Who To Use The Boots On? – Fire Emblem Echoes Shadows of Valentia (Free Mila’s Bounty DLC)

(Turn start clang) (Fire Emblem Echoes music) (Fire Emblem Echoes theme) (Swoosh) (Sword slash) (Intro jingle) What’s up guys, welcome back to Lucky Crit. I know a lot of you are waiting for some of
the other Echoes videos that I’ve promised, and you can rest assured that I haven’t forgotten
about them; I just sorta focused on making so many Echoes
videos that I never actually really beat the game. Funny, right? So for some of those episodes I’ll need some
footage that comes later in the game and I’ve got to play a bit more to get there. Thanks for being patient, I’ll get to them soon. But for today’s episode I figured this would
help out a lot of players as well. With all of the Mila’s Bounty rewards being
released in Fire Emblem Echoes, I thought it would be good to help those of you out
there wondering who would be the prime candidate to give the Boots item that we’re given! The Boots are an item that increase the movement
of one of your units by one point in Echoes, and alongside the free DLC boots there will
only be one other Boots item in the game, and you’ll get it so late in the story that it won’t be anywhere near as useful as the DLC boots if you use them early on. By the time you reach the in-game pair you’ll
be warping units far distances and you’ll have other shenanigans for moving units about on the battlefield, so what you choose to do with this first pair is ultimately more important as it can help you out for the entire playthrough. Do keep in mind that whichever main character
you were last controling when you pick up the boots and the other DLC items will be army that gets the items, so don’t mistakenly pick up the items with the wrong character! To get your boots, open the main menu on the world
map, press “Connect,” and after going through the process of making your Spotpass card you
can find the free DLC mixed in with the Paid DLC in the DLC menu. Let’s start at the top. Alm isn’t a bad choice for the boots since
he can support a few mounted units like Clair and Mycen (and potentially Faye if you make
her into a Cavalier or Pegasus Knight) and the boots could help him keep up with these
units better and stay near them for these bonuses, but Alm already starts off with 5
movement to begin with, and there are definitely some other units that may be more deserving. Mages, Sages, and Priestesses in Fire Emblem
Echoes still retain their measly 4 movement that they had in Fire Emblem Gaiden, and this
means that Celica herself will be limited to 4 movement for the duration of the game. It’s also worth noting that none of the Overclasses
provide any of these units extra movement either, so factor that into your decision
making if you bought that DLC. Skoguls (upgraded Gold Knights get 1 more
movement, and Oliphantiers which are upgraded Bow Knights actually lose one movement, but
the rest remain the same. In Chapter 3, Celica will be stuck with only
one tile of movement during the desert chapters, while other units you’ll have likely promoted by then will get two tiles. On top of this your Pegasus Knights Catria
and Palla will be zooming across the battlefield leaving everyone in their wake, so units like
Celica aren’t going to see much action. By Chapter 4, you should be able to promote
your Pegasus knights and you’ll likely have a Dread Fighter on your team by that point,
meaning that you’ll have two 8 movement fliers and at least one 7 movement attacker, and
Celica’s 4 movement will essentially ensure that she remains obsolete even when you’re
done trudging through the desert sands, severely hindering her overall performance throughout the game. This makes her a pretty solid candidate overall,
since she’s one of the best mages in the game and is obviously essential to the plot,
but there are still other options. You may want to give the Boots to one of your
other top mages to allow them to move even further across the battlefield nuking enemies,
though mages like Mae, Boey, and Sonya do have Thunder already that already allows them to attack a bit further than normal, and by equipping your mages with Mage Rings they’ll essentially
become like pseudo archers, with an increased magic range of +2. Along your journey you’ll get one Mage Ring for each army, so you should probably avoid giving the boots to whoever gets the Mage Rings (unless you
want them to have even more movement to cross the battlefield for nuking enemies). If Dread Fighters are some of your favorite
units you could always go and make one of them even more broken with some extra movement,
too, but they’re not exactly hurting for it. As far as healers go, the only Cleric that I might
recommend giving the boots to would be Silque, as she doesn’t have access to Physic like
the other Clerics do, so her healing and movement spells require her to be adjacent to other allies. But all of your Clerics that you promote into
Saints will have 5 movement, which is more than what we can say for some of these other classes, so keep that in mind. Armored units, like Soldiers, Knights, Barons,
and Spartans are also limited to 4 movement, though this is a bit more expected since they’re
wearing heavier armor. Perhaps if Lukas, Forsyth, Valbar, or another
Baron you’ve made a unit into is one of your favorites, you’ll deem them worthy of the
boots to make them a little bit more maneuverable. Valbar is probably the most deserving candidate
here, since Silque and Tatiana both have Warp on Alm’s route that can help to move Lukas
and Forsyth around, but there aren’t any Warp users on Celica’s route to help out Valbar. Your decision may also just come down to personal
experience as well, as during your playthrough there may be a unit constantly just shy of
where you need them to get to, and you may find yourself thinking, “Man, if this unit
just had a LITTLE more movement” and perhaps that’ll help to win you over. If you’re of the mindset that one tile of
extra movement isn’t really even going to make all that much difference, you can also
sell the boots for 3 Gold marks, which you may find incredibly useful for forging, especially
during Celica’s Gold Mark drought during Chapter 3. You can check out our Forging guide here for
more info. All in all, it’s going to come down to whatever
you’re looking for in your playthrough. Do you want Celica, the other protagonist, to have more movement and be more useful throughout the game? Do you want a more deadly mage nuke unit that
you feel the movement will contribute a lot to? Maybe you want an Armor knight that can at least slow jog through the dunes of the gnarly desert maps. Or perhaps you’d rather just have the 3 gold
to upgrade some of your powerful weaponry. But at the very least I hope this video will
help you inch closer to making your decision. That’s gonna wrap up this episode guys, thank
you so much for watching. be sure to slash the thumbs up if you enjoyed this or learned anything new, comment “Echoes” in the comment section, and also let me know what your plans
are for the Boots in your playthroughs. We’ve also started a spreadshirt shop to sell
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news revealed on the fly, follow us on twitter @luckycritgaming. And I’ll see you all next time. [Past Stevie] “The sheet itself is 6×9 which I think is a pretty sufficient size.” “You’ll notice that there is some wrinkling and creases in it from the box.” “However I did see some reviews on Amazon where customers said that after a couple of days of having it hung up it did actually go away, so I’m hopeful for that.” “You may have also noticed from before when there was a lamp on in the background that there is some light bleed through this, it is pretty translucent…”

