WHAT?! “OK” Joins Pepe as Hate Symbol, #CancelNYT & Whistleblower Complaint Explained, David Dobrik

– ‘Sup, you beautiful bastards hope you’re having a fantastic Thursday, welcome back to The Philip DeFranco Show, and let’s just jump into it. And the first thing we’re
gonna talk about today is why the ADL, the
Anti-Defamation League, is making headlines today. And for those that don’t know, the ADL says that they’re an organization devoted to fighting anti-Semitism, hate, and other forms of discrimination, and the ADL has something that they call the Hate on Display Database, something that they say
serves as an overview for many of the symbols often used by white supremacists groups
and other types of hate groups. And this in includes everything
from generic hate symbols to acronyms, abbreviations,
logos, slogans, more. And you might remember we
talked about this back in 2016, I kind of joked and mocked how they made Pepe the frog a hate symbol. For me, it was one of
those things of well, how can you call this a hate symbol if it’s just a general
meme used by everyone, including, yes, some
people that were using it for hateful and anti-Semitic things, but it was one of those things of well, how can you still call the whole. Especially because on the ADL website they note that it did not originally have racist or anti-Semitic connotations. They continue by saying the majority of uses of Pepe the frog have been, and continue to be, non-bigoted. And to me, I would say that
even the classification of that as a hate symbol at the time, all it did was kind of lend
itself to increase usage. Because then posting Pepe memes was kind of just adopted by people that wanted to troll something
that they found stupid. And while we talked
about that back in 2016, this list was created in 2000 to help law enforcement
and members of the public identify potential warnings of extremism. And the reason we’re
talking about this today is that the ADL has now 36
new entries to the list. And while most of which include logos for groups like League of the South and the National Socialist Legion, others include the Happy Merchant meme, which ADL says is quote, “By far the most popular anti-Semitic meme “among white supremacists.” That and the practice of
burning Neo-Nazi symbols. But those really weren’t the
entries that made headlines. Instead, they include the OK
hand symbol which the ADL says, “Begun as a hoax by members
of the website 4chan, “the OK symbol became a
popular trolling tactic. “By 2019, the symbol was
being used in some circles “as a sincere expression
of white supremacy.” And for those kind of
wanting to know where that sort of thinking started. It kind of started as a trolling tactic where people were saying
when you do that sign, you’re saying white power, WP. But their entry also adds
that the suspect in the Christchurch shootings
that killed 51 people used the symbol in a courtroom appearance. Right, so essentially the argument is it was kind of brought out
of this world of trolling into real world white supremacy. Another entry is actually
the bowl cut haircut? And in their description
on this one they say, “The ‘Bowlcut’ is an image
of a bowl-shaped haircut “resembling the one worn by” the shooter in Charleston, South Carolina, “Those who use the bowlcut image, “or other ‘bowl’ references admire him “and call for others to emulate “his 2015 mass shooting attack.” Right, so in general, that’s
the bulk of the announcement, the bulk of the story, and uh, I guess I’m kind of left
wondering how does this help? Because as the ADL even notes
at the bottom of their list, “All the symbols depicted
here must be evaluated “in the context in which they appear. “Few symbols represent just one idea “or are used exclusively by one group. “For example, the
Confederate Flag is a symbol “that is frequently used
by white supremacists “but which also has been used “by people and groups that are not racist. “Similarly, other symbols in this database “may be significant to people “who are not extreme or racist.” And in this, they further
try to explain kind of the additions that they’re
putting here, saying, “Many of the newly added symbols “are identified by ADL’s
Center on Extremism “as being adopted by the alt right segment “of the white supremacist movement.” With John Greenblatt, the CEO of the ADL saying in a statement, “We believe law enforcement and the public “needs to be fully informed “about the meaning of these images, “which can serve as a first warning sign “to the presence of haters
in a community or school.” All right, so it ends
up being more nuanced than I think kind of the headlines that people are seeing
and sharing right now. But also at the same time,
kind of going back to the explanation on the Pepe the frog page. If the majority of usage
is for non-bigoted reasons, then how can it be an
effective warning sign? Or how can you better handle
or communicate the situation because my personal feeling on this? I think you’re giving
the actual hate groups far more power in allowing them to hijack language and body language. Because right now, the way
that it’s been communicated, it one, makes the people
that were using it for non-bigoted reasons feel defensive. Which I don’t think is a
completely misplaced reaction, given what we saw with Pepe the frog, where accusations were being
made of just tying people that were using it like
normal to extremism. And with weak, poorly thought out, or just outright false
accusations and connections, you’re gonna have people using
that more as a way to troll. And then you also have people more scared to be like yeah that’s
OK, and so it ends up being more associated
with the other thing. Like I feel it should be OK to
say fuck a white supremacist. You limp-dick little bitches, you gotta hate someone cause
they’re a different race? But yeah, I’m not gonna let those groups or the ADL, for that matter, dictate a change in the
way that I communicate or hijack any language or body language that I might already incorporate. Yeah, that’s all I gotta
say about this story, and of course I pass
the question off to you. What are your thoughts on this? Then, I’m gonna try and share these whenever they come across,
and if you wanna send me happy stories on Twitter, please do. Feels like there’s just
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got the brand new trailer for The Irishman, that’s looking great. We had Bon Appetit giving us a pro chef learning how to carve a $1,500 leg of ham. You know, some foodie goodness. We also had Liza Koshy,
Kimiko Glenn, and Travis Coles taking a friendship test. You then have Day6 trying nine things they’ve never done before. You know, gotta feed the K-pop stans. Then we got Ashton Kutcher on Hot Ones. We had astronaut Nicole Scott answering space questions from Twitter. And BBC Earth gave us
the most important video, the best dogs of BBC Earth. And if you wanna see the full versions of everything I just shared, the secret link of the day,
really anything at all, links, as always, are in
the description down below. And the final thing we’re
gonna talk about today, of course, is the continuation of this Trump, Biden, Ukraine, impeachment, whistleblower situation. So we’ve been covering this all week. If you want full details, kind of like not the oversimplified stuff to get you to where we’re updating, I highly recommend you
watch the previous shows. Right, but the main
