Which Automaker Owns Your FAVORITE Car Brand – 2019 Edition

Evos are red sti’s are blue but both of
them go Brep Stu sue sue sue I hope you liked it I don’t even know who makes my
car because it’s so confusing which automaker company owns your favourite
car brand I bet you’re watching this video cuz you may not know or if you do
you might be surprised with some others because over the past 10 years there’s
been a lot of partnerships made and dissolved car companies bought while
others have been killed off and so it can be extremely confusing to know who
owns which car brands auto manufacturers have lately been focused on running
well more efficient and profitable businesses smart business move guys so
brands were discontinued like the mercury with the Marauder whoo I like
that sleeper Oldsmobile now that’s a good one to kill off because did they
make anything cool after 1970 Pontiac and that fire-breathing g8 and the
legendary Hummer with the extreme off-roading capabilities of the h1 these
brands will fade into the history books forever while other brands have been
introduced and then retired in a relatively short amount of time
remember the Scion with the Scion xB toaster oven from Toyota yeah it was
supposed to appeal towards a younger customer base featuring mostly sport
compacts but whatta killed that project off about ten years after it started
because they just weren’t selling it’s just a crapshoot so in this video I’m
gonna introduce the parent company and then all of the car brands that are
owned by that parent company that you’ll find here in the USA and then I’ll
introduce an ideal car that is made by each brand this is gonna be fun and if
you’re new here my name is Brad danger and this is the ideal cars YouTube
channel we’re next generation car enthusiasts tune in for new content like
this almost every single day so if you learn a thing or two in this video
please hit that like button and also subscribe for more all right let’s start
off with a banger the Volkswagen Group is absolutely killing it with an
impressive lineup of car companies you probably didn’t know that they don’t
limit themselves to just designing and manufacturing passenger and commercial
cars but they also do motorcycles engines and turbo machinery they sell
more than any other automaker in the world and well they owned Volkswagen duh
with that dreamy Volkswagen r32 outie with the rs2 Avant Porsche with
9:11 Lamborghini with the LP 550 – – you got to get that two-wheel drive Bentley
with the Continental GT Bugatti with that infamous Veyron yeah that guy was a
nut he wasn’t screwed on tight and the one and only Ducati with their
stunning 1199 Panigale are I gotta say that is quite the list and I will one
day own multiple cars from the Volkswagen Group using the ideal car
strategies next we have zgh who owns lotus with the canyon carving a lease
volvo with the surprisingly quick and nimble pull star seat 30 and just pull
star who has been known as the performance brand for volvo and will be
going directly after tesla with fully electric vehicles with the deep pockets
that zgh has I can’t wait to see the exciting cars that they actually produce
and while we’re on the topic of electric cars let’s talk about Tesla who will be
breaking records and next with the new Tesla Roadster the electric car
manufacturer was founded in 2003 and named after the physicist Nikola Tesla
the infamous and outspoken Elon Musk has aimed at offering electric cars and an
affordable price to average customers since very early on and I think that
they’ve been able to accomplish that with the model 3 and Tesla is a publicly
traded company and then we have Toyota who is the world’s market leader in
sales for hybrid electric vehicles and builds that not so ideal Prius in the
ideal twin-turbo the mark for Supra which if you want to see me compare the
mark 4 with the mark 5 look at them they own both Toyota and they also have Lexus
which is their luxury division of the Japanese automaker and the maker of the
very high-strung LFA Nurburgring man that sounds so good
next is the Subaru Corp with their own distinct sound with the use of the
iconic sounding boxer engine layout and that all-wheel drive in almost every
vehicle this has helped them become one of the most successful rally brands ever
and that technology has just trickled down to some of their street cars
including the STI did somebody say rally the Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance
is a strategic partnership between Renault Nissan and Mitsubishi
unfortunately here in the USA we don’t get any results like the
high-performance r5 turbo but we were fortunate to get the Nissan r35 gt-r
just not the our 34 or 33 or our 32 and for a while we were able to get
Mitsubishi the STI fighter but then they killed off the project
the infamous Evo oh and I wrote a poem about the rivalry Evo’s are red st eyes
are blue but both of them go braaap Stu Stu Stu Stu I hope you liked it
lastly under this alliance is the Infiniti brand with that g35 now mazda
is the 15th largest automaker worldwide and is the producer of the iconic rotary
cars like the rx-7 and although Mazdas aren’t as popular as
either Toyota’s or Honda the quality of their cars is just as good and they are
independently owned now let’s shift gears that’s a right hand drive to the
British Formula One supercar brand McLaren they haven’t really been around
that long just 33 years but they built some of the most tech forward cars in