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52 thoughts on “Who To Use The Boots On? – Fire Emblem Echoes Shadows of Valentia (Free Mila’s Bounty DLC)

  1. Thank you so much for watching! What are you doing with your Boots? Let us know! To stay on top of the latest Fire Emblem news, Echoes content & more, subscribe! Twitter link: https://twitter.com/luckycritgaming
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  2. If you are not doing a Blitzkrieg run, you should sell the boots. 3 Gold marks.
    Edit: Blitzkrieg is a medal you get when you finish the whole game (defeat Duma) in under 500 turns.

  3. Hey Lucky Crit can you do a video on Delthea being a glass canon and ways to fix while keeping her power? I have been experimenting on it myself and now she isn't a glass canon anymore. But I would love to see you do a video on it if you want.

  4. I usually give the DLC boots to Celica because it strengthens Celica's versatility and not get hindered by terrain too much.

    Other than that, I give the boots to Delthea because it can help her attack range since she doesn't learn any 1-3 range spells normally unless you overclass her to get Mire and Death. Mage Ring can help Delthea attack better, but her 4 movement can still make her come up short of attacking various enemies.

    When I do another run of the game, maybe I'll try giving the boots to Valbar and Silque! Thanks Lucky Crit!

  5. Show of hands: How many people beat the whole game, end game dungeon and all, and forgot to use the free Boots? No one else? Just me? Alright.

