The Truth About the Cross: How did the cross become a symbol of Jesus Christ?

Welcome to Face the Truth a program brought to you by the Church of Christ Before we start with our show today we’d like to thank you, our viewers, for following us on TV and online at And please don’t forget to like our show and friend us for those of you who follow us on facebook, to help spread the truth We also appreciate those of you who download our shows on iTunes and to all of you we’d like to mention that we value your comments as well as your feedback. Now our topic for today is actually based on a question that we often receive in our bible studies And when answered the answer shocks many Now do you have one of these? And do you really know what it stands for? Do you know the history of the cross? The cross which many people recognize as a symbol of Christianity is arguably the most famous religious icon If not the most recognizable icon in the world Now when the cross is mentioned people think of Christianity and vice versa. It is identified with the central figure of Christianity, namely the Lord Jesus Christ Now why is Jesus Christ associated with the cross? What exactly does the Bible say about this? Let’s read what is written in the book of First Peter chapter 2 and the verse is 24, this is written And so we learned that the Lord Jesus Christ was nailed on the cross. And this account tells us why our Lord Jesus Christ is associated with the cross. Because he was nailed, he suffered and everyone knows that Christ died on the cross. Now this was our Lord Jesus Christ’s ultimate sacrifice Now what did our Lord Jesus Christ command? And this command also mentions the cross. Let’s now read from the book of Matthew chapter 16 and the verse is 24 So our Lord Jesus Christ command to those who desire to be disciples, is to take up his cross and follow him Now what will happen to those who refuse to take up this cross? Lets read Luke 14 and 27 So to carry ones cross is necessary to be a true disciple of Christ, to be a true follower or true Christian But the question is, what or which is this cross that a true disciple needs to carry? Is it a literal wooden cross? Or even a crucifix? A pendant? Or some kind of image that one places on ones clothing? Let us see the various interpretations of this in popular culture Now if you notice there is a garden variety or even an endless interpretations and expressions regarding how one carries his cross But what does our Lord Jesus Christ mean when he says carry ones cross and follow him? How is this a requirement if one wants to be a true disciple? We’ll find out after this. Please stay tuned.

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