“We Buy Houses” Trademark?!?! – The Bully

It’s not only me. He’s come after countless
other investors. Taken their youtube pages down, Twitter pages, Facebook, LinkedIn. Anything
that says “We Buy Houses” on it he is coming after. AHHHHH
So, if somebody has a sign that says, “We Buy Houses” with a phone number on it… are
they in violation of his trademark right now? So, this is my friend Brad Chandler. He buys a ton of different houses. He’s probably one of the most successful investors
I know from around the country. But he’s specifically in the Washington D.C.
area. I know he does TV ads and… They’ve got a lot of really cool stuff going
on and I’ve been fortunate to be a part of over
5000 real estate transactions. So, I know a little bit about real estate. My business has been Better Business Bureau
approved with an A+ rating since 2003, so we’re one of the good guys in the business. We do things totally on board. Recently, there was a company that kind of
came after him to take down some of his stuff. I AM SHOCKED that they’re even trying to take
this on with you, because… yeah, it’s… I think it was a poor choice on their part.
But let’s get into it a little bit and talk about what it is that’s going on. In the last 60 days it came to my attention
that all of the… we have a lot of city pages with corresponding youtube highly ranked youtube
pages that feed to the city pages. And all of a sudden all these videos are gone. He basically had someone in his organization
contact youtube, say that we’re infringing on his trademark, and they took down over
100 highly ranked youtube videos. Wow. The really frustrating part is that his trademark
is only for printed, marketing and educational materials. Well, youtube isn’t a printed… it’s not a pamphlet…
it’s not a marketing thing. This had nothing to do with it. However, you don’t get to call up youtube
and say, “Hey, Mr. Google…” who, you know, google owns youtube. You can’t say, “Hey.” “This guy isn’t right.” “He’s totally screwing us.” They say, “Hey, we get a thousand of these
complaints a day.” “You guys work it out.” “I’m just taking it down because he says to
take it down.” It’s not only me, he’s come after countless
other investors. Taken their YouTube pages down, Twitter pages,
Facebook, LinkedIn. Anything that says, WE BUY HOUSES on it he’s coming after. I didn’t even know that was trademarked. I didn’t even know, like… that, like, WE BUY HOUSES. Really? “What do you do?” “Oh, I, you know we buy houses.” I can’t say that? I can’t put that in my stuff? That’s what I do! It describes what I do. And WE BUY HOUSES is the #1 searched, motivated seller keyword term online. So, if you’re not using it, you should be
using it. Yeah. You should have web pages. You should have SEO efforts. You should have pay-per-click efforts around
that. Yeah. Because, they know that. Oh, “who are those people who buy houses?”” “Who are the we buy houses people?” Right? And it’s not their company. I didn’t even know they had a company. I didn’t know that was a company. A WE BUY HOUSES company. That’s crazy, man. So, let’s back way up and say, ok… How did he get this trademark? And how did he get such a general trademark? I don’t understand that. The trademark has been existing for, I think,
10-15 years. OK. My only guess is that… Our industry is very fragmented. Pretty much mom-and-pop. And so I think no one ever raised their hand
and said, “Hey, I use this all the time.” “I want to invalidate it.” Most investors aren’t like you or I. Most investors buy a house every couple months.
A house a year. Whatever it is. And frankly, they don’t have the resources
to take on this issue. I sent you an actual email from his company
where he outlines, “Take down your youtube.” “Take down your twitter.” “Take down your Facebook.” “Take down your LinkedIn.” “Oh, and by the way… if you want to buy our
license let me know.” So, that’s kind of… that’s what the email
shows to me, as a business practice: to go out and pick on the little guy and say, “Hey,
you can’t use that.” “You can’t even put a WE BUY HOUSES sign
up.” “But, hey, if you want to you can pay me $1000
a month and I’ll license it to you.” I mean, he’s going to…. he’s bullying people
and he bullied the wrong guy when he picked on you, but… There’s other little investors that probably
get scared by that. They get a letter from his attorney, or whatever,
saying, “You can’t use this anymore,” right. And they can’t pick up the phone and call
