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The University of North Dakota brand is the sum of everything we say and do. Our brand is built on four pillars, the building blocks that tell our story and define what makes UND special. So what makes us different? It’s our determined people and our great state, our hands-on learning, our impact on the community, region, and world. It’s the pride we have as students alumni faculty and staff. It is what makes us leaders in action. Leaders in action is more than a tagline, it’s UND’s promise to develop future professionals. Students that make a difference in their community with impactful research and hands-on curriculum. Great brands build strong bonds with their audience by being consistent. They are instantly recognizable, and immediately stand for something. As ambassadors of the University of North Dakota our brand is our responsibility. We strive to keep consistent representation through all platforms Brand isn’t just colors graphics and tone of voice. It’s everything. UND brand is all of us and we are forever UND.

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