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21 thoughts on “Watch Me Design a Logo: Using Adobe Illustrator & Procreate

  1. Please upload more like this! I am going to study graphic design very soon and these videos are used as inspiration. Very educational and interesting!!

    Your design WILL look good on uniform and social media like you said! 😄 May I ask how much you charged Beth for this logo? If you must keep it confidential, I understand.

  2. Hey great video !!! I'm using illustration at the moment to practice drawing . I got my uni results today and I pass everything!!!!!!!! So proud of myself haha yay 😎😀👐💚

  3. Lovely work, thank you for sharing! I've just recently started learning and practicing artwork with procreate.✨

  4. I love your design videos. Hoping to see more tutorials on your other page as well. Thanks for sharing you life and career with us.

  5. Great logo Alice, you've inspired me to do graphic design videos on my channel too!
    I know how frustrating it can be when you have a vision in your head and have trouble making it come to life exactly how you imagined it.

  6. Just found your channel and you better bet I’ll be binge watching your videos today 😍 I’m a freelance logo designer as well and was looking for videos like this 👍🏻

  7. Muc learn from your vidio day or the tutorial cause bow im being a freelancer design graphic so wish me lucuk soon have ipad and mac for flexible design in anywhere

  8. Can you please make a video on how a new person can start of in freelancing, what platforms are good and how to make account and what you did to get started..

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