What is BRANDING? Answered! [Everything you need to know about branding in under 3 minutes]

Hey folk, Alice from Venngage here with Everything
you need to know about brand in less than three minutes start the clock!
So brand is a catch-all term that we use to describe the look and feel of a
company, this includes everything from their logo to their colors to their tone
and style of voice and the way they talk about themselves.
Your brand is an all-encompassing way to talk about who you are and what you do.
Basically brand is everything. If you did something that was really good you’d
want people to know about it, right? This is where branding comes in. Brand is
important to distinguish yourself from your competition, to create an
association between your product and company, and to build customer loyalty. In
the 1950’s, just like in Mad Men, advertising agencies develop branding as we know
today. With the rise of commercial goods becoming available to consumers
companies had to find a way to distinguish themselves from the
competition. Brand Association is why well we hear BA BA BA BA BA
we think of McDonald’s And when we see, we know it’s a
coca-cola advert. Brand association is where a consume,r the general public,
associates a color, a sound, a logo, or a product with your company in particular.
These days we hear a lot of internet influences talk about their “personal
brand”. A personal brand is essentially the same as a company brand it’s just
how you want to present yourself to the world. If you’re trying to promote
yourself your work, sell a product or service, or become more well-known a
brand is essential. If for example you’re a freelance copywriter you probably
don’t need a logo, but think about how much more professional you’ll seem if
your website matches your social media matches the invoices that you send out.
Whatever you do you need to make sure it sits comfortably within your brand color
palette. You should pick between five and seven colors that complement each other
that you want to use to represent your brand. You should use this across all of
your products, your social media, your website, any
invoices…. There are lots of different ways to develop your brand. One of my
favorite ways to develop a brand is to take a big blank piece of paper and
write everything that you want your brand to be and everything you want
your brand to be known for. If you’re a family-run bakery you might want to be
friendly, warm, open and homely. Whereas if you were a law firm you might want to be
corporate, professional, and authoritative. For example Venngage wants to be known
as helpful, friendly, accessible, and the design experts so we took those words and
we developed a logo, a color palette, and a brand identity that fits with them.
There’s a couple of different strands of branding. The most common ones that
you’ll probably hear are: your brand personality is how you come across, your
brand visual identity is just how you look, your brand message is just a one or
two line sentence that sums up who you are and what you’re trying to achieve,
and if somebody says brand identity that’s just an umbrella term. Your brand
is one of the most important things you can produce. okay perfect
I’ve put some helpful links in the comments below if you want to learn more
about brand colors, brand fonts or branding in general. Don’t forget to like
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to explain in less than three minutes

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19 thoughts on “What is BRANDING? Answered! [Everything you need to know about branding in under 3 minutes]

  1. Loved that you gave so many examples of popular brands we're familiar with. I didnt realize how similar google, asana, and slack are though! Learned something new 🙂

  2. I’m self employed for the first time in my life in a totally new career and my branding is going to be really important in reaching new clients and building confidence that I can deliver. Looking forward to more tips!

  3. This is super interesting! Thank you for making this topic so digestible. Will definitely take something away from these tips 🙂

  4. This video has a great introduction to branding in the beginning stages, mixed with good tips later on. If you don't know much about branding, watch this video.

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