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Hi All Welcome to VIVA Brands.. Viva Brand Viewers Good news for you.. Presenting you an amazing Product. You know what that could be?? Its our VIVA Phone. WOw Yes Very Wow Main feature of this phone is charging.. You need not charge this phone at all. Because there is no charging slot for the phone. Let talk about the strongness of the phone. This phone has Chimpanzee Glass Means known for strongness Lets check how strong it is. Lets take cotton and remove a small piece And take the VIVA Phone When you throw cotton ball on the phone. See nothing happens See our VIVA phones are strong. What if we hit it with Hammer? Where will you find hammer? leave it. I have it with me. Why do have to check with this hammer? Hit Hey who is there? whats are you doing there? Did you see nothing happened. Did you ever lose signal on phone and got into trouble? Then you will require Viva Phone. This Viva Phone has 8 sim Not 1 nor 2 nor 3 You will get totally 8 sims One more feature is also available. You can use the phone without the sim too. Is there any use of using 8 sims Definitely it is usefull. If one sim does not get signal from its tower. It will pull signal from the next tower. If that is not sufficient. Then the sim will pull network from surrounding phone sims. One more speciality of this is. If someone borrows money from you and if he does not picks your call. They will definitely pick your call if you use any of the 8 sims. If the person does not pick any calls at all? Next! Charging Steal Feature Charging Steal Feature is an extraordinary feature This will be useful As this phone has no charging slot. How does this charge? Are you thinking right? If your phone battery charge is discharged. Just go behind any person silently Just hold the phone in hand and rub up and down you will get 25% charge in your phone. So without knowing you can take others phone battery charge too. No of times you shake your charging level increases. Why are you still seeing us like dumb? Call! below number and buy Viva Phone now. Market prize is 9990/- But now in Viva Show we are offering Viva phone price at 9990/- Wow Claps.. Hey come from that side! Sir please tell him You are junior be like junior. If not you will not be in next video. Welcome too Who is that useless fellow? Laughing Welcome to Viva Brands We have come with one new Remote. Normally if you see Yama means it is hell. But if you see Viva remote. Wow It is Heaven With more features and more powers This has come from back to front. This is Viva Remote. This is a unique remote. you normally operate TV with this remote. Wow Yes With this Viva remote. Wow You can operate anything. Wow You can really operate anything. Is what I mean This is different from the other normal remote. Wow WVC Means? If you want to know what is WVC then you need to come to my house and see. Your house? Wowww. Heyyy… Wow. Dont do that. its wrong! My Friend has come so make Biryani and serve. Are you out of your mind? Every day you get one fool and tell me to cook Are you mad? Look at his face. He looks like rat killer.. Why should I cook Biryani for this guy. I am a queen. how dare you ask me to cook Biryani. Now we will use this remote for WVC option. Means Wife Volume Control. Lets use and see what happens. Hey cant you hear me?? Volume going down Shall I mute her volume now. Giglling.. happy selfie squinch I will send you this pic u have my number right? Wow WVC is amazing Lets go back to studio Wow.. Big Wow Never seen such a Wow Hey you shut up! Do what is told you to do not more. Even if children are troubling you can easily reduce their volume.. Noooooo Wrong We can change the kid. What the Wow Come with me. Dad I need Cycle Sit properly Hey you!! see all these boys are very mischief.. Lets change him to a girl with this remote Girls are well behaved.. Wait.. See this now Changed to girl Baby did you go to school Yes! Now go and study.. Take me to shopping dad. buying cycle is better than shopping.. Dad I need Cycle Which cycle u need Hero? Ok I will buy Hero cycle. Buy Viva remote and change your life.. Wow.. mind blowing wowwww Never seen such a Wow. Never heard such a Wow. You can see such things in Viva only Wowwwww.. volume Mute Volume Mute…….. Dont wait just call us Own our Viva Remote

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