Why Fire Emblem Three Houses is a MUST-PLAY Nintendo Switch Title!

Yo What’s up everyone
OJ here welcome back to another video today we’re gonna be talking about why
Fire Emblem three houses is not only gonna be a must play one of the best
games of the year but also a must play for newbies the Fire Emblem franchise
one of the questions that I get the most is you know J which Fire Emblem game
should I start on in preparation of Fire Emblem three houses and I’m like you
know what maybe you shouldn’t play any of them just go into firing them three
houses as your first one and then maybe you can go back to the other ones if you
like this franchise but I feel that Fire Emblem three houses is definitely gonna
be a must play and one of the best games of the year I’m gonna break down each
element of the game and why I think it’s going to be so good so let’s go ahead
and first start off with the story I love the overarching powerful Church
type of story that they’ve built into this one here with that unique or that
interesting girl you don’t know what she plays in terms of her complete wool in
this one I love when they have stuff like that in the game I think that it’s
going to present a lot of intrigue and also replay value with all of the three
paths that you can take built into one game can I get a somewhat of a
hallelujah for them not splitting the game into three parts which many people
thought that they could do when they heard Fire Emblem three houses although
Nintendo probably would have announced that like at e3 or whenever they first
showed off the game or it would have been in the description but there is
going to be multiple different games so I think that the fact that we are
getting all those paths in there with the story and you know there’s going to
be different elements of the story or different elements that you can absorb
when you pick a different path to me that’s gonna create a very intriguing
and fun story to go through and see what happens
another thing that I really liked about the story maybe some people don’t like
this but I like it is the fact that you have like a school and you can go there
and train and the type of bonds that you can build with your teammates to me it
feels a little bit more of a area that we haven’t seen it’s something different
from Fire Emblem usually we see all your mercenary yang or you’re part of the
like Knight or you’re part of something with the
military this one’s a little bit different where there’s yeah there’s a
military but it’s also a school in training as well and you learn from
there and you can explore and do different things and then lock parts of
the story through that setting to me that’s just something that seems really
cool I’m excited to explore more and Fire Emblem three houses now let’s break
down the look of it the graphics the feel the art this is by far the
best-looking Fire Emblem game that we have ever seen it’s the best-looking
Fire Emblem game ever usually we’ve been getting fireman games on portable
systems for the past however many years right and even if you go back to when we
got on a console which the last time was on the Wii the last time that we got a
Fire Emblem game on a console it still doesn’t look anywhere near as good as
this and even if you look through the game when they first showed it off back
at e3 2018 I think those EP 2018 when they first showed it off compared to at
this point they’ve improved the graphics quite a bit and I feel like they’re
going to continue to improve the graphics and the look of the game I love
the art style it reminds me for some reason of firemen like path of Radiance
it reminds me of the two titles that we got on the Gamecube and also on the Wii
as well with Ike and they really just taken that type of art style and kind of
ran with it but of course that art style is similar to what we’ve seen from Fire
Emblem games Fire Emblem awakening Fire Emblem fates echoes is a little bit
different but also the same in some regards in terms of the drawing and
everything for to me this is the perfect type of art style and graphical effects
that they’ve put in there the overhead map and kind of what they’re doing when
you zoom in and go into the battlefield it’s actually really cool and like I
said I think they’re going to brush it up even more as the game gets closer to
its July release now another thing that I really like about this game especially
the look of it is the free roaming parts this is something that I enjoy greatly
and Fire Emblem echoes shadows of Valencia there are these parts to where
you can go through in a dungeon and explore free roaming and I’m so glad
they’re able to take that element and bring it into Fire Emblem three houses
that is really cool but you have this huge castle in areas that you can
explore and freely roam around and talk to people gather information it just
looks great I really love the look of it and you can tell if they spent a lot of
time and care in those parts of their and the surroundings and
getting the feel and the look of how would be in the Fire Emblem universe
because you can’t really do that and fire it up like those shadows of
Valencia there are towns and you can move from one point to another but it is
a static image pretty much with the person talking like right there so it’s
nowhere near as nice as what they’ve got in fire in three houses this is pretty
much a first for the franchise being able to do it in this 3d and the way
that they’re doing it here but it actually has me quite excited for
everything just because of those free roaming parts and how good it does look
with the environments and the theme of the game now let’s go ahead and get into
the last thing and this is definitely the most important and that is gameplay
so the gameplay not only looks traditional and amazing but it also
looks innovative for the series and what I mean by that is adding in the troops
because any time but you have a unit or a leader on there
they’ll have troops to support them when you zoom into the battle you can see
them all attacking that is going to be part of the gameplay to me that makes it
