Why Are People so Obsessed with TV Logos?

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100 thoughts on “Why Are People so Obsessed with TV Logos?

  1. I hope you all enjoyed this out-of-nowhere video. I had it cooking on the back-burner for a while, a little over a year now, so I thought it'd be fun to work on it. There are some things I could've done better on, and I will agree with that, so if I ever come back to this topic, I can and will do better for those parts. With that all said, thanks for being so patient on it, I spent so much time on it, and I'm really happy with the results.

  2. As a long-time member of the logo community, I’m glad you covered this. While I can’t personally explain what draws me to them, I still find it fun to take to youtube and just binge logos. One of the only logo-edit channels I watch is Kyoobur9000, he’s basically a titan in the logo-edit community who’s actually made a bit of an empire for himself as many people have joined his network known as the Kyoobur Network, which I’m actually the co-owner of!

  3. I have been a fan of logos ever since I was at least 4 years old. I still really like them. I think most logos are pretty cool.

  4. …the dark?! O.o huh?

    "Scary" logos are the ones that startle you, the ones they bookend vhs tapes with. You put in a tape, roll black and some ambient vcr noises, then BAM! Loud screaming synthetic noises and abstract shapes from hell. Minor key synth noises that are far louder than anything else on the tape. The worse ones were the ones that came at the end of the tape, when god help you if you don't stop it and rewind it in time or forget that it's running or w/e, cuz all the sudden cursed screaming mask from hell shows up.

    Moreover "scary" is meant more tongue in cheek, as in it's a really childish and silly fear to have and one you grow out of pretty easily. Then it's just nostalgia. Honestly this is a really weird thing to have to explain, like taking it to I guess a "community" level is really strange, but as long as you aren't, like, a child or something, this should be kinda self-explanatory. It's not really a secret.

    Anyhow, if you're honestly baffled by people thinking old VHS company logos are cool, there's a really good episode of Oddity Archive about it. I'd definitely recommend checking that out if you're like too young to understand what a VHS is.

  5. Seriously, that MTM "The Last One" vredit scene is just fucked up. I like cats, they're cute. But seeing this on TV, that just mainly fuxkad and fucked up, and nothing but fucked up.

  6. Closing and Opening logos can be like boot up screens for old consoles. They're so mystical, mysterious and full of imagination. You know that feeling when bootup your ps1 for the first time? Thats the feeling I get with stuff like "Klasky Csupo Graffiti" or "Stetch Films" or "DiC" Though some logos may be scarier than others, some are just not that scary or they hit a certain uncanny valley.

  7. there's actually a bit more symbolism behind the mtm logo at the end of st. elsewhere.
    it's not just because it's about doctors, it's also signifying that the show is ending, aka dying. and…a lot of people die in hospitals…so…

  8. Can you please talk about the adult swim bumpers? They are kinda similar to the logos, plus there's a community of people who make their own bumpers. They bring me so much nostalgia and introduced me to some great music! (♥ω♥ ) ~♪

  9. What scare me about these logo is that at night when the logo arive well… it feel like silence and darkness surrounding you .

  10. Actually I watched this movie called "A House with a Clocks in its Wall" very mouthful title IK but we were confused on why they did not use the new Universal Studios logo but it was because of a scene that I don't remember but yeah it was cool

  11. My 8 year old brother on the spectrum is obsessed with videos like these. Sometimes he even asks me to print out news broadcast logos for him.

  12. The Mimsie logo gave me actual chills,
    I also find the Klasky Csupo logo and the DNA logo to be scary but really nostalgic, although I really don't understand the fascination with editing them tbh.

  13. My little brother is OBSESSED with this kind of stuff. I never knew why until I watched this video. Thanks for covering this!

  14. I personally have experience in the logos community and like everyone says, it’s autism, I have a form of autism but people with autism obsesses over weird things like when I was younger I would obsesse over mascots of commercials like pop tarts or happy the happy meal when I first joined the community I was scared of the klasky csupo logo when I was 4 so then I came across a video about klasky csupo and I became obsessed with it with my friend but then One day I was curious so I thought since klasky csupo was scary are there any other scary logos out there so I looked up top 10 scary logos and I didn’t know I was gonna get this much results I regret searching that, that night I wasn’t able to sleep at all It was interesting how scary they could be like the mtm story you told was very interesting but if you dug really deep into the scary logo videos you could find truly horrifying maybe even an adults would find them unsettling it’s also crazy how this logo thing has been going on before I was even born

  15. That wasn’t a legitimate Klasky Couspo edit from “2005”. A lot of these so called “creators” like to add fake dates to make those videos look older than they truly are.

