TKOR is a Brand – Literally

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In today’s video,
we’ve got a fun build idea. We’re going to see
if we can build our very own customized TKOR branding iron. [Music] Guys, we just got a welder,
a MIG welder. I love welding, and this is going
to be a lot of fun. And as a first project, we are going to make
a branding iron. So I’ve got a steel bar. I’ve got some
steel square tubing, got a little bit
of all thread, some wood, nuts. Goal is to be able to have a little metal logo
that we can heat up in a fire, and then brand onto wood, or maybe a steak, or whatever else we
feel really needs our logo burned right into it. Not people. Probably not cows either. I don’t think we have
any cows to brand. It’s a pretty basic idea. We’re going to cut
and shape the TKOR logo out of some mild steel. Use a welder to attach them
together, and add a handle, giving us a branding iron that we can use
on all sorts of stuff. Now, I’ve gone ahead
and printed off the TKOR logo, and what I’m going
to be doing is attaching that to our metal bar here, and I’m actually going to take all four letters
and cut them up, and then we’re welding stuff, we’ll put them back together. That’s just going to make
it a lot easier to get some of the angles and stuff, the down in the little
nooks and crannies. So we’re going to separate all
the letters, glue them down to this piece of steel, and we’re going to start
cutting them out. [Music] Wood glue actually
does a fantastic job attaching paper to metal. [Music] Well, there’s a few ways
you can cut this out. I’m going to start
with a hacksaw. We’ll see if I decide
to keep using the hacksaw, or if I just move on
to using an electric grinder. [Music] Who was it that said something
about a metal grinder? Heck, I had a good idea. [Music] Kind of got
the rough form cut out. Now, we got to start doing
a little bit finer details. Of course, we won’t necessarily
do everything with a grinder, we’ll get some files,
maybe a rotary grinder as well. We’ve got options. [Music] I’ve got the four letter pieces
cut out for our TKOR symbol, and now I need to
start welding together. The T and K should be connected. The O and R should be connected. And so we want to do that before we put all the pieces
together with the backer rod, and then attach the handle. So we’re just going
to be welding– We’re actually going
to do it on the front. That is going to leave
a little bit of buildup. We’re going to have to grind
that down afterward, but it should leave a nice
smooth connection between the pieces when I’m done. A great connection? Hopefully, it’s
enough connection. [Music] Nice. That work great. There we go. We’ve got a weld right
across the seam. Hopefully, it’s a good clean
weld all the way through, and when I sand that down, it will just be nice
and smooth with no bubbles or anything inside. [Music] So for those of you who may not know,
this right here, that’s a magnet. This is great for holding all
of your pieces in place, and it’s got a nice
90 degree angle on it, gives you some
measures and stuff. This right here is what allows
it to complete a circle, and I’m pushing this button. It’s sending electricity
through both of these, and it welds because it’s trying
to complete the circuit. So this has to be in contact
with what you’re welding ahead of time, and as it feeds this wire out, the wire comes
in contact with it. It makes an arc and
that’s what welds. All right. Let’s do a little bit clean
up on these two. Are they cool enough to touch? They’re not super burning hot,
but they’re too hot. [Music] Well guys… Brands work in reverse. So this one looks
really good on camera. But if I brand
anything with it, it would read TKOR backwards. So I’m going to try and cut
off these weld marks. Weld this piece
to the other side, and then clean it up again. All right, we’ve
got some charcoal, what we’re going to do is
we’re gonna put our brand down in the charcoal, get it nice and hot, add a little bit
of extra air to just really get that thing going. Hopefully, we can get
this really nice and hot, and then start
burning some stuff. [Music] All right, now
it’s not glowing red. Part of this
because it’s daytime out here. But I’m guessing we have plenty
of heat to get a good brand. [Music] Bam, that is beautiful. [Music] It brands wood really well, but there’s another thing
we want to try. Now, we’re not going
to brand a live cow because we don’t have
one of those, and we don’t own it,
and have no reason to brand it, but we do have
a steak from a cow. We’re going to see what happens if we try
and brand that steak. [Music] Right as I braided
that, there’s a cow. I don’t know like
a few properties over. I swear it just… It knew. It knew. [Music] Yeah, that’s good
branded right there. [Music] Taste branded. It actually does, there’s like an extra little bit
of charred flavor to it. It’s quite good. [Music] Guys, you’ve probably noticed
that since we introduced Calli in our Captain
America shield video, every new video
has had secret codes, graphic glitches, and other secret elements
hidden into it. Keep track of what you see, and the timestamp
of when you see it. We’ve got some big
prizes to give away, and finding the codes
might make you our next winner.

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100 thoughts on “TKOR is a Brand – Literally

  1. You guys should teach people the proper way to handle acid and stuff. So demonstrate what it can do to skin (using a steak obviously) and other things

  2. 6:42 – 6:54 I saw some interesting-looking arcs through the discharged particles and smoke when welding… could you make a slow-mo version of this action?

  3. what u done?? huh ??
    use a cow meat???
    why u harm to innocent animal due to your selfishness??????
    what is crime of that animal??
    have u feel when they had in slotter house???

  4. Is paper still considered wood. It comes from trees, is flammable, and works with wood glue, but it is bendable, not as strong as your average wood, and is a really different texture

  5. You should do some of these tests with oobleck:
    -freezing oobleck with liquid nitrogen
    -burning oobleck
    -putting dynamite in oobleck
    -putting oobleck in a vacuum chamber

    Something exiting may happen…

  6. Nick Nick you just a mistake night but was it cooking inside another I hope you know that you mate

  7. Wait a minute… Nate put the logo backwards… WHAT??? When he placed the logo for us to see… it should be backwards not… whatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt is he going to do… oh never mind ha.

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