feel like more of a large-scale battle than let’s just say 14 people fighting
out in a desert or fighting out in like a wooded area and all that you’re still
gonna have the terrain and other things that you can use to your advantage or
disadvantage in some certain instances but I think it’s also going to affect a
little bit more because you have all the troops there too so the battles are just
gonna feel more large-scale they’re going to actually be more large-scale
and it’s going to be fun to be able to see if you can link up with other troops
potentially do different types of moves if you’re adjacent to one troop with all
the different stuff that they have it’s not just a single person and another
single person linking up and then doing a double attack you actually have
multiple different people there so that’s really cool and I do love that
innovation within the gameplay I also like this kind of ties into the
open-ended segments of the game with the moving around in the castle or the
school is that you can actually train there you can train up your units you
can learn different skills and abilities you’ll be able to teach different things
so that is also another aspect of the gameplay that I’m like wow they’re
really innovating and improving upon that we saw some of those skills come
out in the trailer which there’s been skills before or there’s like a flashy
and they kind of say something then they do the skill whether it’s like a
critical hit or they add damage or whatever the case is and I love that and
Fire Emblem awakening that was one of my favorite things to where you can learn
different skills and then you can kind of customize what you want to do and how
your person’s loadout is that was one of the best things about the combat that
they’ve added in into the Fire Emblem franchise so to see it perfected in such
a way in Fire Emblem awakening Fire Emblem fates and to have that probably
come back here based on what we saw what the trailer is just absolutely fantastic
and I’m thinking that you’re gonna be able to learn a lot of that stuff or
train for it when you’re in the Academy there when you’re into school and
learning different things so that’s also another aspect of game play that seems
very very fun to do um I think like changing classes and all that stuff is
gonna be available in certain parts based on what you’ve unlocked maybe you
have some things with the your Castle you guys remember that with Fire Emblem
fates maybe there’s literally your Castle and different things that you can
expand based on what you do in the missions and stuff like that so there’s
so much stuff to kind of go over and look this game can be and the gameplay
just looks solid so many different ways that you can exploit and what you can do
with the combat and I’m waiting to no morning so Fire Emblem three houses does
officially launch on July 26th here in North America and in Europe and in Japan
it is a worldwide release and because of all these different elements because of
the fact that it’s a brand new story with brand new characters and all these
different things added in and it’s probably gonna be one of the most new or
user-friendly type of fireman games because they know we’re jumping from the
Wii which didn’t have any fire emblem at all to the 3ds which is a complete
different style of system with the switch I know they’re probably gonna put
in a lot of tutorials and things for newcomers out there so this will
probably be a great place to start up this will probably be the best one
especially if you’re looking to get into the Fire Emblem franchise you’re going
to have that amazing presentation that we’ve never gotten before you’re going
to have all of the content packed into there we still need to wait and see for
DLC knowing intelligent systems they have crazy DLC and they’ve done some
crazy stuff with their da so knowing them there might be some
stuff there but I think that the bass game like always with Fire Emblem baits
with Fire Emblem awakening all the fireman games they’ve done even shadows
of Valencia which had a ridiculous season passport with DLC constant that
cost more than the game itself I still think that we’re going to get enough
base content in there that everything’s gonna be fine with that so I’m really
looking forward to what we end up getting into the full package with the
game because I think it’s going to be quite solid and of course DLC is not
necessarily a bad thing like you can do good DLC so if they have some nice
expansions for us maybe even something like torn of the golden country
something that’s that good or the free DLC mixed in with paid DLC I’d be
completely down with that I got $30.00 type of things where you can pay for
that you get an expansion and then throughout the year you get extra
content added in for 30 bucks that was the deal that they gave us with
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 so I don’t know if the telogen systems is gonna go that
far but maybe they do maybe they have a change of heart when it comes to their
DLC plans but usually we get enough content in the base game to where you
get hundreds of hours of content with what they’ve already put in there and
you don’t need the DLC per se so we’ll see what happens with that so what do
you guys think about Fire Emblem 3 houses are you thinking about jumping
into the Fire Emblem franchise for the first time ever or are you a returning
veteran that’s coming back do you think that the game looks good what do you
feel about this game overall so far have you pre-ordered the game yet I know I
got my special editions already unlocked so what do you guys think about all this
let me know your thoughts in the comment section below
all right ninja that wraps it up for this video here gonna check out the
links in description below we got Facebook and Twitter gonna give us a
like and a fall on our social media hit that like button if you did like this
video let me know you guys want more consoling the storm for in the future
and subscribe the players display this RPG Japanese and in Tendo gaming news
thank you so much for watching I will catch you into the next video face

