What is the difference between Name Brand and Remanufactured Print Cartridges?

Hi, thanks for taking the time to tune in
with us. Today we’re going to discuss the differences between OEM, or printer-brand,
cartridges and remanufactured cartridges. OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer.
An OEM cartridge is a print cartridge that has been developed and officially endorsed
by the printer manufacturer for a specific printer or printer series. For example, if
you own a Canon printer the Canon banded cartridge that came with your printer would be considered
OEM. There’s no denying the consistency of quality that comes from OEM cartridges, but
the suspiciously high price for a shell of plastic containing some ink or toner has drawn
substantial criticism from consumers. In fact, most printer manufacturers don’t make most
of their profits from the printers they sell, but the consumables you’re dependent on buying
to keep those printers going. A remanufactured cartridge is an OEM print
cartridge that has been through at least one life cycle before undergoing a thorough refurbishing
process by a third party. It has been completely disassembled, cleaned and the electrical circuitry
tested before replacing any worn internal parts. If the cartridge was remanufactured
by a reputable retailer and according to strict guidelines, it will provide printer-brand
results for just a fraction of what you would have paid for the original. Not only that,
but by buying remanufactured you help to preserve the environment by preventing landfill waste
that can take up to a thousand years to decompose. For professionally remanufactured ink and
toner cartridges that offer printer-brand results at an affordable price, check out
LDProducts.com. Our remanufactured print cartridges will save you money while saving the environment
and are guaranteed to deliver performance comparable the original. Backed by a one-year
warranty and eligible for free shipping on orders over $50, they’re a cost-saving and
economical alternative to overpriced name-brand cartridges.

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7 thoughts on “What is the difference between Name Brand and Remanufactured Print Cartridges?

  1. My LD74 cartridge generates an error on my HP C4480 printer, had other remans and was able to push buttons enough times for the software to allow the print command,…this time after several print jobs, no success, tried Control-shift P, and print form the mouse pad,…dont know what else to do,…the error message I get is "incompatible cartridge installed" ,…

  2. Thanks for your work,… you help us consumers beat the ridiculous high OEM printer costs,…but, you must know the printer manufacturers are a step ahead of the "reman" ( non OEM) process as it will put a dent into their profits if they let reman cartridges burst their printer cartridge profits!!

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