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100 thoughts on “The Universal S

  1. I saw this S symbol in 2011, when kids drew it on desks in my middle school. It has such an early 2010s nostalgia, and I will add it to my decade nostalgia list. I wish this video was released in 2011, but I am glad it is here. By the way, I love your graphic design with the map, and your extreme effort you placed into your research. 🙂 And good 3d graphics at 7:05 (7 minutes, 5 second into the video). That's why I subbed, plus your accent is so satisfying.

  2. The "S" symbol is sufficiently simple and logical to be rediscovered or "invented" multiple times. Like, thousands of times.

    I once drew a swastika as a kid, having no idea what it was and just trying to create a cool pattern. It seemed vaguely familiar but I was proud of what I'd "invented". Adults told me it was a bad symbol, which annoyed me – I had no idea of the history behind it!

    The cool S is unlikely to have one definitive backstory. Like many, I remember learning it from other kids at primary school, along with things like making paper aeroplanes – is that a great unsolved mystery as well?

  3. LEMMiNO: "The Universal S goes back to 1890 where it was shown in a book written by a professor.
    Someone in the comments: Well actually, in 1533 the S was shown in The Ambassadors painting.
    Me: What's the big deal about this S?! It's just an S!

    *30 Years Later*
    The Universal S has been shown in the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs…

    *60 Years Later*
    The Universal S has been shown to be the shape of the first galaxy created by the Big Bang
    *News Interviewer*: "So why do you think you created this Universal S and how?
    *God*: Well actually, I didn't create it, I saw it in an…..

  4. I am greek and I can confirm that it is currently common in Greece to draw it in the word smile with a palm tree as the l and the funny thing is that I’m only 13 and people still use it!

  5. The only way to find out the origin is by asking your friend where you knew about that and then, ask the person that told your friend about that and so on…

  6. my incognito window is literally my random vid place and my acc is used to find high quality content like lemmino, xboxahoy,etc. my search probably is the most r e f i n e d one in history

  7. If anyone has a link to the picture of the desk shown in the video I would really appreciate it if I can have it. Can't find it online.

  8. Actually, the 'labirynth' was before the S. I remember when in high school I was doing a geometry textbook at home, and had to make an equation for it (symmetry). Being unable to solve it, I asked my maths teacher about it and she told me the answer. When I asked her for recommendations for books with similar problems, she referred me to one written in the 1990s.There I found an identical problem, and the explanation provided historical background. Apparently the proportion which this labirynth used was invented by Euclid. So it's quite likely that they invented the S centuries before this professor was even born.

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