Vegan Trademark Client Examples

The idea of the Brecknock Road Vegan Festival
primarily came from wanting to create a community event for vegans to have somewhere, another
place to go out that was safe, vegan and exciting. But then it turned into wanting to support
local businesses but in turn getting local businesses to realise how much influence the
vegan pounds has and that if they cater to vegans they can see the monetary worth in
it. The vegan trademark is instantly recognisable. It’s something that no matter where you are
in the world you pick up a product, it’s on there, it’s trustworthy. You know that the
trademark is leading you in the right direction. Erm, if they’re looking ahead at the next
five years, the next ten years, partnering with the Vegan Society now will be a very
positive move because you’re showing people that you’re thinking about where things are
made and what the effects are. People really relate to that now. I do think that consumer
choices are becoming affected, definitely, in the UK market by ethical and green products.
I think there are around 200,000 vegans in the UK so obviously we wanted to try and tap
into that market and we thought that this would give us a very easy way of doing it,
which it has done. Over the last five years or so there’s been a greater number of vegan
fairs cropping up all over the country every year. Erm this is just increasing year by
year. We see more and more vegan fairs coming up and this is surely a reflection
that there is a greater interest out there. The reason, the whole reason we started
to get experimenting with vegan beer in the beginning was that at the shop that we had
in Pitfield Street at the time, we had people who were coming in and asking for it. Not
a lot, but we had a few, and we thought right, okay, we’ll just take out the one thing that
denies them access to this and see what happens. The reason I decided to get my products accredited
with the Vegan Society is just so that it has that extra credentials added to it so
that people trust the products and they know that it’s a reliable product. You know a lot
of people think it’s just about diet but it’s a lot more than that. It’s about a lifestyle,
about everything in our life that we do. A lot of customers come through from the publicity
and the promotion that the Vegan Society offers, trademark holders, people who otherwise wouldn’t
have contacted me, erm, get in touch from all over the UK, which means that it’s nice
to connect with other people like that and I think it’s good for current business owners
and our customers already because they take our businesses seriously and what we’re doing
as well. So obviously it gives us credibility but it also has opened up other avenues that
we may have not explored before from the advertising side. So things like obviously direct advertising
through the Vegan Society but also vegan-aimed exhibitions and festivals and shows and things
like that as well which we’ve got involved with. You start networking with other vegan
groups as well so this network spreads out and spreads out all the way from that, sort
of, initial central point with the Vegan Society and that just goes round and round and round.
You put me on the cover photo, er, on the Facebook page for a few days and, you know,
people were registering more interest in the website and showing more interest in my Facebook
page and the exposure that I got is absolutely incredible. They also sent me though opportunities
to do a promotional advert in their magazine and I’ve just been receiving some really useful
emails about how I can promote my brand further. Yeah, the Vegan Society staff, you know, they’re
well-versed in veganism. They know right where we’re coming from, they’re knowledgeable,
they know every aspect of veganism but the process with registering is quite straightforward
and you have to decide on your turnover and what kind of company and size you are, whether
you’re a sole trader or that you have numbers of employees and it’s just a straightforward
process, it’s easy to communicate with the Society and they let you know what you need
to do when you need to do it. It’s also an opening, an eye-opener for suppliers as well
so they get to know the products and they can say whether their products are certified
vegan or not. So it made them aware as well. But there’s not enough choice if you’re living
an ethical lifestyle and there’s always more room for more competition, better prices,
better choice, better variety. I think anybody selling something to, you know, a community,
erm, they need to have a Vegan Society registration. It’s the first point that they need to consider
and they need to get on the phone to the Vegan Society, you know, to do that. I would say
that if you’re proud of your vegan product get it certified, you know, what are you waiting
for? It can only be a positive thing really, so, yeah, go for it. Just do it because it’s
not a hard process, it doesn’t cost a lot of money, and the benefits far outweigh the

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