The Sad Truth About Record Labels

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100 thoughts on “The Sad Truth About Record Labels

  1. I must be preeing too much but why uzi and blue face hair is combined in the thumbnail. That’s bluefaces hair on the top part of uzis head

  2. The thing that people don’t understand is these people sometimes were making totally different music, when you come from a rough place you gonna do what you gotta do to pay them bills. A lot of the time these rappers get picked up and will do anything to make sure their families have food on their table and they get stuck in a shitty situation. It happens way too often.

  3. people read the fine print.stop just looking at the numbers. Have lawyers with you so you can understand everything

  4. Being independent may be harder but I think it the best way to not get screwed over. You keep all your Masters and don't have to listen to what the label wants you to put out. The music industry is all types of fucked up.

  5. I just found out about your channel today, HipHopMadness.

    EDITS- 3:02 P.M.: finishes video 11 minutes later
    I can see why a lot of rappers are staying independent these days.

    3:03 P.M.: Signing to a record label is not always worth it.

  6. Its all jews running the show behind closed doors all those foos do is tax, american capitalism is built on the federal reserve and central bank run by… jews

  7. Jive records was truly a fucking horrible ass label idc they still have Aaliyah’s music and holding that shit hostage

  8. These artists don't take the time to rea contracts, and they get screwed because they don't read them.

  9. This is lame. Stop pocket watching and worrying about other people's contracts. Get yours and stop worrying about what deals other people sign.

  10. How does he NOT METION NIPSEY HUSSLE ONE TIME In the whole video when nipsey has been pushing the ownership model for 10 years??????!??????!??!?

  11. What’s scary about the Birdman/Lil Wayne shit is they reconciled after he TRIED to KILL him. Wtf, what kinda power does he have over you?

  12. #Independent artist have it better than anybody. The trick is having the funds to #produce and back yourself

  13. Just stay independent
    Lool at the underachievers flatbush zombies joey badass
    They dont get the same notoriety or publicity but that capital all theirs!

  14. There real truth is that there's no such thing like an unsigned artist. YOU are running a label when you're independent, so you're signed to yourself.

  15. hmmmm i wonder why ppl dont see that the music industry is pure demonic . Who was satan in the word the leader of the choir ,where is he now on earth. Come on sleepers wake up our Father is comming soon.

  16. You think this stuff would be in fine print and clearly standardized among the industry. I suppose it’s pretty hard to gauge how much you’re really worth

  17. Russ stay telling the truth about record labels. On half his shit, got that 50/50 deal. And still robin the record label keep up the good work. And for all the up incomers sell you're soul 4 more then close, diamonds, money, women, vehicles, ect lol…..


  19. how can you have hiphop in your name while you keep mentioning people who destroyed the culture you claim to be representing. smh..

  20. Offering record deals to rappers that comment…no knowledge of math or contacts will be needed..I will spilt your royalty in half 90 10. Lol

  21. Lol the 2016 XXL cover…. they're literally all beyond whack a d thrash, except the only corny looking white dude lil dicky which would smash everyone of them in a freestyle. That being said is actually saying alot about the rap game nowadays shit needs to change. Mfs wonder why eminem came out with kamikaze album talking shit about the new rap game, and half of them are on this weak ass freshman cover

  22. What they all wont do was what frank did to def jams, he pulled some harry potter shit to get out of thats deal and it costed def jams 20 million.

  23. "Where I'm from, we don't recognize that it's good math
    If you don't teach the ones that's comin' up to multiply their cash
    Think for themselves, think beyond sales
    Everything with worth don't come with some whistles and some bells"
    – Rapsody (Sojourner) 

    The facts with those bars.

  24. yo yo peep my music yall become fans , like , sub, comment and share ,
    let's make history love yall postivity to you all ~ clutch handla

  25. Niggas better start taking the time out to read their own contracts…. Seems like they get happy to just get a contract, n sign anything 🤦🏽‍♂️

  26. This how you know half these rappers be lying when they say they rich they be putting out this false nartive to trick you into believing them it's all smoke & mirrors half these dudes slaves to there record labels

  27. Most rapper are egocentric or eclectic.rapper fall into trends from ignorant is real/normal to dreds/braids and hair dye for a few examples,.so why not rush into a label or trust a CEO or lawyer or celeb(baby)

  28. Well these cases especially lil wayne & baby em seems like lifetime deals,,, cause how in da hell, is lil wayne especially him, & baby gon pay back dat 100 huh,,, dey ain't makin money like dat no more,,, it's reported cashmoney sold like ah billion records, maybe dem first people dat gave um ah 100 got dey money back da # dey wanted back plus interest,,, baby ah hustler, street wise, wayne ah rap hustle,,, maybe dey got other shit goin on, ion care but how lil wayne gon pay back what he got out dat reported 100 he suppose of got fah ym

  29. Check out this song I promise u wont be disappointed subscribe and hit the bell for more thank you for your support 😁👌

  30. In other words, rappers generally make an effort to let themselves get screwed over rather han read a full couple of pages of something that doesn't rhyme? At least back in the 90s and early 00s they actually had brains for business. Now the can't even talk clearly 🤣🤣🤣

  31. Damn nobody gunna talk about NBA young boy? Cause I can’t imagine the amount of bread you can make of someone with his numbers

  32. But… a record label’s job is to invest in an artist and his career. The label gets their return through whatever the artist makes in his career. That’s fair to me 🤷🏽‍♀️ I guess it becomes unfair when the percentage is lower than deserved but imo if the artist also writes his own music he deserves more and should at least own only a percentage of the music he creates since someone else still invests in his music through production, marketing, distribution, etc. The Record label still deserves it’s returns since it really is the brain behind the artist.

  33. Cardi b was literally a nobody before bodak yellow, nobody knew who she was, go check bodak yellow on itunes it was dropped on atlantic, she was already signed to a major label before she had any recognition whatsoever and all her fans will say they love her for her “raw personality” ok but what about the actual music? She’d still be stripping if it werent for instagram, industry plant much??

  34. Your better off signing to an independent label like duck down, Rhymesayers, mello music or nature sounds. They let their artists have complete creative control unlike the majors

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