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32 thoughts on “Using Grids For NEXT-LEVEL Logo Designs (Crucial Tips)

  1. Welcome back everyone, I hope your weekend was all well and good!? Stay locked in this week for useful content πŸ˜€

  2. I see so many designs that have "GOLDEN RATIO!" mentioned as if it is going to turn base metals into gold. It doesn't so don't believe the hype.
    As always, very well presented.

  3. Nice.. i didnt know that grids are changed to pixels as well..
    All the tips are very handy and important..
    I use grids for my social media posts sometimes..
    These complicated logos n grids go above my head …. so i avoid them…

  4. Your videos are so beneficial! Just straight to the point, helpful tips!! SO glad I found your channel!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  5. Very nice tips, good video. About the golden ratio… I think all types of proportions are valid if look good, but the key is looking good, using 1:6 ou 1:2 ou 1:3 can fit in many designs, but a nice visual sense is the most valuable tool you can have, and this comes with experience, not math.

  6. Hey i've seen many of your video but i don't really sure if i've doing well, would like to look at my portfolio and give me some constructive feedback please πŸ™‚

  7. So damn helpful, especially in terms of creating the logo, however, a question that I had is what about in the process of sketching? How to implement the grid system? Any tips/how tos? Thanks!!

  8. It's interesting how many designers don't use grids for logo design. It's akin to driving without seat belts. Great video as always Tom and I learnt new things. Keep em coming.

  9. Can you make some more videos like this? Love your channel, I recently started working more in Illustrator, but I'm most comfortable in Photoshop. A video on navigating shortcuts and commonly used tools for both would be awesome for someone like me, moving to Illustrator I feel like nothing translates over. Thanks!!

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