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45 thoughts on “Top 10 STRANGE Stories Behind Famous LOGOS

  1. When ask if the McDowell's logo was a rip-off of the McDonald's logo, Cleo McDowell would say "We don't use the golden arches, we use the golden archs."

  2. TopTenz WWF is not an acronym it's an abbreviation. When oh when will people get this straight?!?! An acronym is an abbreviation that forms a new word. If you say each letter, then it's a flippin' abbreviation. Maybe you can do a video on the biggest uses of acronyms like laser, sonar, nascar, nabisco, nasa, etc.

  3. I love the video, although I'm a little biased being a graphic designer. I would really love to have a video on topography next. There's some fascinating history behind the people who created typefaces.

  4. Who else heard 'The Circle of Life' in their head while Simon was talking about the MGM lions? Yeah, a song…from a Disney film. #perfectsegueway

  5. The Starbucks Siren does have an interesting backstory. Maybe you could do a video on company name origins you might not have known? For example, everyone has been to Starbucks, but how many people know the name comes from Moby Dick? Chief Mate to Captain Ahab.

  6. Didn't the original Apple Macintosh logo feature a woodcut of Isaac Newton sitting under a tree? I think the logo is tied to the legend coming with Newton's apple.

  7. So Jackie was in 2 train crashes, one boat crash AND a plane crash?

    Question: what idiot let him keep driving the damn things??

  8. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots train was designed by Walt Disney himself. Which is why It has not changed since the beginning in the 50s.

  9. "Chupa chups" may be derived from the hindi word 'chup' which means keep quiet. Since it's a lollipop 🍭 and keeps your mouth shut. The name justifies the company's product.

  10. How wonderful it would have been if the Apple logo was actually tied to Alan Turing, as a little nod to his invaluable contributions… Stephen Fry said that Steve Jobs said he wish he had thought of that when asked about the logo.

  11. What is your favorite corporate Logo. I like FedEx. The hidden arrow is marvelous.

  12. I always believed that there was a bite taken out of the apple to symbolize the intake of the forbidden knowledge, foreshadowing the coming of the internet and access to things we should not see or know by hacking or being lead by perverted thoughts to look at indecent things, or am i over thinking things? lol.

  13. Although I did not know what truly inspired the Apple logo, I was always under the impression that an apple represented science and intellect, specifically making a reference to Isaac Newton.

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