Where Does Personal Branding Begin? – Personal Branding Ep. 1

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24 thoughts on “Where Does Personal Branding Begin? – Personal Branding Ep. 1

  1. I'm just starting my business now. And to avoid that I encrypted my beliefs and my essence in the logo itself. So that every time I see my logo, it can remind me of why I am doing what I am doing. It has some of my family values in it too, and everyone in my family that I've shown it to are so happy and so proud of it. I haven't even launched my company yet, but I spend a good portion of my budget on brand development alone, to make sure that I would be satisfied with and present myself to the world.

  2. interesting topic. people always told me that I should not selling what I like. but the problem is I'm not comfortable selling what I don't like.

  3. Branding is what makes you and your business unique and can allow you to increase prices if successful.

  4. Personal Branding in 1997 pb emerge and it means “the brand call you,” what other thinking about you…

  5. hey DAN im a just let you know that this was some good ass [email protected]% mann!!! i watched them all and it feels as if i just watched one of thease other guys paid courses! and it was missing the last couple videos hey really appreciate it mane just brought fu money cant wait to get it

  6. 4:25 "How many of you have the same issue ? Ok we're gonna address that tonight."
    Good teasing but where do I find the answer ?

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