Top 10 Best Of Russell Brand

From party animal to political analyst! Welcome to WatchMojo UK and today we’re
counting down our picks for the top 10 best of Russell Brand. Whether he’s crossing paths with Hollywood
stars, performing award-winning stand-up routines or rebelling against the system, Russell always
gives us hilarity and controversy in almost equal measure. For this list, we take a look at his best
bits. From calling out Google to describing an awkward
first encounter with Britney Spears, whatever subject matter Russell takes to the stage,
he always brings unique energy and razor-sharp wit to the performance. And even without his ever-intelectual material,
Russell’s mere look and stage presence is enough to keep anyone enthralled. But if you ever attend a live show yourself,
heckle him at your peril – this guy’s got an answer for everything! Perhaps “Loose Women” isn’t the first
show you’d expect to see Russell on, but he pops up with a peach of an interview here. The self-confessed former sex and drug addict
appeared on the programme in 2017, and was kind enough to lend his expertise to Katie
Price, to aid her in coping with her boyfriend’s own struggles with addiction. With Katie being a constant target for comedians
in the past, it must have been a relief to have one give her some genuine, honest advice. To another unexpected pairing, when Brand
interviewed His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, at Manchester Arena in 2012. Brand often incorporates his own spirituality
into his act, especially in more recent years, and here he relished the chance to speak with
one of the world’s foremost religious leaders. And it’s not just Russell providing jokes
either, as the Dalai Lama’s sense of humour drives conversation too, allowing them to
share a few laughs between insights and stories. Russell is a regular on “Question Time”
nowadays, but his most memorable appearance has to be when he took on ex-UKIP leader Nigel
Farage, during a debate over immigration. What starts as a mostly calm disagreement,
quickly escalates into more hostile territory, as the audience themselves join the fray and
tensions grow increasingly more heated on both sides. And through all the shouting, we’re left
in little doubt as to what Russell thinks of Nigel. When Jeremy Clarkson found himself at the
centre of controversy with the BBC, who could have been better qualified than prank call
pals Brand and Jonathan Ross to offer their views on the matter. Russell gets rather philosophical considering
the story involved someone punching someone else over a sandwich, but Brand never fails
to find the bigger picture. You might even say that he has unplugged himself
from the Matrix. Which is handy, because Keanu Reeves (AKA
Neo) is sat right next to him. Never one to shy away from the big issues,
Russell drew on his experiences as an ex-heroin addict to offer opinion to the Home Affairs
Select Committee, in 2012. Despite the obvious formality of the occasion,
Brand can’t resist cracking a joke here and there, but he mostly manages to stick
to protocol, delivering sincere and eloquent points on an important topic. Given the flamboyance we’re used to, Brand’s
efforts reveal a different side to his character, earning him praise from all corners. Brand’s first (and probably most famous)
foray into Hollywood saw him shake things up as Rock Star Aldous Snow in the 2008 comedy
“Forgetting Sarah Marshall”. And the character proved so popular he was
giving his own spin off a couple of years later, in “Get Him to the Greek”. Since then, Russell has starred alongside
the likes of Tom Cruise in “Rock of Ages” and Jennifer Garner in “Arthur”, cementing
himself as a go to guy for elaborate comedy. And don’t forget his voice work as Creek
in “Trolls”! The hosts of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” got
more than they bargained for when Russell stopped by to promote his “Messiah Complex”
stand-up show. Quickly diverting from talk of the tour, Brand
teaches his hosts everything from basic manners to the importance of body language, focusing
on the psychology of news stories, before outright mocking the presenters and the programme,
and going rogue straight to camera. If Russell ever wants to add to his ever expanding
CV, he’d make a mighty fine news anchor. He’s a well-known activist, but it’s not
just the political system that Brand disagrees with – he’s got beef with the “Big Fat
Quiz”, too. Russell, and his teammate Noel Fielding, ran
riot on the anniversary show in 2015, refusing to play by the rules and constantly proving
a sizeable thorn in the side of host Jimmy Carr. Assists from Jonathan Ross and Jack Whitehall
only made the rebellion stronger and even funnier for the rest of us watching at home. Today’s winner, and it’s quintessential
Russell Brand, pitching his anarchical, political outlook with unique humour – and all for Jeremy
Paxman on Newsnight in 2013. Even Paxman seems perplexed at times, taking
issue with Russell landing a role as a political magazine editor. And the interviewer becomes increasingly bemused
as Brand flits between his beliefs on the voting system, and his admiration for Jeremy’s
beard. It’s not all fun and games however, as Russell
uses facts and statistics to back up his anti-establishment arguments.

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32 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Of Russell Brand

  1. I think that he’s decent and actually does care about people, but his views are complete shite and he hasn’t got a clue when it comes to politics.

  2. Biggest Brand joke is Brand, a self indulgent anal leftist bigot with no talent, low intellect and smug patronising views…. #/[€£ead

  3. My only problem with him is when he told people to boycott the election, tonnes of my friends didn’t vote in their first ever election because of him. Is dangerous to a democracy when such an influential person discourages people from voting. He’s comedy is fine but his politics are dangerous.

  4. Russell Brand is very polarizing. Sometimes he is entertaining and says some really interesting things about politics and humanity. Then on the other hand he can be too much and be grating. I’ll say this, I like him more as an activist than as a comedian.

  5. I couldn't stand Russell Brand but changed my mind after watching a few trews videos and the Jeremy paxman videos. Say what you will about him but he does stand up to what he believes in unlike many of the fake celebrity's these days

  6. i love this man.
    he's gorgeous, loaded to the till w/ razor-sharp quick wit, has great taste/style & the accent certainly helps!
    he is charismatic, charming & confident, which is why every woman in his presence he flirts so outrageously with is ready to drop trou at the drop of a hat. but his sexiest quality is his intelligence. he has run circles around people leaving them at a loss for words more often than not…
    he is easily one of the most entertaining people to watch in interviews, whether it's making women of all ages blush like a schoolgirl or leaving unequipped anchors gobsmacked & stuttering, it's always a ride with mr. brand…

  7. i am not here to listen to the fuckin narrator, this would have been a great video if not for that fucking dumbass narrator.

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