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16 thoughts on “Top Graphic Design Trends for 2018 – Printful Tips and Tricks

  1. Why not wear one of your client products when making your videos. It could help sell what you do, and perhaps give a boost to a customer's product.

  2. This was more of a technical video than a 2018 top design trends video… Illustration, double exposure and typography are the only trends mentioned. However Illustration isn't so much of a trend as a way of designing that has its own trends within the category and same with typography which also has its own trends within the typography style of design. What styles of typography are trending in 2018? What styles of illustration are trending in 2018?

  3. PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEASE… Make a tutorial of how to Make Letters bigger and spacing as well for embroidery… I've looked and can't find any!!…. Many Thanks!

  4. 📍 Table of Contents:
    00:00:21 Hand-drawn illustration

    00:01:06 Double exposure effect

    00:01:36 Typographic design

    00:04:22 Most common design mistakes

    00:05:59 Easy ways to create simple graphics

    00:06:51 How to contact Printful's design services

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