Top 10 Superhero Symbols

these cymbal strike fear into villains and fill our hearts with hope Stars and Stripes a little old-fashioned welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 superhero symbols for this list we’re looking at the best symbols associated with particular superheroes number 10 Captain America’s star simple patriotic and iconic Captain America star is the definition of American strength the intensity of the colors has changed slightly over the years but the design on the shield remains largely the same a white star in a blue circle surrounded by rings of red and white the star is also located on caps chest and can likely be found in the nightmares of every member of Hydra number nine Green Lanterns Lantern Wow I know right some of the best symbols stand for more than just one specific person and that’s exactly what the iconic Lantern does look for all my power when it comes down to it I’m just a beat cop there are tons of Green Lantern’s patrolling the universe and almost all of them bear the lantern on their chest your sector is a thousand times larger than 3600 lanterns each from the sector just as fast while this logo loses some points for lack of creativity sometimes simple is better and the color scheme and minimalist design work together perfectly our finest warrior light can never be replaced number eight Wonder Woman’s double-double yeah Wow Wonder Woman’s twin w’s represent her initials the design also looks like a bird with wings stretched out demonstrating her ability to fly and matches the shape of her costume perfectly some versions of the design actually give the symbol an eagle’s head furthering the insignias patriotic symbolism you’re an American but you’re going to tell me a little more about yourself who are you add in the stars with the red white and blue color scheme and Wonder Woman is the perfect embodiment of female strength and determination number 7 X men’s X [Music] while the X isn’t the most creative symbol on the list it certainly is recognizable when you see that X you know you are dealing with the x-men a superhero team of mutants led by Charles Xavier what do they call you we use there are many different color schemes of the symbol however which have changed several times over the years but it’s usually an encircled yellow or black X over a red background number 6 the flash is lightning bolt but that’s really no excuse does the flash even need a logo considering he can run so fast no one will be able to see it [Music] if crooks did catch a glimpse at the iconic lightning bolt however they would no doubt run as fast as they could in the opposite direction not the bat would help the red and yellow color scheme is extremely impactful while the Lightning accurately represents the flashes incredible speed you may have my powers Tom but you have almost zero imagination about using them number five the Punishers skull a symbol needs to be indicative of what the hero does and there is perhaps no better example of this than the classic skull used by the Punisher in certain extreme situations the law is an effort in order to shame it’s inadequacy it is necessary to act outside the law he wears the large skull on his shirt so criminals have something to aim at which usually doesn’t help when they are already dead the skull symbolizes everything the Punisher stands for an uncompromising sense of justice that doesn’t matter to me all I care about is stopped in the slime bags who prey on innocent lives number four the Fantastic Four’s forever loose what did he do to his uniform yeah it’s sort of Armani meets astronaut simple yes but when villains see the number four in the little white circle they know they are about to get clobbered you three are possessed while only three members of the team wear the logo mainly because it’s hard for the thing to fit into a shirt it’s one of the most recognized symbols in the Marvel Universe you know you have a good logo when it stays essentially the same for over 50 years number three spider-man’s spider well spider-man symbol has been modified several times over the years the general design has always remained the same spidey spider is one of the most recognizable symbols in the Marvel world the symbol is usually black allowing it to clearly stand out against the red and white backdrop of spider-man’s costume surrounded by webbing the logo is easily recognizable and a source of fear for criminals and supervillains alike well if it isn’t a meeting of the diamond lovers of America spider-man we’re number two Superman’s s hi is it an S or a Kryptonian symbol regardless Superman’s logo is not only one of the most famous symbols in the DC universe it is one of the most famous symbols in the entire world and it set the standards for all other superhero logos to follow [Applause] the bright red and yellow catch the eye instantly while the upside-down triangle brings to mind the durability of a diamond [Music] is there a more iconic superhero image than a shot of Clark Kent opening his dress shirt to reveal the famous s [Music] excuse me before we unveil our number one pick here are a few honorable mentions [Applause] number one Batman’s bat blood bets lost the way that’s frightened me this time my enemies shared my dredging the perfect blend of cool and iconic the bat symbol is our top choice for the best superhero logo the negative space creating the bat accurately represents Batman’s dark nature and brooding persona the symbol looks great on everything Batman’s felt the batarangs and almost every gadget he carries whether it comes with the yellow oval or not it always looks great especially when emblazoned across the sky [Music] do you agree with our list what’s your favorite superhero symbol for more terrific top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to Mahalo nobody hollered back [Music]