thing is that this story centers around a whistleblower complaint that claims that Trump pressured Ukrainian president Zelensky
to investigate Joe Biden. Right, an accusation that the
president of the United States abused his power to solicit
foreign interference. And as we talked about yesterday there was a July phone call
with the Ukrainian leader where yesterday a memorandum
of that call was released and it showed Trump asking Zelensky to look into Biden for him. Once again, oversimplified. I also had an issue with how some of the news
outlets were covering it. They were pairing certain
parts of the, yeah. I know that it’s self promo but really watch yesterday’s video if you wanna understand that part. Also yesterday we saw Zelensky and Trump make an appearance together at the U.N. And notably there Zelensky
addressed the call and said, “Nobody pushed me.” But others have argued that one, that’s not the only concerning
thing from the memorandum, and two, he still asked a
foreign leader to interfere. And that is why it’s believed that it is still grounds
for the impeachment inquiry Speaker of the House Nancy
Pelosi announced on Tuesday. Also, of note, before moving forward, this story is developing so fast, and there is so much to cover, and it is impossible
to do in just one show, or even in a week of shows. But there are two main updates that we’re gonna talk about today. The first, and probably
most significant development is that today the
whistleblower’s complaint was actually released to the
public with minimal redaction. And two, which we will talk about briefly, Acting Director of National
Intelligence Joseph Maguire is testifying before the house today. Okay, so that first one. Let’s take a look at the complaint. The whistleblower starts
with this small bit, “In the course of my official duties, “I have received information from multiple “U.S. Government officials that “the President of the United
States is using the power “of his office to solicit interference “from a foreign country
in the 2020 U.S. election. “This interference includes,
among other things, “pressuring a foreign
country to investigate “one of the President’s main
domestic political rivals.” And also going on to note that Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, and Attorney General,
William Barr, are involved. The whistleblower also goes on to note that they had received this information over the past four months, from more than half a
dozen U.S. officials. But notably here they
also say that they were, “Not a direct witness to most
of the events described,” but also adding, “In almost all cases, “multiple officials
recounted fact patterns “that were consistent with one another.” And I point that out
because one of the arguments that we’re seeing from Trump
and supporters of the president is this kind of firsthand witness part. And so it should be clear
the whistleblower’s kind of counterargument there is the
multiple sources as well. Technically, the whistleblower is saying they did not witness most of
the events, not all of them. And in this, the
whistleblower goes on to say, “I am deeply concerned that
the actions described below “constitute ‘a serious
or flagrant problem, “‘abuse, or violation of
law or Executive Order,'” and later adding, “I am also concerned “that these actions pose risks
to U.S. national security “and undermine the U.S.
Government’s efforts “to deter and counter foreign interference “in U.S. elections.” And they then outline those actions through a series of different sections. The first section is titled The 25 July Presidential phone call. There, it details the same call between Trump and Zelensky that we saw
the memorandum for yesterday, with the whistleblower saying it was the first publicly
acknowledged call between the leaders since a
quick, congratulatory call after Zelensky won his election. Which regarding that note, yesterday we also saw Trump acknowledge that he had a previous call. And saying that he would
release the transcript of that first call if asked, but that’s really not the focus here. But yeah, bouncing back
to the July 25th call, the whistleblower says, “After an initial
exchange of pleasantries, “the President […] Sought to pressure “the Ukrainian leader to take actions “to help the President’s
2020 reelection bid.” But then the whistleblower continues, “The White House officials who told me “this information were deeply disturbed “by what had transpired in the phone call. “They told me that there was already “a ‘discussion ongoing’
with White House lawyers “about how to treat the call “because of the likelihood,
in the officials’ retelling, “that they had witnessed the President “abuse his office for personal gain.” Then we have the second section, still connected to this
call, and it’s called Efforts to restrict access to
records related to the call. And there, the whistleblower writes, “In the days following the phone call, “I learned from multiple U.S. officials “that senior White House officials “had intervened to ‘lock down’
all records of the phone call “especially the official
word-for-word transcript “of the call that was produced.” And that word-for-word transcript
they describe as customary by the White House Situation Room. Adding, “This set of
actions underscored to me “that White House officials understood “the gravity of what had
transpired in the call.” Then going on to describe what
that looked like, writing, “White House officials told
me that they were ‘directed’ “by White House lawyers to remove “the electronic transcript
from the computer system “in which such transcripts
are typically stored,” and going on to say that
instead of storing it where it’s normally stored, it was loaded into a
separate electronic system, “Used to store and handle
classified information “of an especially sensitive nature.” And there, noting that, “One White House official
described this act “as an abuse of this electronic system “because the call did contain
anything remotely sensitive “from a national security perspective.” And later in the complaint
the whistleblower also writes that the White House
officials informed them that, “This was ‘not the first time’ “under this Administration
that a Presidential transcript “was placed into this
codeword-level system “solely for the purpose of
protecting politically sensitive “–rather than national security
sensitive– information.” Okay, and so then the
third and fourth sections of the complaint are
titled Ongoing concerns and Circumstances leading up to the 25 July Presidential phone call. And in these sections, the
whistleblower said that multiple officials told
them that Giulani had, “Reportedly privately
reached out to a variety “of other Zelensky advisers.” Later adding that even before the call, starting in mid May,
officials told them that, “They were deeply concerned
by what they viewed “as Mr. Giuliani’s
circumvention of nation security “decisionmaking processes to engage “with Ukrainian officials
and relay messages “back and forth between
Kyiv and the President.” They also talked about
efforts made after the call by two ambassadors who, “Reportedly provided advice
to the Ukrainian leadership “about how to ‘navigate’ the demands “that the President had
made of Mr. Zelensky.” And going on to say that
officials told them that state department officials, including the same two ambassadors, had spoken with Mr. Giuliani in an attempt to contain the damage to
U.S. national security. And then, notably, the whistleblower says, “During this same timeframe,
