The Sikh Turban as a Symbol of Peace & Safe Harbor

500 hundred years ago–500 hundred years ago
in India, the caste system was in high swing, there was a lot of violence, there were wars–it
was a very difficult time. And the last guru, Guru Gobind Singh, was
speaking to a group of Sikhs and he said, among other things, to this point, he said,
“I would like for you all to wear a turban.” A turban is an article of faith, much like
a Christian would wear a cross. “I want you to wear a turban,” he said, “because
in a crowd if there is a person who is in need, who is hungry, who needs protection,
who needs care they will be able to spot your turban and know without a doubt that they
could go right to you and you will care for them and you will do no harm.” Yes.

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34 thoughts on “The Sikh Turban as a Symbol of Peace & Safe Harbor

  1. FROM MHC: Many blessings and gratitude for sharing this video of Rev. Shannon O’Hurley who lives near Denver, CO USA. Rev. Shannon is a minister at Mile Hi Church – a non-denominational spiritual community that offers total, loving acceptance of all faiths and cultures. We are honored and blessed to call Sikhs our brothers and sisters! or

  2. THIS IS WHAT HOLY BIBLE SAY ABOUT TURBAN: Leviticus 8:9 He also put the turban on his head and placed the gold medallion, the holy diadem, on the front of the turban, as the LORD had commanded Moses.

  3. Guru Gobind Singh formed the Khalsa and their uniform in 1699…. 318 years ago (in 2017)…..the turban itself is not so important…. it's more important how the person behaves….

  4. U r wrong about this the concept of turban is the basic and it comes from the start from the first day when Sikh religion got started from Guru Nanak Dev ji the First Sikh Guru by the order of Akal purak Waheguru (the all Mighty one lord)

  5. And all the Sikh Gurus were not the different persons they are the same because Akal purakh has send his jot to world and the Guru Sahibana's are just the faces of The all Mighty lord the Akal purakh waheguru

  6. And for your information the Guru Sahib ji is still alive and available and he is Sri Guru Granth sahib ji Maharaj

  7. This woman is bang on with her respect for other faiths and definitely in her description of what a Sikh turban represents. Coming from the Sikh faith I know that with my kids I will make sure that my kids are worthy of wearing this significant article of clothing, which thank God they definitely are definitely showing with their personality traits. By the time they are 18 I will leave it to them to choose to wear a turban and am and will teach them the important significance of wearing such a religious and noble emblem.
    Unfortunately I do see that a lot of people that force their kids to wear Turbans from a young age and the kids do not like this and even end up not only misinterpreting the turban but also rebelling against their parents and misrepresenting the virtue of their turbans through their actions.
    I know also of how especially some people in my Indian culture miss represent the turban and Sikhism through their actions and behaviour. For example I know that although my step dad as well as some nephews and cousins and brother in law's, wether they are baptised as orthodox Sikhs yet or not, but wear a Turban do not conduct them selves in the correct manner to be representing the Turbans that they wear. They do the number one thing that you can't do when wearing a turban , which is drink alcohol and sometimes cause commotion and have such personality floors such as mistreating children and women and abusing others- WHICH ALL ARE AGAINST SIKHISM.
    Just like with religious dress and emblems with all religions , these should only like the turban be worn when you are ready to represent the PURE and NOBLE significance that they stand for.
    And even more on every religion just respect each other and each others daughters . I know that is what is true religion at the end of the day is and will earn us the most brownie points for when we finally meet our maker, whatever are faith/believe is.
    Peace, love , understanding and respect our and everybody's daughters people, that's what will win the day🙏🙏🙏🙏

  8. Hallelujah dear mam… Our(sikhs) Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaaj clearly ordered their sikhs that, "Manas ki jaat sabhe eko hi pehchanbo" which means, "Recognised the whole human race as ONE"
    Love peace unity respect greatness humble, most important KIND..

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