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48 thoughts on “Why Fire Emblem Three Houses is a MUST-PLAY Nintendo Switch Title!

  1. Ya fire emblem is important and all but it's just not a game I'm all that interested in personally

  2. As a newcomer to the series, I still gonna say Mustplay? Not in my booklet. I hear Fire Emblem is great and all, but the tactical battle system a.k.a. Final Fantasy Tactics and others who use the same system (Yes, Mario x Rabbids uses it too) then for me it is a no go. The battle system I'm just not interested in at all, tried it in many games and in each and every one of those after 15 to 30 minutes I was bored and done with it.

    I respect other peoples opinions and especially yours OJ but FE3H for me is not even on my maybe to obtain list.

  3. Gotta day, never played a fire emblem game, but I am not happy at all about perma-death. Is there a way around it?

  4. Yo OJ which FE game should I get as my first game for the franchise??

    Lol jk bro, this is a great video as to why 3 Houses should be my first and I'm looking forward to getting this. Like you said, if I like it then I'll go back to the others but I have to say this does look like a story driven game. Thanks again!

  5. I like echoes art style a lot more but this game is a huge improvement.
    I still hold to hoping of that FE7 critical animation to show but other than that this is good

  6. Very nice video PE Ninja Master. FE 3 Houses is looking so great and I have no doubt it'll be the best game and selling game in the Franchise. FE 3 Houses is gonna be a huge game on the Switch and I feel it's gonna be a must own aswell. I hope the game isn't going too be too complex for new comers tho but it'll have different difficulties tho and a good FE game too start with, is FE Awakening just too see if it's a Franchise you can get into guys.

  7. Looks awesome. I'm a big fire emblem fan and this looks like it'll have a game of thrones vibe with Hogwarts-like academies. I hope one of the factions is kind of evil or morally grey

  8. I have played every Fire Emblem game that has come to the states. It’s my 2nd favorite series of all time. And I’m stoked for this game. It looks like they are implementing a lot of new ideas and I love that. Already preordered it. It’s my most looked forward to game of 2019.

  9. The three different paths avaliable is just like Fire Emblem Blazing Blade (Lyn, Eliwood and Hectors game) and I like that. Especially since this game is gonna be bigger with more characters in each path (i'm assuming).
    I'm veeery excited, I wish we got it earlier but I'd rather it be more polished than rushed.

  10. I’ve gotta pre-order my copy ASAP. First ever Fire Emblem for me was Awakening and I’ve been a die hard fan ever since

  11. As someone whose only experience with Fire Emblem is a 3DS demo, the mobile game, and Warriors, I'm actually pretty hyped and it's a day one purchase for me, I'm even debating taking the day off so I have a three day weekend to dive in fully, though I will admit I'm a little worried about how tedious the teaching mechanic will be… 🤔👨‍🏫

  12. I’ve been a huge fan of fire emblem since the first NA release for the game boy advance. That and Sacred Stones are my favorite of the series. With that in mind, I own every single one that has been released thus far and with the exception of Path of Radiance, none have captured the magic that the first two did for me. Echoes was a mess in my opinion, I didn’t even care to beat it. Shadows of Valentia was ok. I’m hoping this one embodies what made me fall in love with it in the first place. Already pre ordered! Hoping it doesn’t turn into another case of the Tales series, where every one after Synphonia pales in comparison.

  13. I hope they do an Season Pass too. 20-30$ that's fine but not 50+. Fire Emblem is a game I usually play for like 200+ hours. With 3 different houses and different roads to take and multiple difficulty's im on the train. Mario Maker 2, Pokémon Sword/Shield, Bloodstained: Ritual of the night AND Fire Emblem: Three Houses coming this second half is huge. If they put Persona 5 on top of that, then I don't really need to buy games 2020 😂 If Persona 5 comes to switch this year it's totally my favorite year of NINTENDO of all time.

  14. There's a good chance the game will be beginner friendly because of it being a switch game (like you said) but until non casual fans play it and are able to recommend it as a first Fire Emblem game, it's probably best for people to start with FE7, Path of Radiance or Awakening instead of waiting.


  16. Must play is a bit much. As a longtime FE fan, this game looks like garbage when it comes to the gameplay and the premise. Maybe there's actually more to it, but it sounded like this is about all there is to the game.

  17. You're calling it a must-play (or even one of the best of the year) waaaaay too early bud. There's still a lot we don't know about the game. The story could be trash for all we know. Certain aspects of the game's design could fall flat.

  18. I pre-ordered my special edition last week.

    I am almost more excited for the soundtrack and the artbook than the game, and but this is almost certainly going to be my favorite game on the Switch for a long time nonetheless.

    I have never owned anything for Fire Emblem other than the games and the guide for FE7.

  19. Smh the whole school thing feels like the 60 seconds of, well, the 60 seconds game: Just the preparation before the REAL game begins…

  20. So excited, it's gonna be a good summer! I hope we get to learn about the personalities of the main lords soon!

  21. Been a fan since we first got FE7. Love the series and I also got the special edition locked. Not passing that up

  22. Going to be my first fire emblem game looks amazing playing fire emblem warriors to get ready for this game

  23. subbed and preordered but still not sure on. never played, unsure what type of gameplay that this is apart from a type of turnbased. any further info? dont find much gameplay

  24. if they ever split the game it would be Fire Emblem House 1, Fire Emblem House 2 and Fire Emblem House 3 and it gonna be a mess, fortunately it all in one games ^_^

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