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Okay guys behind again in pixelab channel design in this video I will give a tutorial for cool logo using apps pixelab OK as usual before continuing the tutorial video you who do not like comments please subscribe and activate bells if it is directly to the tutorial Okay at this pixelab our application directly create the text part of the text to replace it then you immediately click the icon pencil then the pencil again OK when writing do not forget to in space Okay then we immediately replace first picture you click the icon or the icon A text menu to the menu make click the font to use for its own font we use AmazOOSTROVFine that’s okay then you just click OK Okay here we immediately change its size into the size menu Okay if it’s like this for this text we Squeeze or hold each other the way we go to the menu This spacing then click ok here we lose a little Okay like this then we go to the gallery Okay here we use different color or two aja how to add the icon you click the Plus before that we set that I want to replace its P then if it’s like this you get into color select aja P okay that I will give you another orange then sliding aja This was okay as you tick just okay here we immediately make a stroke or a line in edge text OK to select the black color then that we set Increase slightly Okay this way and then we give the effect of shadows on in the text the way into the inner menu shadow Okay we set it to transparent colornya we choose this way plus icon and slide it to the left we slide here Okay if already you okay the blur radius we set to 0 then we slide or offsit set the X and Y offsit then the offset Y Okay if it’s like this you just check okay here we cover are not affected by stroke before we lock text click the layer and then click the key okay that we copy the text must first go to the copy click ok here we change the text of this how to click the pencil icon Okay here we replace the circle line numbers on the keyboard that’s you then click a line under Okay if already you okay Then for colornya select black Okay if it’s like this we set in the text that are not well known to cover Then on to post us to back or later Okay set just so fitting with text if you are having problems you can use the menu’s position Live set you set aja Okay then that part of the text of this Okay if it’s like this we combined all the parts of the screen directly in this corner of the circle and then click again on this layer if These guys are like a check list of all Okay if it is all you do click the Jump combine this circle then ok Okay here we give the variation or mentahan we make use of our previous shape key text logo this Okay then we go to the shape to diversify how to click the icon in the shape Okay then here we choose the truth that we want is okay that we set like this click on the last and then check OK here we immediately set nagging okay then adjust its size in advance Okay if it’s like this we immediately give strokes or lines on the edges her to select the black color then we increase slightly Okay like this then we give a shadow on shapenya or This logo it into the inner menu shadow to select its color was transparent but we have to improve a little click the plus icon again then that we wrote here a little slide okay here then for the blur radius then set so zero offset X and offset in us upgrade to 8 appeal 8 Okay if you like this check Okay here we set because according to the text you because I used the color orange, and this so I use a color like that Okay I use this color then we are right back click-to-back Okay then that we just set his or rotation rotate Okay like this then we Add another entry to copy Okay here we change the color so that varied Okay if such a direct-to-back again then copy adjust the color the first such varied to back again then copy Her color change Okay this is the last set here then to back Okay if we have a little trim Okay if it is neat like this we directly save or we combined all the clicks that layer and then as before click a circle check list all okay immediately that this gabungagkan Click OK Last Okay we directly give two clicks background square below and then to from gallery Okay if it’s like this we view slightly then we fit right in the middle Okay if it is fitting we directly give Shadow or shade Click on the middle of it then go to its menu shadow Then a transparent selection colornya OK to blur radius set to 0 and offset X and Y we raise a little Okay like this then we enter the final splash splashes of paint or do like that then click the plus icon from gallery Okay here set behind set in front of it here first Okay if it is fitting then to back Last Okay we immediately save I click save at the top and then sava as image to the dimensions set into Ultra save to gallery okay so many video tutorials on the channel design pixelab Thanks for watching videos

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