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7 thoughts on “Who owns the copyright to a logo design, the designer or the client?

  1. I have a question, does vectorizing a photograph is a copyright infringement?, does this happens when I try to make money of that derivative work?. If I'm not planning to make money of it, can I still get sued for it?, because most days I have seen many people on Instagram making portraits of other peoples picture, and I will like to know if I can get sued for doing that. If I vectorize a photograph and Put (C) of copyright of me, can I do that or no?
    Thank you Col, I will appreciate if you could answer this question for me, since I'm starting in the graphic design field; your videos are helpful and educated👍🏼.

  2. Can you plz provide copyright transfer agreement form formate..
    I m new here in the world of logo designer. So please help me

  3. Great video straight and to the point. My question is I created a logo for myself took pictures of it sent emails to myself and to other people. All I need is for it to look more professional. If I hire a designer to do that then who actually owns the copyright? Me since I created the logo or the designer who just added my ideas and just made it look more professional? Thanks!

  4. I have a question. What if the designer have donated the logo to your company, does that still make them the owner, and do they still have the right to collect future royalties from your company using the logo?

  5. Hello. thank you great video. What if a client shows you a visual idea of a logo (an image of his logo idea) and asks you to vectorized? Ask you to create a derivative of that original idea? Who owns what in that case?

  6. How do I find out if the logo I designed has already been copyrighted by someone already ? What is the best path to take to finding this out ?

  7. Hello. I'm trying to officially purchase a company name and the design from a business that closed between 30 or 40 years ago.
    As I want to present it as a gift to probably the last member in the family line.
    Hope you can help

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