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51 thoughts on “Top 5 Common Logo Mistakes in Brand Identity Design

  1. Here is another nice article about logo design 5 steps

  2. Really amazing video. I'd like to suggest if you can make a live video talking about "your personal steps of logo design" starting from Research, Sketching, Making a golden ratio grids or rule of thirds grids whatever for your logo using illustrator then design your logo according to golden ratio grids & How to select catchy & effective colors for your logo. Thank you so much for your efforts.

  3. Some people or designers just get it. other people or designers will never get it. I see it, I'm no paid designer, but I see what's wrong with so many logo designs everyday!

  4. The knock off sites like Fiverr are whoring out designers … and I use the term ‘designer’ loosely… most of them are completely unqualified, ripping off and copying … and know jack s*** about the psychology involved in great design.

  5. New subscriber. You have convinced me that I need a professional designer. How does an individual find a true professional? What kinds of questions should be asked? I need complete branding assistance so how do I spot a professional from someone that has a good pitch? Thank you for your assistance!

  6. How much do you charge for a logo sir? Would love to get your thoughts on the logo I have been trying to develop.

  7. How can i know if logo that i designed for my company/friend/client isn`t a copy of someones other design (I`m talking about simple logo designs). There is a chance that I create something that has been already created, are there some ways to check if my design is kind of unique?

    And maybe you have a tip to semi amateur how to become real proffesional and feel right when recommending my self as graphic designer?

    Great video, keep up good work!

  8. This is an honest review for designers. Very helpful and opening. I’m an aspiring designer myself, but due to lack of sources I only depend on what tools I have in my hands, trying to be more creative in many ways. I’m also amazed that comments are honest too, There is a country I know if they see this post they will probably react like perfectionists and it really pains me because they’re my country men 😩

  9. Thank you. I wish all clients understood this. Nothing worse than a shoe brand wanting a shoe in their logo. Or someone selling pipes wanting a pipe.

  10. Great points & many I'd already felt & discussed with partners. If need be, I want to also vet potential designers. Maybe some advice on how to do that would be helpful.

  11. This is the kind of common sense information that can cut through 90% of the junk we design (including my own stuff). Thanks!

  12. Just one question about the point Five: How can a beginner designer gets better when no one is coming to buy to him like at site Fiverr or something like that, maybe beginner is very good at it like a professional one? So i dont agree with you one this point because every professional designer was a beginner too and they have learned from their mistakes this is why Fiverr has a option to refund your money. Thanks for the time !

  13. I am about to have a new logo created and I was thinking about a very simple icon style logo. This clip was very helpful, thank you, I will pursue a professional logo designer.

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