Video : How to add an image or logo in Gmail Signature

How to add an image or logo in Gmail Signature Open your Gmail account Click gear icon and select settings Scroll down to the “Signature” section and enter your new signature text Upload your image or your company logo to free image hosting service Right click and select “copy image” Go back to your Gmail and paste your image Click Save changes Let’s test Congratulations! You will now see your brand spanking new Email Signature when composing emails using Gmail.

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38 thoughts on “Video : How to add an image or logo in Gmail Signature

  1. Thanks for making this video! It helped me out a lot. I still had to use an URL but I didn't have to make a new page solely for the logo!

  2. Thank you! I have been trying to do this for a week. this is literally the only thing that worked for me.

  3. Brother Thanks a lot for create signature in gmail… but i have one problem.. when i send mail to my customer they receive my mail in spam folder. help me how to solve this problem…

  4. The best way for this is the email signature generators. For examples – NEWOLDSTAMP. These guys allow you create a cool signature with all images for Gmail.

  5. I have tried so many ways and this is the only one that worked. THANKS

  6. The webservice TINYPIC recieves all rights over your uploaded photo for commerical use and for licensing the picture to any third party. Just so that you know.

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