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Krupiya dhan de Subscribe button pe dhyan de Sir, our slot is for only one hour. We better show our products than your performance Oh crap. 1…2…5…Go Welcome to Viva Brands There are things that we can not escape, like GST. This is one of them Ram?! Where are you bro? I do not find you… Hi Sunny, I am right here… Are you on my right or here? Sunny…Sunny…Sunny I am right to your left here Wow!! Why are you on TV? Yes, most think I am on TV. Actually, I am in TV That is the specialty of this VIVA TV What a Wow!! Yeah!! Enough of it. Come out Sunny, for the people who still think I am in a video call, I am going to prove them wrong and thyself right Who taught him English? Here I go…I mean come… Behold the magical reality Let the moment of reality dawn upon you There you go Wow!! Wowing Wow What the Wow Wow means Wow Not just you Sunny. I feel the same WoW!! Now, you cheer along us WOW!! Looks like they forgot the dialogues sir And so I told you not to give script This time, you cheer after us. We will see how it sounds Cut the crap and tell about All-D…All-D Dear patrons, you already know 1D, 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D… Some of you even know 7D, 8D, 9D, 10D…. Cut the lag and drag. We present you with never before sometime later ALL D Wow!! Can you enlighten me with its functionality, Ram? Certainly Sunny. Follow me Wow!! Wow!! Close up…Close up!! Sunny, do you realize we have VIVA TV before us? Yes, Ram. Do you also realize we are before VIVA TV? Lag and drag!! So Sunny, What is your favorite movie? My favorite movie is Titanic!! Oh, Romantic choice Sunny. What’s your favorite scene in it? Jack and Rose’s ‘I am flying’ scene Ram. As expected. Then have you ever dreamt of being in the place of Jack? Almost daily. Why? Don’t you feel so? Not just me Sunny, even our director dreams so Wow And for the dreamers like us, We invented MFT. Wow!! Oh, MFT… Meaning? Magic Fusion Technology Just click on any button in this remote and you are fused into the scene that is playing on this TV What a Wow!! Can you send me in place of Jack? Certainly Sunny. Go for a close…go for a close Here we go!! Hello Jack I changed my mind They said you might be up Ek bar apna hath dedo Aanke band kharo Come on… Rassi jor se pakadna Hold on Aanke math kol na I am not Rose.. I wish I be forever with you like this in the TV I was standing right at the moment of my life and you pull me out?! Somehow, I could not stand it Sunny. Anyways, shall we both go into a different scene? Whatever?! Your mom says I did the mistake. You say you did the mistake. Can someone tell me whose mistake it is?! As a father, I spend every second taking care of your future. Do you call it a mistake? Tell me. Tell me what is so wrong in it?! It is all your mistake. All of it is your fault, dad Me?! You even chose what to eat for my dinner… How many times did I tell you Sugar cane is not sweet for me?! Frustration…Agony…Anger… Having no one else to talk. I dumped all of it on Ram… And he took away the friendship band… Enough of melodrama Whine-y Wow Ram. Yes Sunny. And Sunny can you send me as Mahesh in Bhai’s ‘Wanted’ Telugu original… What button did you, press dude?! Anxiety is the father of all errors Ram. And you are the father of anxiety. Anyways, I will manage. We know you are super star in Tollywood. But do you know this story would be a huge hit in Bollywood as well? I too realized it after Wanted. If you do not mind, can you please give Pooja Hegde’s number? I will not forget what you did to me!! Mr Sunny If you think it just a plant. You are terribly wrong. It is a future tree. Have a good look at your Wify turned completely into Chandramukhi I would not blink an eye even if it is Angelina Jolie when I have you by my side Thaliava Amul butter Scope maro…Scope maro… If this continues any further, they wil Scope Maro!! Okay, let them continue the game. We will move onto the next product. Have you ever gotten scolded in your life? Oops. Wrong question. Have you ever not gotten scolded in the single day of your life? We are certainly not a single day of your life has passed without getting buttered from scoldings. You can escape blessings, but can you escape scoldings. Ready boys?! You can Yes, you can escape Welcome to Viva Brands Guys!! Not again. To escape from the bullets We have bullet proof vests To escape Sunstroke We have Sunroof To rinse and dry wash children We have prAkash and sAlen institutes But… But… But… The next word is Scoldings… Yeah, the next word is scolding… Oh yeah, the scoldings… to escape scoldings… We have absolutely nothing A meager number of one crore people visit heaven and hell every year just from scoldings A survey from Viva News has just revealed that Suhas, what do you do when people scold? What can I do Deepak?! I close my ears. If it does not help, then I cotton my ears Gone are the days of cotton in the ears and Cotton candies in the hands. Ha? Why?! For all those who eat scoldings, Viva Brands presents you with Viva Ear Tuners, Ek chutki sindhoor. Astounding, how does it work Deepak? Wait until I explain Suhas Just put these earphones and Switch on. Every scolding becomes as sweet as a scoop of ice cream. I still could not understand Deepak. That is why we have Mr.Dragon Prakash, a user of Viva Ear tuners, to share his experiences. Don’t judge a book by its cover. I am no Dragon. In fact not even a house fly. The only reason I am alive today is – Viva ear tuners, ek chutki sindhoor. Get a close for his eyes People scold me for everything I do People scold me for anything I did not do One fine day I decided to walk out on everything and everyone and go to Goa. And when I was checking if my reservation is a Non A/C or RAC A TC walked to me and said… You imbecile of India, And left with a pamphlet in my hand. That TC is also our sales agent And we know what we have in the Pamphlet… Viva Ear Tuners, Ek Chutki Sindoor So, tell us Mr. Dragon Prakash- how did your life change with Viva Ear tuners I will not tell anything I will show everything Once upon a time in my life… You minuscule miniature of the millennium, why did you stop on the road? The signal is red sir… If this repeats again, I will make sure you will not be there to repeat again, off my from way!! You the idiot of first order who thinks Python is the brother of Rock Python… You think you need a promotion?! Get out with disgusting dress of the decade!! First, learn the difference between a milk shake and protein shake. Come propose to me after and I will then decide. Now get lost. And now see my transformed life, all credits to Viva Ear tuners, ek chutki sindhoor. You again?! You are the greatest driver I have ever seen. Such respect for the rules. I admire you for that from the bottom of heart and lungs. Excellent performance Promotion deserves. No one but you and only you. You put sweat and blood to our firm Good job…Well done… Please marry me. I think I might die missing you. I sometimes get jealous of your beauty dear… And so my life became that Woah Now you know Viva Ear Tuners Add To your ears Use our ear tuners and make your life as strong and peaceful as Ek Chutki ki Sindhoor. The price of is only, just only… Hurry up guys and gals… To order online Please call the number here Hey, who the heck gave my number? Should I put a close up to the number? Sir, our slot is finished. Are the two still playing the muddy daddy game? I think so. We have to go and see… Ram, I am not liking this scene. Take me out. Look…Dude…some monster is coming toward with a knife…Pull me out… Yeah, I am trying Sunny… Looks like remote is not working!! Tap it on the back and try….Tap it on the side and try… Tap on all the sides… RAM!?! What did you do to me, idiots?!! Run for our lives… Take a close… steady close… don’t shake the camera…

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  2. I call this master piece in short films's so natural.. especially titanic sunny was really in that ship….

  3. Best dialogue is a chup entra goyya 😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Crazy undi bro keep going
    Future lo nev big screen ke velali ankunta…… Hare krishna🚩🚩🚩

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