multiple U.S. officials “told me that the Ukrainian leadership “was led to believe that
a meeting or phone call “between the President
and President Zelensky “would depend on whether
Zelensky showed willingness “to ‘play ball’ on the issues
that had been publicly aired” by the former Ukraine
prosecutor general and Giuliani. But also noting that was
what was conveyed to them by U.S. officials but that they “Do not know who delivered this message “to the Ukrainian leadership, or when.” And the whistleblower also
elaborates on that in an appendix where they say that
U.S. officials told them that Trump instructed Vice President Pence to cancel his trip to attend
Zelensky’s inauguration on May 20th, and instead sent
Energy Secretary Rick Perry, with the whistleblower continuing, “According to these officials,
it was also ‘made clear’ “to them that the President did not want “to meet with Zelensky until he saw “how Zelensky ‘chose to act’ in office.” But here, the whistleblower
again notes that they do not know how that was
communicated, or by whom. And also that they do not know
if that action was directly, “Connected with the
broader understanding […] “that a meeting or phone call between “Trump and Zelensky would depend on “whether Zelensky showed
willingness to ‘play ball.'” Whew, and the last thing
that the whistleblower includes in this complaint
is about aid to Ukraine, writing that on July 18th an official from the Office
of Management and Budget, OMB, informed other departments and agencies, “That the President ‘earlier that month’ “had issued instructions to suspend “all U.S. security assistance to Ukraine.” And adding that neither OMB nor the National Security Council staff knew why Trump had made that decision. But there, adding that OMB officials had explicitly said that the order came directly from Donald
Trump, and concluding, “As of early August, I
heard from U.S. officials “that some Ukrainian officials were aware “that U.S. aid might be in jeopardy, “but I do not know how or
when they learned of it.” So a lot of information that
I hopefully made consumable with being too surface level. You know, kind of out of
all of this new information a lot of people are looking
at the “play ball” aspect. Right, one of the things we’ve discussed is the debate of whether or not this was implicit pressure
for a quid pro quo. Right, because Donald Trump didn’t say hey, look into Biden, and I’ll
give you something in return. You know, you have some
arguing and now arguing harder, given this new information from
the whistleblower complaint. You know, you have Trump holding back nearly 400 million dollars. Then you look at the timing, you see the requests,
there’s concern there. Now Trump for his part
has said that he decided to hold back the aid because he was concerned about
corruption in Ukraine but also that kinda
changed here and there. After he made that claim
we all saw him claim that he felt like other European
countries, they should do more. Although there, we should point out that the European Union has provided 15 billion euros to Ukraine since 2014. That, compared to the United States’ reported $1.4 billion
during that same time, and that shift also might be
connected to some other things. For example, last night, NPR obtained a letter from the Pentagon sent to four congressional
committees back in May where, under Secretary of
Defense for Policy John Rood, wrote that he, “certified
that the Government of Ukraine “has taken substantial actions “to make defense institutional reforms “for the purposes of decreasing corruption “[and] increasing accountability.” And as NPR explains, that
certification is required under the law for that aid
to be released to Ukraine. All right so basically there, the Undersecretary is
saying that he had certified that Ukraine had met its
corruption reduction goals. Right, so the aid was good to go and the Defense Department
in fact announced that it would be sending that
aid to Ukraine back in June. But then of course as we know the White House blocked that aid before Trump’s call with Zelensky in July. Aid that ended up being
released to Ukraine on September 11th after congress learned that the aid was being withheld and demanded that it be given to Ukraine. Which, of course, because timing
is a big part of this story was also around the time that congress was first informed about
the whistleblower complaint. Okay, so there was all of
that, and then of course, two, the other big that that I mentioned. The Acting Director of
National Intelligence, Maguire, testified before the House
Intelligence Committee, and that was an incredibly long testimony that was happening while we were filming so I’m not going to be able
to super dive into that. But some of the quick
highlights we did see initially. In his opening remarks he defended the way he handled this complaint, including his decision
to hold it as long he did and also noting that his whole ordeal and situation is unprecedented. Also adding that he was
following the Whistleblower Act in his decision making, regarding the whistleblower,
he said that they were acting in good faith, and added. – I think the whistleblower
did the right thing. I think he followed the
law every step of the way. – It’s also worth noting here that Maguire reportedly does not know the identity of the whistleblower. Also adding that Trump never asked him to find out their identity. Like I said, there’s more and more there. Although, regarding that,
while I was finishing up this part of the story, it’s being reported that
today, at a private event, Donald Trump, when speaking
of the whistleblower, said, “They’re almost a spy. “I want to know who’s the person, “who’s the person who gave “the whistleblower the information? “Because that’s close to a spy. “You know what we used
to do in the old days “when we were smart? Right? “The spies and treason,
we used to handle it “a little differently than we do now.” Which is, uh, a lot. And on that note, while we were recording, we’re seeing an update
from The New York Times which reported that the whistleblower is a CIA officer who was detailed to work at the White House at one point, and this, according to three people familiar with his identity. Now regarding the New York
Times’ decision to report this, they defended it, arguing that the context of the person’s position and expertise lends credibility to his complaint, but of course still you
have people concerned, especially given what it’s
reported that Donald Trump said. We’re now seeing #CancelNYT
trending, lots of people angry. But hey, like I said,
that’s kind of where we are. Things are still developing. Hopefully you get a better understanding of the allegations being made, and you don’t get swept up into kind of just the headline promotion
we often see on social media. But yeah, that’s the story, and of course, like with everything we
talk about on this show, I would love to know your thoughts in those comments down below. And that’s where I’m
going to end today’s show. And hey, if you like this
video, tap that like button, if you’re new here, definitely subscribe and tap that bell to
turn on notifications. Also if you’re looking for
more to watch here on YouTube you can click or tap right there, we got a brand new podcast with Dr. Mike as well as today’s brand
new Rogue Rocket deep dive, but with all of that said,
of course, as always, my name’s Philip DeFranco,
you’ve just been filled in, I love your faces, and
I’ll see you next time.

