Video : How to add an image or logo in Yahoo Mail Signature

How to add an image or logo in Yahoo Mail Signature Open your Yahoo Mail account Click gear icon Go to settings Select Writing email Select “Signature” and select “Show a rich text signature” Type in the text for the Yahoo email signature Upload your image / logo to free image hosting service Right-click on the image and select “copy image” Paste your image Click save Let’s test Voila ! Congrats You will now see your brand spanking new Email Signature when composing emails using Yahoo Mail.

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42 thoughts on “Video : How to add an image or logo in Yahoo Mail Signature

  1. Thank you- that was great. Starting a company and wanted new company logo pic on (yahoo) company email sent out. Directions were a little confusing for me at 1st but finally got it all and yes! email pic signature successful! -lol.  thanks

  2. Sweeeet! After I googled and followed lengthy step by step processes (at 3 different sites) none would work! Even uploaded a pic to a web hosting site etc. Nothing :/  THEN, I happen upon here. VOILA!!! Done. I knew there had to be a simpler way! You. Are a life saver 🙂  

  3. this doesn't seem to work for me..dont know why 🙁

    tried your steps…when i copy image…thne paste it into the signature space, i don't get the image pasted into the space. instead it just pastes a square question mark  kind of thing

  4. Couldn't get it to work for me. Hard to see your screen. I am on a Mac, and really want my photo with my signature on Yahoo! Mail. Yes, rich text… couldn't follow your steps. Too complicated for me! Not a techie type.

  5. I tried and inserted the logos to my signature, but when tried to change the logo URL to direct readers to my social site it always had the tiny pic website URL attributed to the logo for some reason!! and when I tried to edit the logo url on tiny pic site it always said URL not found.
    Ended up unsubscribing from tiny pic website and deleting the useless logos from my email signature. any idea why it did that?

  6. thank you so much….its a really really big help for me… now our company has the signature logo….muaaahhhh I LOVE YOU #howtocreator  


    It worked for me! I was so excited when it did I got up and ran up and down the hallway of my apartment and told my brother.

    Thank-you so much!!!!! 🙂

  8. This no longer works in my yahoo account. It is defaulted to rich text and doesn't seem to allow pictures anymore.It shows to edit signature go to account instead of doing it under writing email.

  9. Just tried it (Dec. 22, 2015) and it works but it's a bit tricky. If the logo is already hosted on your site, you can just drag and drop it into the signature box. However, when you go to compose your email, make sure that "rich text" is enabled so that the image shows, otherwise it will not show. 🙂

  10. I am on Mac too and it didn't work. I am guessing yahoo has changed from the last post of this video. Signature feature is only available under accounts not writing email.

    Nevertheless, great great video… simply pausing occasionally to see important details in the fast parts helped in catching up. Everything went well except the ctrl + v portion, nothing pasted lol. Thank you for your hard work and contribution. I am sure it helped thousands! Shalom!

  11. Doesn't allow pictures in the signature anymore 🙁 So, I just captured my logo and pasted the logo under my signature.

  12. I figured out how to get the logo added but when I sent a test email to my gmail account it doesn’t show up. It shows up on my Yahoo account.

  13. Make sure the pixels are small enough to fit in the signature area. I had to reduce it down to 180×121. The original was 2000×1346.

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