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100 thoughts on “Top 10 Superhero Symbols

  1. Wonder womans symbol being above cap's star is a joke. They only did that so the sole female character didn't come in at #10

  2. Batman is Iconic and has overtaken every1 in sales of paraphanelia . Every kid may not know who superman is. But they know who Batman is. Stan Lee did a great job on all of his characters. But Justice league is done by different people. Bob Kane did a great job on designing batman. Most iconic superhero franchise.

  3. People vote on this stuff. The kids and millenialls relate to batman over superman or captain america. He is cool and very mysterious. Batman is very intriging. He wears a mask. Plus he has the coolest gadgets of any superhero. Wow! When you watch netflixs for kids. The kids want to watch batman. When you see kids in elementary schoool or pre k that have a batman lunch pack. Paraphanilia sales and everything else should tell you who is number 1. Stop hating on the batman.

  4. 1. Super Man Symbol
    2. Avengers Symbol
    3. Spider Symbol
    4. Fantastic 4 Symbol
    5. Green Lantern Symbol
    6. Captain America Star
    7. Xmen X
    8. Flash Symbol
    9. Bat Symbol
    10. Punisher Skull

  5. I'm a Bats fan. However if you consider which is famous then obviously Superman's 'S'. Because simply DC comics was all about Superman till 1980. Then they rejuvenated the Batman who completely changed the superhero comics.
    However if you ask anyone which is more cool and thrilling, then obviously it'll be the Bat symbol. 'S' is more famous because of the longevity of fame of Superman through out the years.

  6. After watching this it strikes me how bland, lame, unrecognizable and forgettable the other symbols are compared to Superman's logo.

  7. My List of the Top 10 Superhero Symbols
    1. Superman’s “S” Shield
    2. Batman’s Bat Symbol
    3. Spider-Man’s Spidey Signal
    4. Wonder Woman’s “W” Insignia
    5. Captain America’s Shield
    6. The Flash’s Lightning Bolt
    7. Green Lantern’s Lantern
    8. The Fantastic Four’s “4” Emblem
    9. The X-Men’s “X” Symbol
    10. The ThunderCats Symbol

  8. 10 X-men
    9 Wonderwoman
    8 Green lantern
    7 Captain America
    6 Flash
    5 Avengers
    4 Fantastic four
    3 Spiderman
    2 Superman
    1 Batman

  9. Tbh i'm a batman fan and i think batman is the best superhero but not the most popular hero, superman is the most popular superhero. So i think he's S is definitely number 1.

  10. There has been a study that people know Superman more but Batman’s symbol is more recognizable so technically, this video is right

  11. Captain America symbol is a star because he See's stars when kicked by badguys what a big joke captain America is a biggest joke to marvel

  12. I KNEW BATMAN'S SYMBOL WAS #1! I mean, when it wasn't mentioned from 10-2, and wasn't shown in the Honorable Mentions, where else could it have been?

  13. I understand why Batman is number 1. Because of the bat signal and many bat devices that also utilize the symbol.

    Also Batman is a symbol of what human beings can actually be if they try harder… Really good people.

    Deservant of number 1.

  14. My favorite is the Batsignal reflected off the a full moon as seen during the closing credits of Adam West's Batman TV Series!!!!

  15. Batman is the best superhero !! He represents an idea that anyone can be the superhero you don't require superpower !! He is realistic and even in gadgets like in dark Knight and batman begins . people compare him with ironman but iron man's suit is not realistic . I mean how would canon gets loaded and loaded within an arm space !!

  16. For me
    1.Iron man arc reactor
    2.Nightwing blue bird
    3.Superman s
    4.Batman Bat
    5.Captain america star
    6.Cyborg C
    7.spiderman spider
    8.Flash electric bolt robins bird
    10.Blue latern

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