Top 10 Brands Which Sound Foreign But Are Actually Indian

Ten such products whose brand names are foreign, but in reality, they are completely Indian. Friends! Your heartfelt welcome to your top ten Hindi channel. Today we will tell you about ten such products by our video, which are foreign only by name but like they say that is ‘dil hai Hindustani’ i.e the owner of Hindustani. Let’s come and enjoy the video: (10) Peter England: By the name, it looks branded as a brand, but you will be happy to know that this is a 100% Indian brand because the international rights of this brand were bought by Aditya Birla Group, which is famous all over the world in the year 2000. If you are fond of wearing stitched clothes then you must wear Peter England brand clothes. And if you do not wear it, you must have heard this name, the spectacular hoardings will be seen and the showrooms of every city should be seen in every main market and every mall. Do you know that this brand is available only in men’s clothing,and for every occasion and every style. In this market every year, this brand is about 40 lakh pairs of clothes from the distributors and shops spread all over the world and is making our country famous (09) Royal Enfield: Royal Enfield This is another 100% Indian brand that people consider English as the brand, since at least 1971, it is our own Aishar Group. The most famous product of its bullet 350 is being made non-loop in Chennai from 1955 till today. And is the oldest motorcycle brand in the world. In the year 2016, this brand sold 6,66,493 motorcycles, which is a proof of trust in the customer. Today, there are three factories of this in Chennai, in which ‘Bullet’ 350 and 500 besides ‘classic’ 350, Thunderbird 350 and 500 And many models like Himalayan are being made. 08.Louis Philippe or LP It is also a hundred percent Indian brand which is a product of Madura Fashion and Lifestyle. Madura Fashion and Lifestyle is a part of Aditya Birla Group. They also make and sell dresses for men only LP MAINLINE (menswear formals), LP LUXURE-collection of luxury LP SPORTS (casual and semi-formals) and LP JEANS (denim collection) are some of these famous products. This product is sold all over the world And this brand also brings a fashion magazine ‘ The Labels’ for better service to its customers 7.Jaguar By the shawl of Britain’s Shan Jaguar car company, India has become the pride of this country by the great industrial and largest automobile manufacturer of Tata Motors since 2008 and now under the leadership of Tata Motors, Jaguar Land Rover is the only company in England and sold all over the world. Today, with the help of 43,000 employees, this company is selling 6 lakh cars per year for about Rs 2,58,000 crore Until a few years ago, could anyone have imagined that this country, who had been slaves of the British for 200 years, would give 43,000 British roses? . Is not it a matter of pride for all of us? 6.MRF Now we will tell you about MRF TYRE Co, which you must have seen, Sachin Tendulkar. It is a company that was started from the beginning of an Indian K.M.Mamman Pillai in the year 1946 in Chennai And since then this company has this family. This company is today the largest and the world’s 14th largest company. Although its headquarter is located in old Madras and today’s Chennai, its many factories are located in Chennai, Pondicherry and Goa Today it is the world’s most prominent Indian company and is making tires from heavy trucks to scooters Today, its annual income is more than 900 million with 16,000 employees. 5. Titan: The word ‘titan’ in Hindi means ‘extraordinary in its area’. Like that in Indian industrialists, Tata Tata pulled out a brand named ‘Titan’ according to its status One of the reasons for this is that every brand of the Tata group is named as ‘T’ character like Telco, Taj Group of Hotels, Taj Mahal Tea etc Under this brand ‘Titan’ wrist watches, ‘Tanishq’ gold and diamond jewelry and sunglasses are made and the countries are sold abroad. Since Tata’s name is the promise of quality, so all these products are in the first place in their area. This group’s sales of this year was Rs 15,448 crores. In the end, we will say thank you, keep moving forward and keep on glorifying yourself and your country. 4. Lakme So far, we told you about India’s branded clothes, cars, motorcycles, tires for them and hand watches, whose brands seem to be English but all these things have been used by men and if you are married and do not have the risk of annoying wife then they will have to buy such an Indian item named English. So take some gold and jewelry Your wife will be happy. and when you have to take it, take the contents of Lakme. Name but brand 100% Hindustan and international items Yes ! This is a completely Hindustani brand and it is the product of Tata Group’s company Unilever. 3.Larsen & Toubro (l and t) Who would have read a written man who would not have heard the name of this company This foreign-based company is a Khanti Hindustani multinational company, which is a great example of a corporate company. The owners of this are share holders of this and the largest shareholder is the Life Insurance Corporation of India. This company is in the business of construction whether it is residential colonies or highways, metro rail or factory. In this, 54,000 employees work in which 5,400 women are also involved. It is headquartered in Mumbai and its earnings last year was about Rs.1,19,683 crores. 2.Cafe Coffee Day: Do you like to drink coffee ? So let’s take you to Cafe Coffee Day. This is right here. What is said? Foreign brands will not drink coffee because this will hurt your country’s feeling of patriotism Rest assured This will not hurt your country’s devotion, but you will be proud that this brand, branded as an overseas brand and an international-level coffee maker, is truly 100% indigenous Owner V.G. Siddharth is a coffee plantation spread over 1000 acres of land in Chikmagalur, Karnataka and there are at least 1600 outlets in 29 states .of India. So now you believe that neither of your money is going abroad by drinking coffee at Cafe Coffee Day nor is there any flaw in your country of devotion Let’s get a hot coffee now. 1.Pidilite: Favicol created by the Pidilite Industry is a sticky product that has two elephants symbolizing its strength on Peking, which can not be broken by the combination of them or you have given them the Ad. It must have been seen in which many generations of a family are living together and all of them are connected in such a way that such a favicol may be such a person who has never used Fevicol. Like broken decorations or wood furniture or children’s toys or anything else, all favicols or faviculars are found to be added to breakdown. Seeing this, this brand, which is English-speaking, is also a Khandi Hindustani, which is known by Shri Balwant Parekh Founded in Mumbai and his elder son, Shri Madhukar Parekh, extended forward. Today, in the Indian market, it is ahead of all this kind of products. In the year 2015- 16, the income of this was around Rs 5,000 crore. So friends, this was the story of the 10 Now you can say with pride that we also make things of the international level and sell them all over the world. So please share this video with friends and also comment down below Please do not forget to subscribe to “Top 10 Hindi” So enough for Today. Thank you

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  2. I think, your information is incomplete, Taj Mahal Tea & Lakme is owned by HUL & that's not part of TATA group. May be you have researched again

  3. This is highly wrong video .


  4. Lakme is derived from Lakshmi. From wikipedia-
    "It was named after the French opera Lakmé, which itself is the French form of Lakshmi (the goddess of wealth) who is renowned for her beauty."
    It was started by Tata but it is no longer an Indian owned brand because it is now owned by Hindustan Unilever.

  5. Number 7 to 10 are not really Indian. Even though they are owned by Indians, it is nothing we Indians can be proud of. We should only be proud of the brands created in India.

  6. Even the corrections are wrong, Lakmé yes was sold to Hindustan Unilever (HUL) in 1996, and yes HUL is an Indian publicly listed entity, but it is not majority owned by TATA. HUL is a subsidiary of the Anglo-dutch consumer products major Unilever PLC, which owns 67.2% of shares in the company. You guys have 1.8 million subscribers its your duty to get the facts right and not spread false information.

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    जयहिंद जय भारत

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