  6. It's alright, Lucky Crit, I haven't finished Echoes, either. Why? Because I actually got a 3DS recently (few months ago) and I've got Awakening and Fates to also beat before completing Echoes.

    But, so far, I'd say Echoes is a little better than Awakening and Fates.

  7. I don't find Valbar worthy of the boots since while the extra move is nice there's other problems with Valbar himself such as his lack of Res and the large amount of Magic users in Celica's path from chapter 3 and onwards. All mages on Celica's path have a 1-3 range and always have 4 move so its really up to you on that end. For Alm's side i'd say either Silque due to a lack of range healing and warp strats, Delthea due to no 1-3 range option, or Tobin if you made him a mage due to again, no 1-3 range option. Which of the two you give it too depends on who you want too have the mage ring, which for me personally would be Tobin. But if you didn't make him a mage then Delthea then.

  8. I don't use DLC so i naturally got boots from thabes

    But i don't see a reason to use them after Thabes because when you're done with Thabes you're done with the game and that means im done with the game

  9. I played Echoes as soon as I got it so my first playthrough the boots were just about useless. I gave them to Celica when I did finally get them though, as she got the swords including her unique one while other mages would get various rings or shields. I regretted nothing when she did get the boots though. Just felt right having both lords with 5 movement.

  10. I used my boots on Celica because that 4 movement is just awful. It was very useful but this could also be fixed with a Mage ring (which my Celica didn't use).

  11. I typically use then on Celica and Delthea. The barons just don't get the atk stat needed for me to keep them in usage. That and Delthea doesn't learn a 3 range spell until the enchantress class but that's not really viable during the main campaign unless you're ultra grinding

  12. You should of mentioned the speed ring as it will give barons ultimate power and mages no trouble in move and the weight of magic

  13. I used one pair on Celica, and then got to Thabe's Labyrinth. When I knew what my team then would be, I gave it to Kliff, who was using a Mage Ring. Definitely not a waste to me.

  14. I’m not even half-way through the game yet,but I’m already noticing how OP Valbar is,and because of his humongous attack and defense,I’m finding myself almost NEVER using him,But he’s still up to par with all of my other recruits on Celica’s route.Echoes is also my first FE game,so if anybody has any tips,please respond to my comment with any tips you have.

  15. I sold the boots to get gold. My main goal was to give my 4 dread fighters 3 star brave swords, 4 Bow knights all killer bows, the tree white wings with gradivas (why I needed the gold from the boots) and Clair with a three star saunion. I did that all without paid dlc.

  16. Speed Ring is perfect for Silque, since it let's her double seraphim terrors and makes her a bit more useful if you want to use her in act 5. Also trading off mage ring for multi nuke strats is dope

  17. As a person who played the game and completed it, I never used any of the DLC because I wanted no advantage in the game, but after completing the game I'm gonna use the DLC items and characters and see if it will make a huge difference in my second playthrough.

  18. Can you make a video on how to obtain Astra, Luna, and sol? With or without dlc, if you do, it will be very helpful

  19. Today I beat the whole game on hard classic (including the final final boss) with no casualties, and without using any optional units

    I mean I grinded everyone to level 20 overclasses in the beginning of act 4 but still

  20. Try Boots on Hero Alm with the Parthia. He'll snipe anyone, anywhere. Bonus points if you overclass him for Bowrange +1.

    Granted, Bow Knights do it better, but come on…it's ALMost a Bow Knight.

  21. there are people still playing this?

    i stopped after the first playthrough and went straight back to fates and awakening

  22. I would argue Faye is a better candidate for Boots because as a pseudo-dancer with Anew it's useful for her to be able to zip around and give someone else another go if push comes to shove.

  23. I gave them the Alm not knowing I wouldn’t get another pair. On the bright side he was very mobile on the battlefield which is extremely useful because he’s my best unit and the main lord. The downside was that it made it difficult for Celica to actually get to the fight on her side so she became dead weight.

  24. My tendency is to be too indecisive with the boots, and end up giving them to… nobody.

    Master tactician.

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