What is Branding? // A Blue Ocean Ideas Film

I skip lunch when I know Lisa and I are coming here
for dinner there’s a secret that hides in every and
I want to prepare myself to experience every bit a flavor if you were to build the liturgy around
eating this would be it the fire, the incense, the burn, the sip, the pour, the words, the art, the breath I lose myself when I’m here because I
trust this place we’re all relational and finite
creatures we’re relational creatures because we’re
finite creatures we can’t do everything ourselves we need the service of others to make
our lives complete so in all of life we’re looking for who we can trust we want to be with those who see the
light we see who value what we value who are inspired by what inspires us we can trust them if we can find them as we look for these people and
businesses we can trust we’re really just looking for symbols of ourselves in the scenery of our lives their are words
and images and sounds and an entire array of
meaningful expressions that just feel right everywhere we look we can see symbols
that point to things we value so what is branding branding is choosing and using symbols
to reflect what you value its enabling people to
see who you are by expressing what you find to be true
good and beautiful branding is not saying how great you are it’s showing what you find to be great
and then moving towards it knowing that other people are moving
that way too reveal what you value and stand
beside it the stories and images and experiences
that you love will be symbols of trust to those who
feel the same way build your brand tell your story well

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17 thoughts on “What is Branding? // A Blue Ocean Ideas Film

  1. Great line from @brodybond:

    "Branding is not saying how great you are. It's showing what you find to be great and moving towards it knowing that other people are moving that way it too." Brody Bond

  2. very enlightening. Just amazed and blown away by how he came to the definition of branding through the concepts of finiteness and relational aspects of us. 

  3. Time for me to rant apologetically – the first 1 minute and 53 seconds of this is a series of hallmark card comments about generalized marketing. Skip to 1:54 and he actually addresses…get this…the question that leads the video – "What is branding?" It is astonishing how absolutely wowed people are by the fluff without getting to real reason you're watching the video in the first place. My suggestion, Blue Ocean Ideas, is when YOU ask someone a question like – "So what sort of business do you own?" You won't appreciate if they reply – "My business is a business about thought. It's a business about life. It's a business about the core essence of our humanity." You'd like think to yourself – "How about answering the f*#$ing question?"

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