the world and it’s independently owned when I have the money the 650s
is on my short list of first super cars to buy from all the money that I haven’t
yet made on YouTube so if you’ve enjoyed this video so far smash the subscribe
button turn on notifications and get me one sub closer to my ideal McLaren ok
thanks for subscribing let’s carry on Hyundai Motor Company who is the Vela
star turbo r-spec also owns a portion of Kia who built the kia Stinger GT which
has surprisingly got some pretty solid reviews also they have Genesis motors
which is the luxury division of Hyundai and slated to make moves with the G 70
sport sedan and take on the likes of BMW and Audi and who knows if it’s anything
like the Stinger GT it might have a fighting chance and a staple in the
tuner and engine swap world is Honda who is known for
putting out a ton of reliable fun sports cars over the years including the Honda
s2000 but did you note that they also own Acura which is the luxury division
of Honda and they built the first NSX that first gen was an instant classic
the new one not so much next up is GM or general motor company
and they were founded over a hundred and ten years ago by William C Durant GM is
the largest American automobile manufacturer they own brands like Buick
who built the Grand National Cadillac with the ultimate grocery getter aka the
CTSV wagon and if you want to see the video on what is the ultimate sleeper
which might be the CTSV click up here they also own Chevrolet and hopefully
one of my next midlife crisis ideal cars is the c8 Corvette and GMC which built a
truck that could outrun a Ferrari the high-performance SUV called the typhoon
now let’s move on to Ford which stands for fix or repair daily now actually
it’s named after the legend Henry Ford he created the Model T and
revolutionized the automotive industry and his company actually also built the
ideal Ford GT which recalls on Ford’s historically significant gt40 and its
four consecutive wins at the 24 Hours of LeMans from 1966 to 69 yea car history
is so cool and they also own the company Lincoln which some of you may know from
the Continental the boys an entourage drove convertible boat with suicide
doors is not something that you see every day now when I say Enzo what’s the
first thing that pops into your head yeah it’s more than you can afford pal
Ferrari I hope you get the reference this independently owned Italian luxury
sports car manufacturer has a deep-rooted and successful racing
history and has built some extremely capable Road cars as well including the
f430 Scuderia oh yeah that was a quarter million dollar mistake that happened
while I was on the Corsa rally if you want to see the whole thing unfold check
it out their super powers baby next on our list is fix it again Tony or more
commonly known as Fiat again that was a joke but it is a four-letter word
regardless Fiat Chrysler automobiles owns quite a few car brands and they’re
doing pretty well from themselves yeah they produced the Abarth biposto
and Chrysler produced the unsuccessful Prowler but they also owned Alfa Romeo
who makes the understated Quadrifoglio dodge with the mind-numbing demon Jeep
with the 707 horsepower Grand Cherokee track Hawk Maserati with their
timeless GranTurismo MC ram trucks with the viper powered srt-10 and they own a
Mopar which is the combination of mow from motor and par from parts that you
didn’t know that one Daimler AG is next up on the list and it’s one of three
main German automakers which includes BMW and Volkswagen Group Daimler AG owns
Maybach which builds the ultra high-end s-class sold by Mercedes Maybach and
they also own Mercedes Benz who built the AMG
GTR and they also own the high-performance brand that Mercedes
hires out to build their m5 and rs6 competitor called AMG lastly believe it
or not they own smart which builds the cutest little micro cars you’ve ever
seen and another one of the big three German automakers is BMW which has been
known for building some of the most capable sports cars in Zee world
including the e36 m3 yeah for the price these are definitely ideal cars
considering they were coined the best handling car at any price in the 1990s
but did you know that BMW also owns mini and the go kart like Cooper S Works GP
and if you want some extreme luxury they also own Rolls Royce which made the
phantom 3 which was the only v12 rolls-royce built until 1998 yeah
there’s some newer ones like the striking Phantom Drophead coupe but I
just think that phantom 3 is one of the most beautiful cars ever made I could
stare at you all day long the names bond James Bond yeah you know how we’re
finishing this one off the car brand choice for not only double-oh-seven but
also jay-z Aston Martin baby and their independently owned and built the
fantastic value known as the Aston Martin Vantage
six speed which is car that fits perfectly into the ideal car strategies
where I teach people how to properly buy and drive cars with the end goal of
either breaking even or making money enjoying your ideal car if this sounds
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favorite car brand is and your favorite model and if you didn’t check out that
quarter-million-dollar or re mistake here’s your second chance so you can
check out the Corsa rally that I was participating in this car
blew up right in front of me check that video out right here or if you want to
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can’t lose and as always keep living that ideal lifestyle