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  26. The classification of essentially random symbols as hate symbols is just so freakin' dumb.
    In Swedish, the genders of nouns are "en" (pronounced like the letter N) and "ett". So if explaining a Swedish concept in English, you often have to say "It's an EN word." Are they going to classify discussing Swedish grammar as a hate symbol?

  27. I'll start by saying I feel very much the same as Phil does about pepe and the ok sign/haircut thing but I also understand where they're coming from with the creation of this list. I imagine it as a reference book. Idk, say some parents see their kids are changing and acting weirdly. They keep insisting on getting a hairstyle or doing hand gestures they never noticed them doing before. They might google "what's this about the ok symbol" and get that ADL list as a search result. It's informative. They can look at everything else, get informed and see what checks out or not and then take the appropriate measures as parents (or partners/guardians/siblings/teachers/roomates/etcetcetc – that same scenario could of course happen with any other type of relationship) and, by the number of "almost domestic terrorism actions" that police everywhere keep saying they're stopping, reaction is a real thing. Because really, think about it, not everyone is as well informed as people who watch Phil DeFranco's videos. That being said, I think there could be better ways of getting this information out there (and I don't think it gives these people more power, I think they just don't care and are possibly already drunk on power they imagine they have by their skin color) but I'm not gonna be the one to come up with these solutions so I'm not gonna throw rocks at intentions that might get a good result.

