Weekly Roundup 10-11-13 – Battlefield 4 Beta, Half-Life 3 trademark, Sleeping Dogs sequel and more

Half-life 3 canceled? The Battlefield 4 beta,
and a Sleeping Dogs sequel. All that and more in this week’s Curse Weekly
Roundup! Hey guys, Jess here, and first up let’s talk
about Half-Life 3. We’ve wanted it for years. We’ve begged Gaben to just give it to us,
and what does he do? He gets our hopes up! If you’re one of our regular viewers, you’ll
remember last week when we told you a trademark application for the name Half-Life 3 had been
filed. Just a few days after that happened, Valve pulled the rug out from under us, because
it turns out the trademark application had been deleted. A representative from the trademark
office simply said that it was “deemed not filed.” So….we’re right back where we started. Next, Battlefield 4! Not to brag, but some
of us have played it already. On two separate occasions. And all that becomes a little less
impressive when you hear what’s coming next: battlefield 4 has gone into open beta. Technically
the beta opened about a week ago at this point, for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, but players
are reporting issues of getting stuck on loading screens, crashes, and other problems. Have
you guys tried the beta yet? Leave me a comment below and lemme know if you’re loving the
game, or if you haven’t even been able to play because of all the bugs! Moving on – United Front Games, the studio
behind Sleeping Dogs, has confirmed development of some sort of sequel set in the same universe,
and titled Triad Wars. THey’ve been rather tight-lipped aside from that, and all we really
know otherwise is that more info will be coming in 2014. Next up – Path of Exile is coming to Steam!
This free-to-play Diablo-like action RPG will be leaving open beta after almost a year and
getting a final release on October 23rd . Which means you have just under two weeks to grab
an open beta supporter pack if you’re the type that likes to boast your early adapter
status. You can already pre-load the game on Steam and if you’ve been playing in the
beta so far, sources are reporting that you will be able to access those same characters
on the Steam version after launch. How many of you guys have tried Path of Exile? Personally
I haven’t, but I’ve heard great things – leave me a comment below and let me know what you
think of the game! And check out the Path of Exile Wiki for game info and resources. That’s it for the news! And this week I’m
gonna leave you guys with a challenge just for fun: Pokemon X and Y launch this Saturday.
I want you guys to predict how many copies the games will sell on launch day worldwide.
Leave your prediction in the comments or tweet it to me @JessBrohard, and we’ll announce
whoever got closest on next week’s show. Be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already,
and give this video a Like for gaming news! Thanks for watching! Enjoy the game!

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81 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup 10-11-13 – Battlefield 4 Beta, Half-Life 3 trademark, Sleeping Dogs sequel and more

  1. Dump sht plz first know whats going on, its a fcking beta they say they do this to make the final game better so off there are bugs

  2. I played Path of Exile early on beta with some friends, finished the main storyline on the first 2 difficulties on hardcore mode, the game is GREAT and EVERYTHING Diablo III wasn't.

  3. I wish I could play battlefield 4, but I can't play due to the fact that no matter what I do to try to get my fps up (I'm on a MSI Radeon 7950 overclocked btw), it won't go up. The fps stays the same from low-ultra at a steady 10 fps. It's terrible.

  4. most bugs are fixed but not all, that's why its still in "beta" but since most major bugs(not all) are already fixed it can now handle being open to more players

  5. Went to the biggest gaming store here on saturday to buy pokemon y only to learn nintendo doesn't have a distributor in Turkey.

  6. Woohoo, when did they change from that annoying girl that used to host the show? 😀 AWESOME! Might be able to watch this now.

  7. You forget to say that Path of exile is total free, to download and play =).. Battlefield 4 works perfekt after patch yesterday.. And DICE said that beta version is like 4 version after real one, so BF4 WILL KICK ASS LIKE BF3 did…

  8. ive been playing PoE for more than a year (July 2012) and i have to say .. thats the best Free-to-win game with the best F2P microtransaction mechanics ive seen in a long time(cosmetics only, no xp boost or anything). The gameplay is really nice and the game can be easy and hard at the same time and targets casual and hardcore audience all in one! its worth a shot ! try it !


    Now that im done fanboying…I really hope this is a sequel..So many questions left unanswered to one of the best games ever made in that genre.

  10. I like teambuilder, so I could finally play jungle without premade duo bot, and I don't like fighting over lanes too much…

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