Why File a Trademark

Mike decided to go to a fortune teller
one day, and as he gazed into the crystal ball he saw himself fighting with
someone in front of his store, Magic Mike’s Meals. His business neighbor, Pete, had opened a new restaurant called Mike’s Miracle Meals next door. Customers became confused. Mike started losing customers to Pete. Seeing the future in the crystal gave Mike an advantage and he made some savvy
decisions. Mike contacted Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig, and immediately filed a
trademark for Magic Mike’s Meals. This foresight let him own his brand, and
prevented Pete from ever opening his shop under a confusingly similar name.
Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig’s lawyers have handled trademark infringement and false
advertising matters for a wide range of clients; from breweries, to technology, to
pharmaceutical companies. We may not be fortune tellers, but we are experienced
and can help you and your business plan to get ahead of IP legal issues before
they destroy your business. Check us out at www.dbllawyers.com

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