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100 thoughts on “What makes a truly great logo

  1. wow!
    great video.i have clothing line and i still have some difficulties in creating a unique logo.can you help please?

  2. Lesson of the video: Even with the best logo money can buy, Hilary lose to Donal J. Trump hahahahahahahahha

  3. $35 in 1973 is about $209 in todays money. That last statement rubbed me wrong because regardless of whether a logo is good or not from the beginning, that comment perpetuates this notion that graphic design should be underpaid.

  4. she was paid 35 dollars in 1973 without the inflation it was worth what 207 dollars are today, so not bad for what was a design they thought was something to throw in the garbage in the first place.. I don't know how big was nike exactly back then, but nonetheless this is one of the best logos ever made in my opinion.

  5. The 'undisclosed stock' to Nike logo designer did more to boost their brand in my mind. Facts and actions matter more than design. Proves the point made earlier about quality of the goods and its association with athleticism as the reason or nike's success rather than just the symbol.

  6. Great video as always guys, I’m sorry to join the party late.

    I remember back when I was studying design, Nike was the first brand mentioned in a lecture about logos, she really done an impressive job there.

    I’ve had the privilege of meeting the guys from Koto studio a while ago, after they worked on Airbnb branding, and that’s one I’d suggest checking out for those interested in creative fields.

  7. Great video,
    Yet the modern thought out design of Hillary's logo was outperformed by times new roman text on a red hat.

  8. Do a vid on the meaning of different logos if you haven't already. Like the fact that the Amazon arrow means they deliver everything from A to Z.

  9. I came up with a new logo design for Vox although I doubt you guys at Vox would even look at it let alone consider it.

  10. As a woman and a graphic designer, i am glad to know that NIKE 's logo (one of the most famous logos in the world) was designed by a fellow woman!

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