  16. When I was younger and watched a lot of Disney DVD’s, the Disney Fast Play logo and the regular Disney logo screens always scared the living crap out of me (I think for me it’s because of just how it looked and the music). I’m not scared of it that much anymore but sometimes when I’m in bed at night and it’s really REALLY dark, the Disney Fastplay logo screen (music, narration and all) plays in my head and I get chills

  17. I reckon these rather cringy actions are because people like these logos. It's not because of autism or because they're retarded, it's because they like these logos and make… bad impersonations and parodies.

    Not defending this terrible side of the internet, not at all, but I'm just saying. To those who think this is about autism, you're offending millions of people out there without even knowing it. But then again, I did have a friend at school who talked about these logos. Everybody called him Special Kid, which I didn't like. I accepted his hobby, and if he likes doing it, then cool, he can. He did come out as autistic before college, and then people called him The Retarded Boy, which I also didn't like.

    But whatever. This is cringy, but there is a reason.

  18. I was obsessed with those logos when I was like 4 – 6 years old
    tbh i don't remember why was I so obsessed with logos, the logos I liked the most back then were the Columbia Pictures and the Warner Brothers logo

    my family keeps annoying me to this day because of that. it's kinda embarrassing tbh although i was barely a toddler/small child

  19. Man I dunno what y’all are talking about in the dark shit, even in the daytime that fuckin Paramount VHS thing they would show before a show started ruined me.
    I just wanted to watch Spongebob man…

  20. im suprised that someone made a video about this. i had this idea after seeing these a while ago but i never knew how to do these type of vids.

  21. this video kinda feels like a blameitonjorge video in how everything is put together and the music you chose to use

  22. For some reason I always had this dream when I was little that a logo that I hated was playing in one room, then it played in all rooms then I died

  23. (8:41) welp this must be the reason why so many logos have scared me I watched too much tv in the dark as a little kid. also the times where logos have scared me most was at night time.

  24. THQ always freaked me out, but at least it was at the start of the movie instead of the end. I have to second that, while at first I thought this was stupid, I realized more that, while I never made edits or art about these logos, I could totally understand being obsessed with these logos. Mine are DNA Productions, THQ, and Fremulon.

  25. 0:35 Is it weird that I always thought the Spiffy logo was a guy with fat rolls with his mouth wide open?

  26. when some of the object thingys/ effect makers see this they will be really mad at you
    even tho why do you rant on everything
    Klasky csupo is good aaaa

  27. When I was little I always used to watch Dragon Tales and other Columbia Tristar videos for the logo at the end. I would even get them from the library and desperately try to hide the fact from my mom that I just wanted it to watch the logos. I remember whenever I got dropped off at my grandmas house after summer school (because my mom was still at work), I would turn on channel 11 (PBS Kids, WMHT) and see the last parts of Clifford The Big Red Dog at 12 PM and then I would sit there and watch Dragon Tales from 12:30 to 1:00. At the end I would get very close to the TV and see the Columbia Tristar Television logo pop up on the screen. I also recall seeing Columbia Tristar Television Distribution at the end of it, which explains why I would always watch closely for that logo. Even when PBS Kids introduced the part where the credits zoomed to the top right side of the corner into the big TV they had in that room (where the host would always go on and talk about crap), I would put my face towards the top right corner and watch as the credits go by. Although when they added those zoomed out credits I would always hope for a glitch in the system for it to not do it and just do the credits the way it used to be.

  28. the mtm flatline variant is so eerie, anyhow.
    the real reason is autism, keep in mind i have autism, EVEN i was interested in logos for a bit.

  29. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnHW4Z8a9WxjK6gMbp-NCWA/videos?view=0&sort=p&flow=grid this channel depresses me

  30. I had a very interesting history with Splaat. I was so scared of him that I refused to download the Krusty Krab Training Video episode because I heard that Nick accidentally aired the Splaat logo instead of the United Plankton Pictures logo during the credits. After watching RoboSplaat and seeing more about Splaat’s personality and backstory, I’m no longer scared of him. It’s quite nice to see that Klasky Csupo is treating Splaat more than a logo, but a character.

    Drifting away from Klasky Soup (a little nickname I gave to Klasky Csupo), as a channel that has a Pixar logo edit with 4K views compared to other videos in my channel, I agree that people are SOOOOOO crazy over logos.

  31. just gonna be honest, the MTM logo with the electrocardiogram flat-lining was more ear-grating than creepy

    i still feel bad for the cat though, RIP

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