at the risk of starting a graphic design
war today we’re going to be looking at gradients in Logo design and if they’re
useful or not and what kind of problems you might encounter when these
ingredients for your Lego designs what is up people it’s Thomas and Tory
graphics back in another graphic design tips video today we’re looking at
gradients in logo design and if they’re useful or not for you to use for your
logo designs also move a bit your sponsoring today’s video which is a
video editing software and I’m going to be showing you guys how to use me Bobby
later in today’s video now this is a topic that can cause a huge amount of
division I’m not sure why because if you do I see understand gradients and how
they’re using the logo design you understand they have a time and a place
and you’re not falling to one extreme of the two differing opinions now in more
recent years logo designers move more towards flats and bold colors that seems
to be the trend at the moment and it’s quite interesting because in today’s
world printing technology has improved a lot and there’s no better time to use
gradients in your designs than now but the use of gradients in logo design has
dropped off as printing technology has gone up which is quite funny I find
liquor designs used to be literally branded symbols or stamps hence the term
branding as in branding into Kowski and as farmers often do back then the
printed ology was very very crude indeed and to print a gradient was very
difficult and often resulting in banded areas across the entire gradient now of course if you’re designing a logo
you want to keep in mind where the Legos going to be used what if that company
that you’re designing a logo for really hits it big time and they need the logo
on say some embroidery design or carved into stone marble you can exactly carve
a gradient into state marble and if you can then you must be some kind of wizard
or something so what do you do if you want to use a gradient on your local
design what are the solutions well first and foremost the most
important thing to do is to create two versions of the logo design now this is
quite common if you look closely at brands existing today you should always
start by creating the flat bold logo design and then create a version with
the gradient as well explain this to the client and explain why you’re doing this
you should always explain to your clients why you’re doing something so
that they have trust in what you’re doing and they don’t make errors when
using a logo for their business solo for example if you look at BMW they have a
really flat local design which you see on their cars because you can’t really
print a gradient onto a symbolic R but you’re also going to see the logo in a
gradient version on print media so ya always have two versions of the logo if
you’re going to use gradient the second thing you can do if you want to use a
gradient for your logo design is to make sure the gradient is relevant to the
brand or the glamour if the area of business that they
operate in doesn’t really relate to a gradient design don’t use it for the
sake of it everything in your local design needs to be relevant to the brand
and the client and lastly if you’re going to use a grade on the local design
make sure it looks professional you don’t want it to be too overpowering and
you don’t want the focal point of the logo to be the gradient the main pole of
the mean grab of the logo design shouldn’t be your rainbow gradient
across the entire design so yeah gradient still have the time in the
place but you need to be really careful when choosing the gradient also if you
do use a grid on the logo make sure you test print it before sending it to the
client so there’s no banding issues on the printer also you do want to explain
to the client that they need to test print their logo as well now I’m going
to show you with a video editor who are sponsoring today’s video it’s a really
cool way to edit your videos and easy to use manner there’s a link in description
below if you want to check out Mugabi and download it for yourself
so right off the bat you notice how user-friendly the user face will move RB
actually is at the bottom you can see a video size as well as the framerate
something you can actually adjust when making a new project to add media such
as images of video to your project simply click the add media icon here and
just like that I’ve imported some video into my project I can now go ahead and
improve the quality of my clip by adjusting the brightness white balance
to say much more in these settings here there are so many effects you can add
with ease to your Clips simply click one and then drag and drop it onto your clip if we didn’t like it press command or
control Z to move back a step and try another one when exporting your projects
move RB offers a wide range of video popular formats such as mp4 and avi
there are also many options for you to adjust and play around with as well as
Advanced Options you don’t only have to import videos however you can also make
a slideshow with images or you can use images in combination video with avi
also has a great collection of fades and transitions so select the transition and
drag and trough for him between an image and another section of your project drag
the slider back and hit spacebar to view how it looks you can double click the
transition to adjust things such as duration and upper settings so try a
movie for yourself today be the link in description below and create an awesome
project for yourself I hope you enjoyed today’s video and gradients with the
maker design and if you did lemon in the conversation below and subscribe to
Satori graphics for weekly graphic design content into next time design
your future today peace

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  1. A quick video on my thoughts when it comes to using gradients on your logo designs. Check out the links in the description above, and make sure to have a tip-top day! 👌✌

  2. Thanks for the video! Do you normally use Movavi to edit your videos? Also, if you were to use a gradient in a logo, what is your process on how to come up with a professional, not-cheesy sort of gradient design? I really appreciate your videos lately with trying to do graphic design. My school didn’t teach me much so I’m attempting to learn through channels like yours!

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