  28. I feel like in spite of reading the purpose of the list of symbols, everyone still somehow missed the point. No one is banning them or telling people not to use them, but it is useful to be able to recognize a dogwhistle when it's being used. That's what these things are, and that's what the list is for, not saying that you are racist for putting up the 👌 sign

  29. How do you not understand this adl thing? They even said themselves it's not all use of it, but the fact that it is used sometimes for that purpose.

  30. I cannot belive that Deaf people and divers have been white supremacists all this time, smh my head you can't trust anyone these days. 😤😤😤

  31. Hello Philip! I know you wont remember me but I've posted comments on your videos before on this and another older channel that you have brought up in your videos. I have recently discovered a video of a powerful speech from a Hong Kong protester that no media outlet is showing and no search result will pull up. I believe the video is getting shadow banned for its powerful message. I have taken the liberty of uploading to YouTube and and hoping you can either talk about it or even show the video and its powerful message for what it truly means to be an american (Or at least the ideals of being a true american). I've included the link below and hopefully you'll get this in time for the next show! as always please Phil them in!


  32. I mean, it's quite simple. If a hate group starts rallying around a paint brush, a tool long associated with painters, then, YES, it CAN become a symbol for hatred.

    I don't see where the confusion is coming from. The Leftists didn't start this. The Alt-Right made the stupid frog and the ok symbol about their cause. SIMPLE.

    If I say that my name is Tom…………and everyone starts calling me by that name, well, WHOSE FAULT IS IT THAT I'M BEING CALLED EXACTLY WHO I SAID THAT I AM???????????????????????

