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100 thoughts on “Why 3D Logos Fell Out of Favor Overnight – Cheddar Explains

  1. OMG. I am already waiting for the next video, 10 years from now "Why 3D logos are back". I can antecipate all the bullshit "reasons" will be given…when will we admit, it is just that people want change, not that the change has any value at all…

  2. I think it's a matter of opinion and the perceived need for change – to keep people employed.

    I make more mistakes in a 2D world than I ever did in 3D. 2D looks like bricks on the side of a building – they all look the same. 3D gives my brain the clue that these aren't bricks on a building, but buttons.

  3. Nice try Apple fans

    Zune HD, released on September 15, 2009

    Windows Phone 7, released on October 21, 2010

    Windows 8, released on October 26, 2012 (first Developer Preview released on September 13, 2011)

    But sure, let's pretend that Apple invented the wheel as well.

  4. Windows 8 was released sooner and presented flat design, also WindowsPhone and other products from other companies
    Just don't credit Apple!

  5. I've been in the software industry as an engineer for nearly 25 years, and as a user for nearly 35. I've seen design trends come and go and come and go again. Look at the difference in the logo and icon design between Windows 98 and Windows 2000 and you'll see a similar flattening. Ten years from now we'll all be saying "remember how icons used to be so flat and ugly?" And ten years later "remember how icons went all 3d again? Crazy!"

  6. Too many logos these days, people can't remember them all. There should only be about 5 or 6, maybe 7, logos

  7. It happened because Steve Jobs died and Tim Cook wanted everything to look 2D, or 1D, deleting 3D and 4D. I want to time travel to save Apple Inc, revive Steve Jobs and stop Tim Cook from doing the things Apple did, that Steve said they won’t do.

  8. iOS 7 was way behind the rest of the industry, but you're right that iOS apps did start to change their logos when iOS 7 came out. However, flat (called 'Material' on Android) design came out much earlier than iOS 7, and many of the pieces of Apple's interface came from Material. This feels like a material piece. I'd love to see a revised, more researched video.

  9. I still like the old Instagram logo though! Though the logos nowdays, are neat and look much organized.

  10. i definitely remember that day, super relatable video, at first i didnt like the ios 7, but then it became my favorite ios version. even to today.

  11. Indesign? Photoshop? LOL Sounds like someone has no idea what the actual industry standard design program for designing logos is…

    It’s Illustrator, btw.

    If anyone said they built their company logo in photoshop, I would instantly not take them or anything they say seriously. And indesign is a layout and print design program. For catalogs, flyers, books, etc.

  12. Skeuomorphism was pushed by Apple from the very early days of its user interfaces. Flat design was a major point that Microsoft pushed with Windows 8 and was a huge success. Crediting Apple with it in this video is a bit odd.

  13. People who develop devices for OLD people:
    PLEASE consider this! My Grandma has no experience with technology except her TV and is really struggling to send an email. She has to adapt some IT because of a reduced service spectrum she could use if she wouldn't but 2D logos make it so much harder for her.

  14. scalability is the biggest reason imo, as screens with higher pixel density became a thing and bitmaps were notoriously more heavy in comparison to vectors.

  15. I'm always bothered by the 2D design nowadays. It's like a step backwards. lt was better on older devices because they looked well, older. Now it's just plain and boring.

  16. This video is just so wrong… I'm assuming no designers were involved in the script 😎. Even the very weak (IMHO) Wikipedia page on Flat Design has way better info then this video, and no, Apple did not (re)invent the flat design design language w/ iOS 7, if "anyone" did in the modern UI paradigm, it was Microsoft's Metro introduction (the first version of it) (I think this is the first time I down-voted a Cheddar vid)

  17. Research has been done on flat UI and it's been found out that flat design causes more brain activity. I feel like these flat designs feel really hard and non-tactile. It should be about feel, not look. You can have gradients without it feeling cluttered.

  18. Hey! If you’d still have questions about skeuomorphic design — we’ve uploaded video about skeuomorphic design. Check it out if you still interested in this topic! 🙂

  19. I kind of became a fan of Cheddar recently, but this video makes me question all of their videos, just too many inaccuracies. Do you guys do any research at all?

  20. There's a correlation between Google starting to use a flat design and them starting to suck (no longer caring to hide their evil)

  21. The old logos of Pizza Hut, IHOP, and olive garden… I liked them. The newest logos of these brands destroyed me.

  22. Wow, i've just arived at an apple ecosistem right here, i will quit slowly before anyone notices a samsung user and gets crazy 🤣

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