What is MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching)?

– MPLS stands for
multi-protocol label switching. It’s a type of data-carrying service that uses short path labels rather than long network addresses. MPLS works by assigning labels
to packets of information as they leave a network. Instead of looking up
IP header information the network simply reads the MPLS label and whisks the packet along
via a predetermined path. A perfect solution for
prioritising the delivery of specific types of data. It’s faster, more reliable, delivers a higher quality of service, and operates with enhanced
security features. When it comes to the scalability
of more complex networks, MPLS allows you to configure your network in a far less resource-intensive way. If an MPLS sounds like something you’d like for your business, just fill in the form
at the end of this video and one of our team will
contact you shortly. Thanks for watching!

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