a $500 an hour trademark attorney like I fortunately can. Yeah. And your trademark attorney… what’s his
thoughts on this whole thing? Well, I’ve talked to several. I’ve talked to… I’ve talked to several big firms. And they say the same thing that you’re saying. Like, “How did that ever get trademarked?” “It’s too general.” I think if you do a google search of WE BUY HOUSES there are over 800,000 pages with the term… the exact term, WE BUY HOUSES. Wow. And they’re selectively enforcing it, right? They’re selectively enforcing it with people
they think they can extort into paying money. Absolutely. Because if they weren’t selectively enforcing
it there wouldn’t be 800,000 pages out there. You’ve talked with him. I have. And… why hasn’t he just… you know… “Ok, Brad.” “You’re right.” “I’ll leave you alone.” Like… He said he’s going to fight this thing? Oh, he said he’s been prepared for years to
fight it. Are you kidding me? At this point, it’s a pretty big case to take
on. You need to have, you know, some resources
behind you. Right. I think it’s worthwhile to stand up and say,
look… As if it would’ve happened to me. I’m glad that you’re standing up and fighting
against it… (The tiny red hot
little flame began to grow.) It’s only a matter of time that they would
get emboldened. That they would try to come to everybody. And that affects our livelihood big time. He thinks he has a good case. We don’t. So, we’ll see. We’ll see how it shakes out. Well, I’m seeing the support from the people
that… I mean, the GoFundMe campaign just barely
started, but I’m seeing the names and I know a lot of the names that go on there. And there’s some players and some people that
are supporting this thing… So…. I mean, if he’s gearing up for a fight…
like, there’s a lot of people that are supporting this thing that’s…. with their money. That’s like… they… you don’t want to pick
on them. Well, wait until you see. There’s a lot of people who… you know most
of ’em… a lot of people who have pledged money. I just started a couple of days ago and they’re
busy. That’s gonna come. And then a lot of these people who have given
money said, “Hey, if you need more money just let me know. I’ll help you out.” People are gonna step up because I think they’re
gonna see the value in that but… Just think what it would cost you if you were
the lone guy that they were coming and picking on, right. You’d have to pay them either the… whatever
money they want for their monthly thing, or whatever. Or you’d have to fight them. Or you’d have to take your stuff down. Which would cost you money in deals. Or it’d cost you money to… to pay them and
do that stuff… Most industries have a legislative voice for
them. We have nothing. So, this is a complete grassroots effort. I took this one because I’m one of the larger
investors in the country and I kind of felt like it was my obligation. But anyone listening to this who is an investor…
it is your obligation to protect your craft. Whether it’s $100 you can give or $20,000. Make a donation. This is your livelihood. Yeah. If he hasn’t come knocking, he will. I mean. I think you’ve got a great case against this… I mean, I didn’t even know the thing could
be trademarked. But… how can people go to donate? Like, where can they go to support this? With whatever amount of money they want to
support this with? We’ve got a GoFundMe page set up. Just search for “Trademark Cancellation Fund.” Cool. And we’re going to link that in the… somewhere
on the page where you’re seeing this you’ll see that link. So, go there. Support that. Because… Think to yourself: whatever amount of money
you have to support that thing… every little bit helps. I mean, what if it were you that they were
picking on, right? I think this is something that’s a cause that
all of us, as real estate investors, large or small, across the country deserve to be
a part of this. I mean, thanks for leading the charge on this
thing, man. This is, uh… I mean, your side of this… money is one
thing. But your side… what you’re gonna do to lead
this thing is gonna be more. So, I appreciate that somebody is willing
to step up and do it. It’s not only me. He’s come after countless other investors. Anything that says, “We Buy Houses” on it
he is coming after. You’re the guy that’s gonna throw the punch.

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  1. wow I thought like we buy houses is like saying we buy cars. general but descriptive. what a baffoon for doing this thanks for taking this deuche on.

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