UT Law Trademark Clinic helps Knox Makers

This client, Knox Makers, is a maker space
here in Knoxville. They’ve been here about ten years and we are
assisting them with their intellectual property needs this semester in the Trademark Clinic. Clinical experience allows the students to
take their theoretical learning in law school and apply it to real clients and real problems
here in the community and help them resolve their issues. In this particular client’s instance, we’re
working on trademark prosecution and protection for them this semester because they have several
different marks that we’re going to work on. Next semester we’ll be focused more on some
of their transactional items and issues: subleases and that sort of thing. Different areas of non-IP business law that
we can still provide this service to this client and other clients. Knox Makers is what’s commonly referred to
as a “maker space,” which is sort of like a hobby club for the perpetually curious:
those folks who are driven to create, to make, to learn, and discover, not necessarily as
part of their job or to further any particular drive other than their
own. What they need to learn and know and experience. So our community is made up of an incredibly
diverse group of people including senior citizens, minors who come in with their parents, and
everyone in-between: blue-collar workers, professionals, students. We have an incredible range in terms of income,
socioeconomic status and age. What we like to do is to take products that
already exist and prepare them and modify them or extend them. We like to make new things that nature has
never yet seen, but should have. Some of our folks are interested in innovation
and entrepreneurial interests, while others are just having a good time with science and
here to goof off. Our group is a 501(c)(2) nonprofit. No one here is paid any money and we are supported
entirely through membership dues. So it’s especially important to us and meaningful
when we gain support from community members here in the Knoxville area. Of course, the UT Trademark Clinic has been
tremendous for us by providing legal assistance and advice as we try to protect our burgeoning
organization. So being involved in the clinic you actually
get to get hands-on, real world experience. It’s interesting because you get to see things
develop firsthand, you actually get to meet with the client. You get to hear what their issues are. You get to actually apply the skills that
you’ve learned and figure out how you can actually help them. So you’re following a case from start to finish
and get real world experiential learning and it’s a great thing. The Trademark Clinic and the Business Clinic
at the university provide transactional services to community clients here in parallel to what
the Advocacy Clinic or the Immigration Clinic or the Wills and Estates Clinic provide to
individuals in our region. So this is a way for the university’s students
to take their theoretical learning and turn it into experiential learning and get real
world skills to help their employment rates as they graduate and also to provide a service
for nonprofits like Knox Makers, this client that we’re visiting this evening, or low-income
or folks in need. That’s our purpose in the clinic and we are
happy to provide business and transactional services for our business and transactional
clients in this region.

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