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100 thoughts on “Which Automaker Owns Your FAVORITE Car Brand – 2019 Edition

  1. Thanks for all the support! This list was made to spread some clarity on which automakers own your favorite car brand (specifically in the USA). The one company I forgot to mention is TATA Motors, who owns Land Rover and Jaguar. Hope you enjoyed this video, pls subscribe because our best content isn't even out yet!

  2. AMC Eagle Would be the 80's car for me. Not featured in the video. Not sure which car I want more, the wagon or the SX/4. Today, it would be categorized as a cross-over. One look and your thinking, rally racer! With modern mechanics and technology, it would be a sight to behold, a joy to drive, sex on wheels. I wouldn't mind some how get the rights to the design and open source it under creative commons.
    Oh, the sweetness!

  3. What about Saab and Suzuki? And you forgot about Toyota owning Diahatsu. And you made me realize I just dodged a bullet, I seriously looked at buying a Mistubishi Lancer, but lately I've heard the quality of cars by the Renault /Nissan has been dropping. And now you tell me Mitsubishi is in that group. Glad I went back to VW after 12 years with Toyota and 15years with Suzuki. My 1st car was a VW bug, and now I'm back in a VW Golf. Feels like home.

  4. Carmin in Osnabruck Germany actually builds many German cars..Scirocco , VW Ghia, and a few Mercedes models are a few ( older) that come to mind. Just saying your German car might not be built at the plant you think.

  5. Aren't Opel and GM related? Renault is pronounced Ren-no. French love using letters they don't have to say. Tesla is a newer company than GM…. GM went belly up in 2009 and reopened as "Chevy". Tesla is the first new American car brand since Chrysler in 1925. And…. it's sad day when Chrysler cars are owned by Fiat, Budweiser beer is own by Belgians. FIAT not only stands for Fix it again Tony, but the Germans say "Fehler ins alles teilen" which means errors in all parts.

  6. VW also owns Audi
    Fiat owns Ferrari
    Merchandise own McLaren and Bentley
    Ford owns Volvo and has for years
    Gm owned Holden till recently who use make a car called the manaro and export from Australia to the USA as the Pontiac gto

  7. You don't know shit about cars if you think Mazda is just as reliable as Honda or Toyota Mazda has lots of reliability problems only one was OK was the gay miata

  8. Fhi owns Subaru.
    Toyota owns 16.5% of fhi.
    Nissan makes the button switches, and usdm wrx has a Mitsubishi turbo

  9. A really great vid, but you forgot to mention Škoda and Seat, which are owned by the Volkswagen Group.

  10. Forget skoda and seat in the VAG group at the start? 😂 Guess they all look the same so easy to forget haha

  11. Toyota also owns Yamaha motorycles and Ferrari is owned by FCA. Lamborghini is also owned by Audi- which is owned by VW.

  12. A car which no one ever seems to mention, but one of my all time favorites is the 1997 Volvo 850R. One day I will own another one of these iconic automobiles.

  13. The new nsx is a great car actually! Their problem is that they didn't use pinafirina design the new one again.

  14. Has anyone else mentioned that Henry Ford started a small car company called CADILLAC (seriously look it up)

  15. My favourite automobile conglomerate is FIAT aka FCA. You failed to mention Lancia which is under FCA. FYI for those who don't; Ferrari has been a part of FIAT from almost the beginning where Enzo F. built engines and tuned them for rally and other auto races on behalf of FIAT, then he went on to establish his own automobile Co. which focused on high performance cars which was later acquired by FIAT and not so long ago they broke away for some 'weird reason'. Abarth is just a performance optimised/tuned FIAT automobile. Furthermore you omitted VW entirely and the brands they own such as Lamborghini and Bugatti

  16. I learned most of these in late 90s in South America do to certain laws means that Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Mazda where all has Ford badges. Happens in other countries where instead of spending all the money to get all their brands in there they just re badge another one of the car companies

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