The YHA Brand Story

YHA A story 85 years in the making. [music] For over 85 years YHA has been creating
unique opportunities for young people; seeing the ocean for the first time, climbing a mountain when
you’ve only seen the city skyline, exploring the Milky Way on a clear night. Creating opportunities is why we exist. As a charity, we reinvest everything into
making our rural, coastal and urban locations available
at affordable prices; so we can offer new experiences,
adventures and the chance to explore and discover
every corner of England and Wales, because we believe everyone
deserves opportunities to grow, to explore, to learn, to relax. And we can prove it. We can prove it with our places, [music continues] we can prove it with our people, [music continues] and our success speaks for itself. [music continues] And we don’t do any of this alone and we’d like to thank
our lifelong supporters for donating almost
£850,000 in legacies last year alone. Everything we do is in the spirit and in the service of
our Charitable Objective; “ To help all, especially young people of
limited means, to a greater knowledge
and care of the countryside and appreciation of the cultural values
of towns and cities, particularly by providing youth hostels or
other accommodation for them in their travels, thus to promote their health,
recreation and education.” Our goal is to continue to reach
and inspire the lives of 1 million young people every year by 2017. And because we put 100% of everything
we make straight back into YHA, your contribution helps us create unique
opportunities for so many young people. And we will continue changing lives
one stay at a time. It’s been a wonderful story so far and we couldn’t have done it without you.

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6 thoughts on “The YHA Brand Story

  1. The opening shot is Black Sail Hostel, with Great Gable, Lake District in the background; where I stayed 30 years ago, great to see its still there !

  2. Discover New Horizen's and explore the Breating Heart of you're British Nation, which has no boundaries a Welcome to all Young people and Family's to a Dream that you can make come True.!!!

  3. A very misleading brand statement. The Manager of the Manchester hostel openly refuses homeless individuals with the excuse that they do not accomodate individuals with no permanent address and do not cater for casual residency. ISN'T THAT WHAT HOTELS ARE FOR. Being a church volunteer I assist the homeless with food, clothing and advice etc. I was attempting to put a roof over two frozen and distressed individuals at my expense for one night. This is a registered charity and such a refusal must be against the law as outright discrimination. The terms of residency do not mention homeless individuals. This is to be reported to the Charity Commissioners.

  4. YHA may have started with a view to help younger people travel and have experiences. But it seems to be going in the direction of ever-increasing prices, ever-more corporate bookings, and an increasing focus on the affluent middle-class who want to feel they are 'slumming it' but demand private rooms. My brother used to rely on YHAs for his modestly-paid job that takes him around the country. Nowadays he tends to stay in B&Bs or even Premier Inns, which can sometimes be cheaper than a YHA or easier to book last minute.

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