus on more positive things not be in Hollywood

  13. Russel brand was dropped by Hollywood for speaking the truth. He's done more good being out of the rat race than he did playing the part.

  14. I've got another theory: maybe the reason YOU don't hear much about Russell Brand any more, is that all that really matters to you, is show-biz and the movie industry. Me, I hear about him almost daily; likely because I am interested in what he does, and share many of his views in politics, in spirituality and in other areas; and also that, (as an "American"), I'm not overly-obsessed with Hollywood, box-office draw, and one's 'celebrity status'. Something to consider, maybe.

  15. BULLSHIT! He's not "in" cuzz he tells the truth (comically)… About Genocide, war, and Isreali occupation. U cant get a hoolywood job after that!

  16. I only came here to see the comments, and couldn't bring myself to watch this video, which is probably praising him. I see enough of this twat on TV as it is, and I find him a very irritating fuck faced so called comedian, and is about as funny as fresh cow shit. Smug hairy faced annoying twat. Nope, I don't like him at all, along with James Corden, Franke Boyle and Ricky Gervais.

  17. Is this the best you could do? This was shit, I expected better. Sorry … Also this sounds like defamation of character. Also you are wrong too ha ha

  18. "The Real Reason We Don't Hear Much About Russell Brand Anymore". Because he is stuck right up his own arse"""

  19. why don't you take some time to do research and actually find out why he has faded off the main stream. What a garbage video.

  20. Who would encourage the young not to vote? Russel Brand. Did it help the
    Conservatives under David Cameron to win the general election? Maybe.
    Did he intend this or is he just an inept fame obsessed gobshite?

  21. You left out that he's an unhinged leftist "activist" who doesn't know when to shut his mouth, and alienated large segments of the American population as a result. Most of us wouldn't piss on him if he were on fire.

  22. he's spouts a lot of rubbish. Its like he really tries to research something but its normally just weak surface information or completely out of context. I can understand how some people might think he is intelligent, unfortunately stringing together a bunch of big words doesn't always equate to that.

  23. The biggest narcist ego tripper on this planet. His girlfriend is a Rotschil btw. Look at his angry eyes.

  24. Maybe he’s dropping the ego and expanding consciousness? Maybe he’s sick of being in Hollywood and it’s harbouring of pedophiles and satanic baby sacrifices? You feel me

  25. looper? what has that got to do with Mr Brand? why don't You just watch His pod cast under the skin? or watch an interview He had with Mr Jay Shetty, on why He chose to exclude HimSelf from the higher echalons of the industry?

  26. Good job man, you got 13% of your subs to watch your shitty video! If only they weren't fake subs and you produced quality content!

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