What is a brand purpose and why you should have one. Also known as your brand’s WHY

– Every brand makes a promise that it’s going to do
something for its customer. For example, FedEx’s brand promise is “If it has to absolutely,
positively be there overnight.” However, in today’s world, a brand promise really isn’t enough. We need something deeper. Something that will connect more closely with our audience and our customers. What we need is a brand purpose, sometimes known as your “why”. By having a defining purpose, you’ll be able to connect
more strongly with people, and you’ll also be able to differentiate your brand from your competitors. Your brand purpose is to
transcend what you sell. Now, a good example of a brand purpose would be one from IKEA, and theirs is, “Create a better, everyday
life for the many people.” Now, what IKEA didn’t
say, is they didn’t say, “We make great and functional furniture.” Any other furniture maker
could say that, as well. No, IKEA want their products to make life better for everyone. Who could say no to that? I think we can see why
people would connect to IKEA and their brand on a deeper level, through that brand purpose, and not because they make great chairs and they serve amazing
meatballs in the cafeteria. Let’s look at Dove and look
at their brand promise. “Create a world where beauty is a source of confidence, and not anxiety.” Dove are fighting back against all of the photographic trickery, and unrealistic depictions, in fashion, of body image. So, as you can see,
again, it goes way beyond the products that they sell. They’re not saying, “Buy our shampoo. It makes your hair look great. Buy our soap, it makes you smell great.” It’s a deeper purpose than that. They have something that
they want to achieve, and their customers buy into that, and it’s something that
means a lot to them, as well as the brand. And by connecting these
two groups together, you’ve got something really powerful. Here’s something I want you to do. Think about your brand. Does it have a strong purpose? Or are you just really giving
lip service to your audience? Coming up with a true brand
purpose can take some time. It’s not an easy task,
but when you find it, it’ll be the engine that
drives your brand forward, and makes everything else fall into place, including your vision and
your mission statement. By combining your purpose
with a vision, and mission, the chances are, your
brand’s going to have much greater success than those that just go out there to make money. Now, your brand purpose is
just another small element in the overall brand picture. You’ve heard me talk about
vision and mission, very briefly, in this video, and I will
be covering both of those in future videos, on my channel. So make sure you subscribe to the channel. Give the video a like. Leave a comment, if you find it useful, and until I see you next time, stay great, folks.

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8 thoughts on “What is a brand purpose and why you should have one. Also known as your brand’s WHY

  1. Do you have a brand purpose? I'd love to hear what it is.


  2. Thanks for another great video Col, I struggling with grasping branding concept from designer perspective, what would you suggest to do to learn and understand how to create brand for customer. Thanks 👍

  3. Hi, your video is simple, but strike to the heart!
    i'm little bit confused, about the different in brand purpose and brand vision, both for inspire, connect with people and get achievement. but what should i do first?

  4. I love the insight. Your videos are shorter than others but much more thought provoking and thorough. Much appreciated! Quality over quantity all day

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