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Travis Scott is making major moves
in 2017. In addition to prepping his album Astroworld,
Scott recently revealed to French magazine Numero that he’s planning to launch a label
called Cactus Jack Records. Scott said the goal isn’t to have financial
control, but more to help new artists come up. Travis has been signed to EPIC since 2012,
but it’s unclear if Cactus Jack will be an imprint under that label. As that quote shows, Travis has often been
critical of Epic. In a 2014 tweet he later deleted he called
them “the worst label.” So who might Travis sign to Cactus Jack Records? Well, we know he has a history of collaborating
with up-and-coming artists. He’s worked with rising R&B singer K Forest
out of Brampton, Ontario who originally wrote, recorded, and released “Guidance” on his Soundcloud
before Scott tapped him for his album, “Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight.” And last year, Scott also remixed
MadeinTYO’s “Uber Everywhere” before it was literally everywhere. He’s also played a number of emerging artists
on his Beats 1 show, Wav Radio. He’s shown love to independent acts like
Atlanta’s Sy Ari Da Kid and Inglewood’s Luxury Tax. And he’s also showed love to his hometown
Houston, giving spins to local acts The Sauce Twinz and Maxo Kream. One thing we know for sure is that you
can expect Cactus Jack Records to have a unique sound that isn’t bound by genre. Travis also said in his Numero interview, ”
Only time will tell who Travis will sign, but can we please get Astroworld first? Subscribe to our channel to stay up to date
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100 thoughts on “What Will Travis Scott’s New Label Sound Like? | Genius News

  1. I really, really, really, realy want to be on this label, and im sure yall raps, trapers everything want too,im 17 years old and im from europe but i keep always dream big about been on a label and meet travis scott for real i and hope we get in and we meet Each other and we dual, make this world of music diferente and better like travis did, Blow up this wold everything we gon' get it mans, PRAY FOR THOSE WHO LOSE TRAVIS, WHO LOVE MUSIC, PEACE love yall

  2. The attrition of Travis Scott presented it self early. Everything after Rodeo has been pure "mehhhhhhhhhhhh".

  3. And here I thought Jacques was a guy who just dropped hits, raged at his shows, did xans, and fucked some bitches. Damn, what he's doing, is what others need to do as well. AND THEY WILL, TRUST ME! Setting an example plays a vital role, let us hope for the best πŸ™‚

  4. Not understanding why people feel the need to make fun of this niggas lisp, like be respectful man he did a good job

  5. Night Lovell!!! He's perfect for this. Travis used a couple of his beats back when Lovell only did beats on SoundCloud.

  6. Sonically i sound nothing like travis scott but could you guys listen to my new songs i self produced it hope some of u walk away liking it https://soundcloud.com/amarijuwon/black-boy god bless

  7. $cott Is One Of Them Dons Of Music He Really About The Bars And Artist This Just Changed My Aspect On Music Knowing Mainstream Artist Still Care Feel Like I Got An Actural Chance Now All I Know Is If I Ever Make It His Name Be Up There On My ListπŸŽ€πŸ’―

  8. And people need to stop saying drop Astroworld are y'all stupid. It's way too early, this man just dropped an album and now he's going on tour.

  9. does the name of his label "Cactus Jack" have any relation to the producer and rapper Ethereal from Atlanta?

  10. STOP BUILDING LABELS UNDER OTHER LABELS. Nobody want no Young Money, Cash Money type shit. I believe in you Travi$

  11. I can't take this guy serious after he said that TLOP would be nothing if it wasn't for Chance The Rapper and Desiigner lmao

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