    If I, then, call everyone stupid for calling me Tom when my real name is something else,………then WHO is the one being the idiot????????? Who is the one playing games????? The Alt-Right plays these IMMATURE games and think that they are so deep when everyone "doesn't get" their fickle 'humor'.

    Fickle, in the sense that Pepe and the ok symbol IS, indeed, being used under the auspices of racist hatred. NUMEROUS examples online……………….so when the public calls the Alt-Right out for this behavior, it's strange that these guys will deny what they are doing……….IN PLAIN VIEW……..FOR ALL TO SEE.

    It's like me speeding. Officer pulls me over for doing JUST THAT and I argue with him that I DID NOT DO what he just saw me do. WTF.
    So he throws up his hands in frustration and it's agreed upon that we'll both just pretend that what just happened, didn't happen.

    He leaves and I do the Beevus & Butthead snicker to myself, "ha ha, I WAS speeding and he said I was speeding but I denied speeding, although I clearly was speeding. I WAS speeding………but I WASN'T speeding. Ha. He just doesn't get it. My humor is just too far above his understanding level."

    THE ABOVE is Alt-Right Logic and 'humor'. They argue nonsense IN CIRCLES: They ARE racist but they're NOT racist. If anyone calls them out on their racism, they say that the person is over-reacting because although what they were doing was racist, it wasn't really racist.

    Sound confusing??????????????????????????? This INSANE thought process is what the Alt-Right calls '4-D Chess': The flawed idea that their convoluted thinking is so WARPED………..that it's genius.

  33. well, dude already lost job because of circle game sign as using inverted ok sign…..go adl!! it is no coincidence that people go now through old pictures and are horryfied, when they are full of "racist" sign. adl should be held responsible for this….

  34. Hate symbols have to have an actual message and purpose. What is the OK symbol trying to say about white supremacy? Nothing! "Hate groups" (probably more like trolls on the internet actually) make jokes and references about it because they know idiots like the ADL will go berzerk over it. The swastika symbolizes a fascistic past regime and ideology, the OK symbol is troll fodder.

  35. So what are scuba divers going to do now? The ok symbol is taught as part of the sign language you use. I’m so confused. Lol.

  36. Wonders how many internet losers actually believe the "ban" is a real thing.

    Good clue…if they use a made up name they probably think it's REAL.

  37. Wow the ADL has made huge leaps in stopping white supremacy and extremism by adding photos of and my actual 3 and 5 year old nephews to the lists of white supremacy because of their common bowl cut haircuts! While also banding the sign language symbol for F as a hate symbol as the leftists would say that discrimination towards deaf disabled people what bigots you hypocrites are! 🤯🙈🤥

  38. the only way of mantain the actual meaning of all the symbols are still using it. If this people use this symbols like a secret code, and we leave to use easily, soon or late will lost the actual meaning and will be apropiated for these people (they are so uncreative, who actually need to stole actual symbols and gestures from other groups for comunicate, figures!)… That happened with the swastik-/manji/black sun symbol, who actually is the big symbol of hate, but in the past was a symbol of good luck, cycles, a temple location, etc. Now the asociation is damaged. So, lets claim this symbols and use it with their ACTUAL meaning, for mantain it for the rest of the sane world.
    OK? 🙂
    edit: in the ADL page, was mentioned who the meaning depends too mush of the context. If the guy have the confederate flag, suspictious tatoos, and carry a bag with numbers like 14, or 88, and then do the ok gesture, is trying to comunicate something more than an ok.
    This hate groups already taked punk symbols, for example, but punks have a real distate for this groups since their origins. A punk never will carry a naz- sign, except the "hate naz-" one.
    Conclusion? we can still use this symbols. Is only who them are give it an extra meaning, so we must still use it for conserve the REAL meaning.

  39. I think it makes perfect sense to feature Pepe and the ok sign on the site, but they need to be more clear of it as a foot note rather than just plopping it on there and giving a lame sentence clarifying the situation after demonizing it.

  40. We need to acknowledge 👌as a hate symbol but not ban it. Pepe, much like the swastika, did not originate as a hate symbol but due to certain groups using it it has been steeped in hate. As long as we look at context we are okay

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